Orca Men's Predator Triathlon Wetsuit Orca Men's Predator Triathlon Wetsuit

Orca Men's Predator Triathlon Wetsuit

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Built from the most advanced materials and technology on the market, the Orca Men's Predator Triathlon Wetsuit guarantees... Read More
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    Built from the most advanced materials and technology on the market, the Orca Men's Predator Triathlon Wetsuit guarantees excellent range-of-motion, flexibility and buoyancy. The exclusive Nano ICE is the fastest coating on the market while the Exo-Cell technology delivers core buoyancy and stability. The InfinitySkin Bamboo lining offers superior flexibility and second-skin comfort.

    Buy This Suit If:

    You seek a streamlined wetsuit with excellent buoyancy and flexibility.

    Neoprene Composition

    • Sandwich Collar Outside: 1.5mm SCS Smoothskin Yamamoto.
    • Sandwich Collar Inside: 1.5mm SCS Smoothskin Yamamoto Raw Edge & Bevel Edge.
    • Arms/Shoulders: 0.5mm black SCS cell + Titanium 0.88 FREE.
    • Forearms: 1.5mm SCS Hydrolite #39 neoprene.
    • Chest: 2.5mm SCS Nano Ice #39 Yamamoto with InfinitySkn Bamboo.
    • Underarm Panels: 1.5mm SCS #44 Yamamoto with InfinitiSkn Bamboo.
    • Torso Sides: 5mm Exco Cell Core Lateral Stabilizer.
    • Front Abs/Hips/Legs: 4mm SCS Nano Ice #39 Exo-Lift.
    • Lower Legs: 2mm SCS #40 Yamamoto with InfinitiSkn Bamboo.
    • Back of Legs: 4mm SCS Exo-Lift #39 neoprene.
    • Side of Hips: 3mm 39-cell SCS Yamamoto.
    • Lower Back/Back Hips: 2mm SCS Hydrolite #40 neoprene.


    • Super thin SCS-coated neoprene collar: Offer exceptional comfort.
    • Nano ICE Coating: Maximum-grade of drag-reducing technology.
    • InfinitySkn Bamboo Lining: For enhanced flexibility, second-skin comfort, and ecofriendly anti-bacterial properties.
    • Core Lateral Stabilizer (CLS): Uses less flexible material on core panels to stabilize the body and improve positioning.
    • Exolift:         - Has no lining to prevent water absorption.         - Maintains buoyancy and eliminated excess knee movement.         - Works with CLS for ultimate body positioning.
    • Exclusive 0.88 Free arms and upper body:         - Feels like a sleeveless wetsuit with free range-of-motion.         - Titanium coating for thermal protection.
    • Nano-ice coated Yamamoto 39 and 40 neoprene: Used in special Hyrdolite panels at arms and legs with stretchy lining that absorbs less water for improved buoyancy and super sleek, fast removal.


    4, 5, 6, 7, MT, 8, 9, 10, 11.

    Country of Origin

    • Imported

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About This Brand


In 1992, Scott Unsworth, a former New Zealand age-group triathlon champion, stopped competing due to a chronic back injury. Through his experience working as a swim coach, and from his first-hand experience in triathlon competition, Scott saw that the wetsuits being used by triathletes were completely inadequate for swimming, and he started a company called Performance Speedsuits Ltd.

Scott's early designs were directly inspired by his personal experience with the demands of the sport, and to this day Orca's designs and features are the direct result of working with professional athletes. In the five short years since Orca was launched in 1995 the brand was able to firmly establish itself as a favorite among the world's elite triathletes, and at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia two thirds of all triathlon competitors wore Orca Speedsuits in the swim leg of the event.

Orca products continue to be designed by and tested on athletes, not computer models, so you can be sure that the designs, materials and production techniques that go into Orca's championship-winning suits are always on the cutting edge.