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Simulaids Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikin Simulaids Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikin

Simulaids Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikin

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    Lifelike and durable, the Simulaids™ Adolescent Water Rescue Manikin gives rescue professionals the chance to practice their skills on adolescent-sized victims.

    • Optional CPR capabilities.
    • Sinks up to the neck as it fills with water - just 5-10 lbs. additional weight needed to fully submerge.
    • Rust-resistant skeleton with articulated joints.
    • Can be used for top and bottom rescue simulations.
    • Lifelike appearance for more realistic training.
    • Durable plastic exterior.
    • Comes with 5 airway systems and 5 mouth/nose pieces.
    • Manikin comes with shorts.
    • 22 lbs.
    • 49'' x 16'' x 9''.




Simulaids™ produces high quality training aids for emergency, medical and rescue personnel. Not only is their equipment lifelike for more accurate training, but Simulaids puts a high priority of making their products durable and affordable. For 30 years Simulaids has focused their energies on helping rescuers improve their speed, efficiency and expertise.

Simulaids basic manikins are excellent pieces of training equipment, but Simulaids' Water Rescue Manikins are doubly functional; not only can lifeguards practice their water rescues, but they can also hone their CPR skills. With articulated limbs and adult, adolescent and child sizes, it is easy for lifeguards to practice water rescues for a wide variety of scenarios. Simulaids' selection of replacement parts also makes it easy for instructors to maintain and update their equipment.

For major aquatic facilities, for water safety instructors and for lifeguarding staffs, Simulaids manikins and training equipment is an investment that more than pays for itself. The skills the manikins teach, along with their durability and ease of use, make them a must-have for the life-saving skills of lifeguards, EMTs and other rescue personnel.