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Ostrich Ladies' Face Down Chaise Lounge W/ Chest Cavity

Ostrich Ladies' Face Down Chaise Lounge W/ Chest Cavity Reviews

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4.5 star rating (24 Reviews)

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  • 4/9/2018 ostrich Ladies Chest area

    5 Review stars By Beth Griffin

    I love my chair. I have each color! It is the most comfortable and my boobies really appreciate not being squished any longer! It makes laying face down so much more comfortable. I just through a towel over the chair and flip over to tan evenly all over!

    Beth Griffin


  • 3/20/2017 Great Beach Chair!

    5 Review stars By KKClaus

    The chair, or boob chair as I call it, makes sunning my back much more pleasurable than a standard beach chair. The chair itself feels quite sturdy, but is not heavy or awkward to carry. I'm very happy with my purchase!

    Charleston, SC


  • 7/12/2013 Awesome chair!

    5 Review stars By Jen

    Chair is very comfortable to use. It is also very sturdy and good quality.



  • 10/21/2012 Works as Advertised

    3 Review stars By Berttamale

    The chair works as intended. It is comfortable for reading a book. I need to get situated just right, so my arms are comfortable sitting in the slots. For laying on my back, or sitting, I prefer a chair that is higher --- this is low to the ground.

    New Jersey


  • 9/20/2017 Great Lounge Chair

    5 Review stars By Teri Zabel

    I just received my new Ostrich Ladies Lounge Chair and i couldn't be happier. It's well made and very comfortable. It was shipped in a timely manner and well packaged. I would recommend this to anyone, not just women.

    Teri Zabel
    Macomb, MI


  • 6/27/2017 My daughter in law loves the ostrich chise lounge.

    5 Review stars By Joan Kutz

    Fully explained how to use the chair. She likes that the face hole allows her to read her book. She really can't see anything wrong with it

    Joan Kutz
    Petersburg Mi.


  • 11/25/2012 ostrich ladies' face down lounge

    4 Review stars By jarylu

    Came quickly. Seems to be as pictured. Works Well.

    latham, ny


  • 9/2/2017 Good Idea

    4 Review stars By bergie

    This is a great idea and works for the most part. It should be a little longer and a little more comfortable on the arm & head holes. They cut into your arms and chin a bit.

    Tulsa, OK


  • 1/6/2015 beach chair

    5 Review stars By Zlawski

    Great chair! My wifes breast are not sore after a long day at the beach!!

    Graham NC


  • 4/26/2020 Super-comfy chair - get one!

    5 Review stars By Tina70

    This is comfortable chair that delivers on its promise! Comes with a handy carrying strap and easy to adjust. Finally a chair for women that is comfortable! Great value!

    Terryville, NY


  • 6/27/2019 the chair I didn't know existed!

    5 Review stars By Denise

    I was looking for a reasonably priced beach chair that folds up small (considering). I saw some that had the cut-out for the face and thought that was genius! I hate getting a neck crick from lying on my stomach! Then, in my search I saw "Ladies" and thought, what kind of "pink" crap is this going to be that a ladies chair is going to be different than a men's chair?? Well.... It has the rubber area for your boobs! What?! I have bigger boobs and as ladies of most sizes know, they get squished on chairs and we have to dig out holes on the sand. This is the best invention in beach chairs that I have EVER seen! Kudos to the design team (who are probably women)!
    (I do wish it was a little higher off the ground because when I read through the hole, I'm really close to my book. But that's my only very tine complaint)



  • 6/13/2019 Pros and cons

    3 Review stars By Traci

    This chair is comfy when you lie on your stomach. I like the face rest. The fabric panel for your chest is like spandex. I agree with other reviews I read online...the arm holes are too small. It hurts to put your arms through to hold a book for an extended period of time.I will just use it without putting my arms through.




    5 Review stars By Ashlee

    I have been saying for YEARS I wish someone would make a beach lounger than didnt SQUASH THE GIRLS!!! Finally found it and it was as actually just by chance, this chair is AWESOME!!! A little wider than regular beach chairs which is great so you can lay your hands on it and frame is SUPER STURDY. I do wish the stretch part was a little bigger so you could move around more, but overall the chair is GREAT!! Would recommend 100%, I'm even going to buy a spare in case they stop making it which is usually how things happen when I find something i like.



  • 8/19/2018 Chair was exactly what I needed!

    5 Review stars By Julie

    As someone who cannot comfortably lay on my stomach in a typical beach chair due to the size of my chest, I bought this lounge chair and gave it a shot. It was incredibly comfortable! I also found it to be easy to carry, durable, and well made. Some lounge chairs feel as if they may break when you roll over in them but this one remained sturdy, and the hole for your face allowed me to enjoy a book. The openings on the sides of the chair near the top are also very comfortable for resting your elbows in when lying face down with your arms up and your hands near your head. Great product, highly recommend it! Arrived quickly, too.

    Martinsville, VA


  • 6/6/2018 It was nice but not as comfortable as I hoped

    3 Review stars By smc6789

    I loved the carry strap and how easily it folded. The chair has multiple reclining positions and the head pillow is nice. However it's not very comfortable when laying on my stomach. The part of the hole that is under my neck is not padded and it cuts into my neck. Either the hole is too big or there is not enough padding. Overall, it's a nice chair but the features that make it unique don't really live up to expectations.



  • 6/6/2018 Good idea

    3 Review stars By KinJax

    This is a great idea for a chair, however my wife is uncomfortable using it as intended. She found the headrest, chest and arm parts to be spaced out in uncomfortable proportions. She still uses it, but lays on it with her head at the end designed for the feet area because of the spacing issue.
    This does not reflect a negative experience with Swimoutlet, the site, payment and shipping all went great and I will use again. Maybe the chair manufacturer will consider options to make the headrest area adjustable in the future. Still a functional chair, just not quite there yet in practical use.



  • 6/5/2018 Love it!

    5 Review stars By lulu

    This lounger is great. Super comfortable - I'm 6' tall. I love the pillow and the padded opening if laying on your stomach. I was able to read a book easily. Nice convenient carrying strap. The material is strong and the "chest cavity" is nicely placed and creates a nice pocket while tanning your backside. I'm loving this lounger more than all my previous loungers.




    5 Review stars By memoe

    I am a sun worshiper and while I know its bad I still love it. This chair is so comfortable. I love the face out feature. I fall asleep. No more sore neck from turning your head to find a good position. The chest cavity is GREAT for well endowed women

    Brusly, La.


  • 6/29/2016 Worked well

    4 Review stars By Grandma of three

    Needed a chaise lounge to replace an older item. It folds into a small shape and the head rest is an advantage.

    Grandma of three


  • 1/11/2015 Simple, easy and on time.

    5 Review stars By Grumpy

    My wife loves it and cannot wait to use it.

    Minneola, FL


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