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MP Michael Phelps Small Fit Focus Swim Snorkel

MP Michael Phelps Small Fit Focus Swim Snorkel Reviews

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4.5 star rating (12 Reviews)

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  • 9/13/2016 Perfect swim snorkel

    5 Review stars By Heathersneste

    After using a Finis snorkel for years, I finally got sick of the pain it caused across my forehead so I opted to try the MP snorkel. After reading many reviews saying that the normal size one had a large mouthpiece I opted to order the small size. I am a normal size women, 140lbs, 5'6" with what most people who know me would call a "big mouth" and have just gotten back into swimming for fitness after a ten year break. I have had NO problem with water intake or leaking. I spent a hour on flip turns today and eventually got very comfortable clearing the snorkel without taking in water. This is a great, very comfortable snorkel for women of ALL sizes!

    Charlotte, NC


  • 5/21/2018 The good and bad

    5 Review stars By SwimCoachDad

    I bought this for one of my swimmers who happens to be my daughter. Her other snorkel wasn’t comfortable and dug into her head and wasn’t stable. I resisted getting anything with “MP” on it but thought I would have her try this one anyway because the design was different and made sense in some ways. The head piece is more comfortable and the shape does make it more stable. The curve allows better air when swimming. But, clearing water from it isn’t very good and is a flaw in the design. Not a fatal flaw but it is more of an inconvenient flaw because while the snorkel can be cleared, it takes a lot of effort. It is a good snorkel overall but I would give it a 7/10 because of this flaw. I wouldn’t get it for a young swimmer (12 and under) or a swimmer who can’t forcefully expel air out of his/her lungs. For senior and national level swimmers, it works.

    Rochester, NY


  • 2/17/2019 Just Breathe

    5 Review stars By TriGirl

    Knowing nothing about snorkels I just knew I needed one for my lap training. But I’m petite & didn’t want to contend with fit issues. This snorkel met all my needs & actually fit. I totally recommend this product especially for petite women. A note of caution - inhale through your mouth & exhale through your nose.

    Albany NY


  • 5/8/2017 Love this snorkel

    5 Review stars By Surfer

    I love this snorkel! I have been swimming with a Finis snorkel for years, but the MP snorkel is a much better fit. It doesn't leave marks, and overall a better snorkel.



  • 5/13/2020 Simple the best

    5 Review stars By John Florentine [OPENBRK]SPINACH[CLOSEBRK]

    Most useful

    Kirtland Ohio


  • 1/26/2020 Great for small adults

    5 Review stars By JBM

    This is definitley not just for junior swimmers. The idea that the same snorkel would be an ideal fit for all adults is crazy. What will fit a 5'4" well will not fit a 6'3" male well, and vice versa. I had previously tried the Finis snorkel but my mouth would fatgiue trying to stay sealed and water would leak in around the mouth constantly. With the MP small fit, I have been able to breathe easily and work to fix my stroke technique to minimize injury, and build swim endurance. Great product for smaller adults!



  • 7/18/2019 Perfect fit, comfortable to use

    5 Review stars By Nancy

    This small fit snorkel works great for me. Very comfortable to use because of the smaller mouthpiece and headband. And I found that the easiest way for me to put it on was to put on the headband first--which you can remove from the snorkel part--and then slip the snorkel up into the headband. Now that I think about it, I could remove the snorkel, swim a stroke other than freestyle, and then put the snorkel back into the headband for more freestyle work. (I'm not that concerned about slowing down my time.) So glad that I found this, and used it today to work with my coach on my freestyle arm reach. Now I will use a snorkel more often! And I will "recycle" my old snorkel to some other swimmer.



  • 10/8/2018 Great

    5 Review stars By Bern

    My son loves it!!

    San Antonio


  • 10/27/2016 Nice Kit

    5 Review stars By Mary Bailey

    I almost bought the larger size but was very happy with this model. It works very well. I do notice that it is a bit snug on my temples but has not given me a headache yet!

    Mary Bailey
    Sparks, Md


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