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Nalgene Ultralite 32oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle Nalgene Ultralite 32oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle Nalgene Ultralite 32oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle

Nalgene Ultralite 32oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle

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When you’re packing light, every ounce helps. The Nalgene Ultralite 32oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle keeps you hydrated... Read More
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    When you’re packing light, every ounce helps. The Nalgene Ultralite 32oz Narrow Mouth Water Bottle keeps you hydrated while doing away with some weight. It still comes with a leak-proof lid and loop-top for easy use and storing.


    • 32 ounce water bottle with small mouth opening.
    • Made of sturdy, reliable, super-lightweight and economical HDPE plastic.
    • Comes with a loop-top cap that won’t get lost.
    • Liquid measurements in ounces and milliliters let you keep track of your hydration.
    • Dishwasher safe for top rack only with cap removed.
    • Withstands temperatures from -148 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Round for easy storage and use with pack bottle holders.


    • 32oz capacity.
    • 38mm cap diameter.
    • 3.635oz weight.
    • 9.25” height.
    • 3.5” diameter.
    • Anatomy:
      • Threads: Nalgene bottles and caps feature continuous, straight shouldered semi-buttress threads for increased contact area on the surface to allow for greater tightening without stripping threads.
      • Cap: Durable and designed to perfectly mate with their respective containers without a separate liner to wear, crease, fall out or leak. The seal ring is molded directly into each cap.
      • FDA Compliant, BPA-free Materials: Molded from 100% virgin resin with nothing but FDA compliant colors added with finished product tested according to the requirements of the USFDA for food and beverage contact.
      • Heavy-duty Walls: Uniformly durable walls are thicker and more resistant to failure than many similar looking, but lower quality bottles.
      • Bottom: Inner corners of each bottle’s bottom are curved for easy cleaning, and plastic resin code is molded into the bottle for eventual recycling after years of sturdy service.

    Country of Origin

    • usa icon Made in the USA.

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About This Brand


In 1949, a chemist named Emanuel Goldberg developed the first plastic pipette holder in Rochester, NY. Goldberg founded the Nalge Company with a small group of co-workers in order to put this revolutionary plastic material into production. The original polyethylene equipment was helpful to laboratory workers, chemists, and biologists because it was shatterproof and lighter than glass. As a result, the first Nalgene line included items like jars, bottles, tests tubes, graduated cylinders, and Petri dishes, before advancing to filter units and storage tanks.

According to the company's story, Nalgene first began serving a recreational purpose when researchers and scientists started taking the bottles out on hikes and using them for personal storage. By the 1970s, Marsh Hyman, then President of Nalge Nunc International, noticed the bottles being used for alternatives purposes. Hyman tested out the Nalgene lab bottles with his son's Boy Scout Troop, using them to store powdered drinks, pancake mix, matches, snacks, and other camping supplies. After realizing the product's potential, Hyman sent his company on a mission to "spread the word to outdoors-people all over!"

Today, Nalge Nunc International still produces lab equipment. However, the famous water bottles have branched off to the Nalgene Outdoor brand, becoming a world leader in high-quality eco-friendly camping gear in the process. The durable, polyethylene 32-ounce water bottle remains Nalgene's signature product, and it now comes in both wide mouth and narrow mouth form. The company also manufactures bottles of different sizes with different features to fit any activity. The All Terrain Bike Bottle, for example, is more portable and features a "mud flap" that prevents contamination.

The company states its primary focus as "helping people simplify their lives while respecting the environment." Now in its eighth decade of existence, Nalgene has indeed become synonymous with durable, convenient, environmentally-friendly water bottles.