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O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short

O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short

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  • As part of the O'Neill™ Hybrid Collection, the Solari Short gives you the freedom to go from land to water, complete with multiple features that help you train and perform your best.

    • Solari Short features:
      1. Versatility on land or in the water.
      2. Contoured fit.
      3. Supportive qualities to keep you secure in and out of the water.
    • Technology features:
      1. Nylon Tricot.
      2. 1" inseam.
      3. UV 50 sun protection.
      4. Ruching at sides for a flattering fit.
      5. Flatlock seams to prevent chaffing.
      6. Reflective logos.

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  • 5 star rating (10 Reviews)

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  • 7/20/2013 Sports Shorts

    rating star By Danae

    I like to wear the 365 Solari shorts for all kinds of indoor and outdoor activities. I like to go cycling with my friend's a lot. We never really liked any of a actual shorts that were made for cycling. So... One day one of my co- rides told me about the 365 Solari short from O'neill. I did some research and decided to give them a try. They work very well for this sport. One thing that I have found out is if you are going to use the shorts for cycling, I would recommend that you first put powder all over the area where the shorts will come in contact with your skin. This will prevent them from sticking to you. I have noticed that the shorts work the best if you do not wear any panties with them. If you do not do this you will get a mega wedge. It will happen if your bike has any type of bar that allows you to get low and stay low. I am speaking from experience the shorts will become wedged in you ass so far that it will look like you are cycling in a g-string. If they are up your ass they are most likely creeping up another area down stairs a well.  This happens to me on a 200 mile bike ride across California. I was wearing the black color and I could only be on the bike for about 10 minutes and I would have to stop or reach back to remove the shorts out of my ass crack. I did not have any other shorts to change into so for the last 50 miles for the race I took the shorts off and finished in my Brazilian string bikini bottoms.
         I used to wear them for bowling. I was on a team of 4 girls we all wore the shorts for every game we played. The shorts were great we only had one incident where it was my turn to go bowl as I was getting ready to throw by bowling ball down the lane I bent over for a trick shot and the seam at the back of the shorts split wide open. Everyone behind me and on the other team got a clear look at my lime green thong that night. I had to finish the next two games with my ass hanging out. So...  Maybe the seam needs more support.
         I will also wear the shorts for the sport of golf. I enjoy the feel, and the the way they remove sweat away from your body on hot day's. Just a F.Y.I... when you are getting ready for your shot the twisting motion that you will do, before hitting the ball will cause the shorts to form a wedge. Be prepared for it to happen.
         My favorite thing to do in the shorts is long walks on a train in the woods or along the beach. All kinds of people will approach you and ask questions about your shorts. I like the size small even though I am a size large. I am very toned and have a six pack so there is no spillage. I prefer the smaller size so the shorts rise up on my thighs and butt making my tan lines smaller. Love the shorts keep them in stock please.

    San Francisco, CA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/16/2013 Awesome 365

    rating star By Zelda

    I have been a follower of O'neill for a long time. My friends and I all together have, I would have to say over 400 pairs of the Solari 365 shorts. We are all very into competitive cycling. There are about 100 of us that get together every Friday,Saturday, and Sunday to ride along trails and on the highway. We will also ride in the woods on dirt bikes. I have read all the reviews from the other girl's and I have to agree with some of the issues they are experiencing. When we are on our road bikes all of us girl's will wear thong's underneath our Solari shorts to make the ride a little more comfortable. The reason is the shorts will bunch up on the sides and form a wedge at the rear. You know the wedge is really bad when you can see the color of the thong beside the Solari shorts in crack of the girl cycling in front of you. Ouch!!!. Underwear will lesson the pain from the wedge making it feel not as bad. If you can manage to keep the thong between your shorts and your skin.
           When we are on our time trial bikes or T.T bikes. We do not wear any cloths except for the 365 Solari shorts. Not even panties. The reason is we try to be light as possible and we are all members of a private nude club and ride in a secluded area with no outside or non- members allowed. The shorts do very well until you get into the aero position. If you do not have any slack in the shorts they will give you a wedge from hell. It does not take very long for this to happen. The race had just started and like only 20 min down the road I could see 2 of the girls were already having issues. Following them from a distance of about 500 feet it looked like they were not even wearing the Solari shorts, all I could see was two bare asses. Some of the girls have had tears in their shorts others have had the shorts give them rashes on their ass cheeks due to extreme rubbing. This is usually the second issue we have to beal with the first is some of us girls have very large boob's. Like 40 of us are packing twins as large as 48HHH. We often get burns on our tit's due to the hot cross bar on our bikes. Yeah the things we do for a thrill. You might be asking yourself why keep using the 365 Solari shorts. Well... Out of all the shorts we have tried the Solari shorts are the most durable and hold form to your body the best.
           For mountain biking we use the Solari shorts in black due to the fact we are usually out in the mud, and rain. We do not want to stain the shorts so we use the dark color to negate the dirt we get from the sport. They work really well. Some of us get wedgies but we can easly stop and remove the shorts from out of our crack due to the fact we are not doing it for time or out in public. An easy fix. The only thing we would like to see from O'neill is for them to put a more thick elastic band on top of the shorts to prevent them falling off your butt. We have some really big jumps set up and when we go off them and land really hard the shorts will sometimes fall off us and get down around our feet and ankles causing a issue with safety and bike performance. 4 of the girls had to finish the course without any bottoms on because when they want off a jump the shorts fell off and got down around the chain and were basically no longer wearable. No one has room for extra pairs on their bike. It was funny to watch some of the girls finish the course not wearing any bottoms. So... Just a thought. In regards to the product all us girls live em and will continue to buy them as long as the are available.

    Augusta, MN

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/4/2013 365 forever.

    rating star By Jaime

    I was looking for a good pair of shorts to use for every day sporting events. I had heard for O'neill and was willing to give the brand a try. I was not let down by the quality,look, and feel of the product. I use the 365 Solari shorts for all my summer, winter, fall sports that I compete in. I first used the shorts for a 200 mile cycling event that I was entered into two months ago. I have to agree with Jenna regarding the shorts being used for this sport. If you are planning to use aero bars on your bike and a seat that has a large air opening in the middle of it the shorts will become wedged in your ass crack. It has something to do with your posture when on the bike. Half way thru the race all the contestant were to gather in a tent to see video clips taken from random camera crews from cars that were filming us as we were racing. When my video clip came up it looked like I was wearing a g-string for race day. My entire ass was hanging out I was so embarrasses.  I had to stop every 20 miles and remove the shorts from my butt after seeing that video.  For the last part of the race I was far enough ahead of everyone else, I removed the 365 shorts and finished the race wearing only my thong I had on under the shorts. So... Just a FYI.

    As for the winter events I use the shorts for snowboarding. They work really well under my snow pants. I do not wear any panties  under the shorts and I have not had any trouble. The only thing that I would like to touch on is that you will sweat  down stairs after awhile wearing the shorts. You might want to remove the snow pants and sit by the fire inside the lodge for a few minutes to dry your shorts out. Your call.

    Last I would like to say  that for  water sports the shorts work fantastic. My friends and I use all three colors for wakeboarding, kneeboarding, skiing, wakeskating, and for the air chair. I had been using bikini bottoms for many year and would find out that  no matter how many different styles of bottoms we would wear they would eather fall off when we would wipe out or we would have to pull up or adjust after the boat pulls us out of the water. G-string and thongs are the only bikini bottoms that does not need to be adjusted or fall off while boating. However the coast guard and  police do not allow us to wear that kind of bikini bottoms on the water. So we had to find another style and we now use the 365 Solari shorts. Amazing feel and no more wardrobe malfunctions. All us girls own like 8 pairs and wear them all the time. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Nector color is see thru when wet. Me and my friend's found this out while at the water park one day. We were told to leave or put on another swimsuit by the water park authority. Bummer.

    Richmond, Va

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/21/2013 24/7 365

    rating star By Priscilla

    Let's start with the fact that I wear these shorts all the time. I have alway's liked O'neill's  products in the past. And to this day still a fan. I invested in the 365 Solari shorts about 3 Months ago. Due to the fact I needed something to wear for running, cycling, scuba diving,  rock climbing, and yoga. The first pair I purchased was for water related issues I had with my bikini while on a trip to Mexico. I was out in the middle of the ocean on a boat with about 60 other people getting  ready to go scuba diving. I was wearing a 2 piece bikini. The bottoms were  low cut and and some what loose. I did not have a problem getting the gear on or into the water for that matter. All went south when I was under water at about 120 feet.  I was wearing a weight belt to help me sink faster because I am only about 125 pounds. My snorkel mask started fogging up and I could not see very well. I  communicated with my boy friend with hand signals  that I was having issues. He told me to take off my weight belt so the life jacket would bring me back to the surface. When I did this one of the wights had gotten stuck on my bikini bottoms pulling them off me, I was still rising back to the surface and the bottom was about 50 feet down. No way I was going back for them. Could not see being the reason. Anyway I was not wearing any bikini bottoms when I arrived back at the boat. Very uncool. Now I use the 365 Solari shorts and I no longer have this problem. I am a big fan of bikini contest and will compete. I like to wear very revealing swimwear when doing this and I wear the Nectar or Black color shorts to hide my bikini bottoms from the crowd until I am ready to let them have it. The crowd goes wild when they see the shorts, I have gotten many compliments from people who say things like where did you get those or who is the maker. Makes me feel good. The only thing is that I would like to see the shorts maybe have a zipper on one side so that I can remove the shirts with out having to take them off like traditional shorts. The reason being is for a bikini contest I wear 7 inch heel's so I am already off balance and having to take off the shorts over the heel's is a accident waiting to happen. Not mention I have a thin string riding up my ass due to my sideless G-string bikini I am wearing and bending over to touch my toes makes it hurt all the more. There has to be another way.  I did have a issue with the 365 Solari shorts one day while rock climbing. I was moving from one side of the rock to another side and to do this I had to basically do the splits and when I did this the seam at the back of the shorts split. Everyone below was able to see what color panties I was not wearing that day. The worst thing was that I was free climbing so it took me about 2 hour's  to get back down to the ground. The crowd had doubled by them. S--t happens. I mostly use the 365 Solari shorts for a cover up for the costumes I have to wear while performing on stage. Yes, I am an exotic dancer. Don't hate!!!. I will put on the shorts to cover up myself when I am on break or saying hello to people in the crowd when I am in between shirts. . They play a great role in making it easy to remove of put on in between shows and they do not shift or damage my thong's, or g- string. This is good because we have to buy are own costumes and they are expensive. I do not recommend  that you try to wear these shorts for any snow activities. I used them for snowboarding like a year ago. Not a good idea. I was in California around April it was kind of warn and the ski lodge was having a downhill contest for girl's who wanted to go down in non winter clothing like swimwear or less than that. I wore my Solari shorts and I was doing very well when I wiped out on my ass on a terrain park box and received a wedge so bad that it felt like I was split in too. It really hurt. So... no more of that. My boyfriend and I will ride his motor cycle some times in the summer for awhile. We had a run in with local law enforcement one afternoon because according to the police officer that I was showing to much of my back side to the other drivers on the road. Meaning that the shorts were in my crack and mooning the other people on the road. I was on the back my boy friend was driving. We left with a warning.  Like the shorts for walking down the beach and for a late night on the town. You get a lot of attention when out in public with these shorts. People will stare. Don't mind, I love it. I had the black pair on with a bikini top in a food lion one afternoon and 3 of the employee's helped me take my groceries out to my car. It was not because I am a good tipper.  The shorts do have their advantages they dry quickly and have three good colors to choose from. Love em.

    Juneau, AK

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/19/2013 Best 365 Solari.

    rating star By Jenna

    I have been a loyal customer of O'neill for many years. I have owned many of their shorts. The new 365 Solari shorts are by far the best. I travel to many exotic destination for vacation. Most are beach resorts in the Caribbean. So I like to have a very short, tight, and revealing pair of short close by. I like to wear the 365 Solari shorts for fitness as well as for every day running errands. I run in the black color due to the other colors becomeing see-thu due to the humidity. I like to wear the other colors for water sports like wakeboarding, wakeskate, and kneeboarding. They have replaced my two piece bikini. Due to the fact I do not have to adjust my bikini bottoms after the pull from the boat  as put them almost at my knees. I had the intentions of using them for cycling but the shorts will give you a wedge from hell after about 2 hours on the bike. You can wear a thong or g- string and you can probably last a little longer. I don't wear any panties while on the bike due to unwanted weight. I will also wear the 365 Solari shorts to the water park and amusement park. Be prepared if you want to wear the Solari shorts on a water slide with jets. Meaning water at force pushing you from behind down the slide. It will cause the shorts to become a thong exposing your cheeks to come in contact with the rough slide sides giving you some red cheek's. with the shorts being very short you will not be able to hide your back side from others. Embarrassing.... Anyway I love em and will continue to wear them.

    Austin, TX

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 6/18/2013 Sport wear.

    rating star By Misty

    Mostly use the 365 Solari shorts for cycling. I have all three colors in size medium.  When I ride my bike it is usually for 6-10 hours a day. I do not wear any other garments under the 365 shorts and I sweat a'lot. The only color that will show moisture is the Nectar. The shorts will creep up your backside after a'while on the bike. So be prepared for it to happen. Great product for the price and will continue to buy a long as the 365 solari shorts are available.

    Seattle, Washington

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/11/2013 O'Neill 365 Solari Shorts

    rating star By Cindy

    This product is so great.  I was looking for a tight under garment to be worn under my wetsuit which is also brand O'Neill. The 365 Solari Shorts go well with my rash guard top. I use the 365 Shorts like a rash guard even though they are not. My other 16 girl friends also wear the 365 shorts under their wetsuits after all the great feed back they received from me. The other plus is the attention you get when in public people stare. Only one negative issue that use girls could agree on was if you wear the color Nector which this product also comes in it is see thru when wet. So if out in pubic you might want to wear another garment under the 365 Solari to prevent this. A great product keep the good work O'Neill!!!.

    Woodbridge, Va

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 2/23/2013 PERFECT

    rating star By Cheryl

    It fits great and feels very high quality and comfortable. I wish there were more colors.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 7/20/2013 Too big...

    rating star By Kelsey

    When I wore my black O'Neill shorts into the pool for the first time, I was very excited...however they were way too big!  I ended up putting a pony tail around some of the extra fabric to keep them from falling down when I swam laps...  I realize that this is mostly my fault because I purchased a medium size when I knew I needed a small (smalls were sold out).  The shorts seem very well made and look cute on outside of the water.  Just make sure you purchase the size you need and don't settle on a smaller or larger size because it won't work well for you.

    Broken Bow, NE

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 6/14/2013 Solari shorts 365.

    rating star By Misty

    Out of the many uses that me and my friends get out this product are mainly for sports. Cycling, soccer, rock climbing, snowboarding, and any water sport. Of my friends we probably own about 40 pairs of the 365 Solari shorts. All color's and sizes. We mostly use the black shorts for water sports because the necter color is see thru when wet. The shorts provide a great back up when we want to use the wakeboards,and knee boards due to girl's bikini bottoms falling off when they wipe out. The shorts solve this. We have done many triathlons in the past and we use the Solari shorts as our under garments for out wetsuits. Works really well and good transition for the cycling part of the race. The only issue is the shorts will ride up your backside the whole time you are on the bike. We use aero bars on our bikes this causes us to get low and stay aerodynamic.This posture apparently causes to shorts to disappear in you crack. Making it really uncomfortable to continue on, without having to reach back with one hand to remove them. If not for being able to do this I could not finish the race. A small imperfection. Last I would like to touch on the fact that the shorts make excellent soccer wear. We wear them for all our games. Our jerseys are white so we decided on the necter color for our shorts. Bad idea... Well... If you are playing inside where there is a/c you are okay. It's when you are outside and the humidity is high the color of the shorts mixed with your swear will become see thru. We played 2 games back to back and 6 of the girls looked like they were not even wearing the 365 Solari shorts. I could see everything!!!. We normally do not wear panties that may have to change.  So... taking all into consideration we love the O'neill product and will continue to support the company and all they do for us.

    Miami, Fl

    Fit: Feels true to size

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Jack O'Neill began surfing in 1952, before functional surf apparel was invented. While working for the Army Air Corps, O'Neill discovered neoprene foam in a DC-3 airplane. He then combined the neoprene carpeting with duct tape to create the first neoprene wetsuit.

Demand for O'Neill's neoprene wetsuits grew rapidly and he began a business selling the O'Neill wetsuits out of his garage. By 1980, he was a leader in the beach apparel industry with a thriving business. Since then, O'Neill™ has become a widely recognized and respected brand in the surf industry, continually creating new and innovative products. In addition to O'Neill wetsuits, they carry O'Neill boardshorts, O'Neill dresses, O'Neill hats, O'Neill rash guards, O'Neill swimsuits, O'Neill water shoes, O'Neill sandals, O'Neill life jackets and O'Neill t-shirts.

In addition to his business success, O'Neill also created a non-profit foundation for kids. O'Neill developed the O'Neill Sea Odyssey Program: a free, educational cruise that introduces kids to the microbiology of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, beginning at Jack O'Neill's doorstep.

O'Neill 365 Swim Women's Solari Short

As part of the O'Neill™ Hybrid Collection, the Solari Short gives you the freedom to go from land to water, complete with multiple features that help you train and perform your best.

  • Solari Short features:
    1. Versatility on land or in the water.
    2. Contoured fit.
    3. Supportive qualities to keep you secure in and out of the water.
  • Technology features:
    1. Nylon Tricot.
    2. 1'' inseam.
    3. UV 50 sun protection.
    4. Ruching at sides for a flattering fit.
    5. Flatlock seams to prevent chaffing.
    6. Reflective logos.
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