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ROKA Sports Women's Maverick Comp Sleeveless Tri Wetsuit ROKA Sports Women's Maverick Comp Sleeveless Tri Wetsuit

ROKA Sports Women's Maverick Comp Sleeveless Tri Wetsuit

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Unbeatable value, comfort, and performance define the ROKA Sports Women's Maverick Comp Sleeveless Tri Wetsuit. With the same... Read More
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    Unbeatable value, comfort, and performance define the ROKA Sports Women's Maverick Comp Sleeveless Tri Wetsuit. With the same pattern as the Maverick Elite, this triathlon wetsuit features prioritized key parts to preserve free range-of-motion in the arms and shoulders, support through the core, extra buoyancy in the legs, and ultra-stretch liners throughout. If you are just getting started with triathlon, this is the wetsuit you need.

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    You are a new triathlete looking for a wetsuit offering unbeatable value, comfort, and performance for the price.

    Neoprene Composition

    • Neoprene Surface Finish: 100% Yamamoto Smoothskin.
    • Neck: 1.5mm Yamamoto #39.
    • Chest & Back Panels: 1.5mm Yamamoto #38.
    • RS2 Buoyancy Panels: 5mm Yamamoto down centerline.
    • Core Stability Panels: 3mm Yamamoto #38.
    • Hip and Leg Panels: 5mm Yamamoto #38.
    • Ankles: 2mm Yamamoto #39 stretch panel.


    • Women’s full triathlon wetsuit.
    • Premium stretch and comfort liners: For smooth movement and warmth.
    • Different textile liners on the inside of the suit, allowing stretch in some places and adding stability in others.
    • Ultrastretch liners on the chest and back of the suit.
    • Thicker, less stretchy neoprene in the core and legs: For buoyancy and stability.
    • Engineered with smart, area-specific buoyancy to encourage the fastest body position possible.
    • Strategically placed buoyancy in the legs that doesn’t restrict movement.
    • 1:3:5 panel construction uses variable buoyancy to lift sinking legs and provide the fastest body position.
    • Patent-pending design: Removes excess buoyancy from the chest and adds it where you need it for fastest swim position possible.
    • Patent-pending RS2 Technology: Adds buoyancy and stability to centerline of the suit and reduces mass on the sides.
    • Thicker, less stretchy neoprene in the core and legs: Improves stability to keep your body aligned.
    • 100% Yamamoto Premium Neoprene:       - Yamamoto's best performing varieties #39 and #38.       - Limestone-based with a different cell structure than other forms of neoprene.       - Stretchier and returns to form better than traditional neoprene.       - Offers an excellent insulation-to-weight ratio.       - Multipanel design for stability and performance without compromising flexibility, fit, or comfort.
    • Uses different textile liners on the inside of the suit: Balances stretch, water absorption, and support.
    • Low-cut neck : Seals out water without choking or constriction.
    • Quick Release Ankle Panels: For smooth comfort and water seal.
    • Heat taped ankles for durability and allow you to cleanly shorten the leg.


    • X-Small, Small, Small Tall, Medium, Medium Tall, Medium/Large, Large, Large Tall, X-Large.
    • If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down if you want a tighter, performance fit.
    • These wetsuits are generally incredibly stretchy, so there is a lot of room in a given size; height/weight chart is just a guide.

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About This Brand


ROKA is a triathlete company that specializes in wetsuit production. Designed to make every swim that you have faster than the one before, ROKA focuses on pure speed. The company was born in 2010 and became official in 2011 by co-founders Rob Canales and Kurt Spenser. The two co-founders are former All-American swimmers from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. They spent two years in research and design, trying on suits themselves and testing them on athletes and middle of the package groupers. They swear and stand by their suits being the fastest on the market, with Ironman World Championships behind them, they look forward to continuing to improve their suits.

Frustrated with the selection of suits that was on the market at the time, the co-founders of ROKA decided to take matters into their own hands and design suits that they themselves would enjoy wearing. They came up with the Maverick design which puts you in the fastest body position possible and facilitates proper rotation for a fast freestyle swim. One of the best features of the suit is the comfort in your shoulders during your movement as you're swimming. ROKA is committed to continually make suits that you will not only enjoy, but ones that you can be sure to take the prize in.