Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat 71" 5mm Reviews
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Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat 71

Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat 71" 5mm Reviews

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4.5 star rating (93 Reviews)

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  • 11/11/2017 Love the color hate the mat!

    1 Review stars By Nancy

    I purchased this mat at the suggestion of my yoga teacher. I was surprised to find that the mat needed to be broken in. I did the recommended salt technique 3 times but the mat still slips under my grip. While doing a downdog I can feel my hands and feet slipping. This is not about sweating. I am most disappointed in this mat and will not use it or recommend it to anyone. I will go back to my old Jade mat.

    Weaverville, NC


  • 8/28/2017 No regrets

    5 Review stars By Treehugger

    I was fretting over yoga mats for months trying to decide between a Manduka or the Jade. Being non toxic was very important to me but I was unhappy that I wouldn't be able to keep a rubber mat in my car in between classes and that lotions on my hands or feet could damage the mat. I didn't have to baby my last mat (Wai Lana) and I didn't want to baby this one. But I was turned off by having to do salt scrubs or having slipping issues with the Manduka, plus the fact that it's not non-toxic. Well, the Manduka has turned out great. I didn't want to deal with a messy salt scrub so I used a sanding sponge to rub the areas I thought my hands and feet would go. I just did it a little bit - swiping back and forth, dry. I don't know whether it accomplished anything or not. I planned to do more but since then I've used the mat in 5 flow or ashtanga classes and while I notice a SMALL amount of slipping with sweaty hands and feet it is not a big deal. I totally love the mat and I can tell it will last forever and always look this good. The first day I brought it to class a woman next to me used a Jade mat. I noticed that it looked worn and that it was bunching in front of her foot presumably because she needed to slide her foot forward a bit but her foot was sticking on the mat too much to do so. That made me feel even more sure I made the right choice. Hopefully the certifications that this thing isn't emitting anything toxic are correct. When I'm in child's pose with my nose directly on the mat I can detect a "chemical" smell.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/3/2016 Great mat, but does take a little breaking in

    4 Review stars By Laurie

    I rarely review anything, but because I agonized over the decision on what new mat to buy and read a million mat reviews, I want to contribute to the info on this one. There are loads of mixed reviews on whether its the best mat ever or slippery torture. I've been practicing about 2.5 years, and on the same $10 sticky mat. I wanted a quality mat that wouldn't flake apart, wouldn't be slippery, and would be easy to clean/didn't soak up my sweat and stink so much. I think this is a GREAT mat right out of the box on all but the slippery piece. I expected it to come with some sort of slippery film as many reviews state, and it did. I've been using it for a little over a week now, about 6 times, and it has already improved a great deal on the slippery-ness. I did the salt scrub twice, and have let it sit in the sun. I can now use it without slipping if I'm either not sweating too much or wipe my hands on a hand towel here and there. I still need the mat towel if i get super sweaty, but that was the case with my old mat too. If you are OK with having to "break it in" for a couple of weeks, it's a great mat. I got it on sale too, so totally worth it! I also totally get how some people don't want to have to break it in if they spent $100. Manduka should try to do something about this slippery film! I almost bought a different mat because of the mixed reviews, but after putting in just a little time and effort I'm happy with my choice!

    Atlanta, GA


  • 4/21/2017 Still slippery

    4 Review stars By Jody

    I think this will be a great mat eventually, but it is too slippery to use without a towel. I bought it for the weight and life time warranty, but even with the salt scrub, it is too slippery for an easy yoga class and really bad for a sweaty practice.

    I'm glad I already have a mat size towel.

    Richmond, VA


  • 3/11/2017 Definitely a no slip / good grip mat

    5 Review stars By Jodi

    I practice hot yoga daily and had a reversible black lululemon mat that was comfortable but I had a lot of problems slipping and could never get a good grip in my poses. This mat is truly no slip and has a great grip naturally. Also much more lightweight and easy to carry;

    Los Angeles, CA


  • 2/19/2017 5 Stars for the Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat

    5 Review stars By HumbleWarrior

    For quite awhile, I have been admiriing some of my yogi friends' Manduka mats.  One of my instructors gave me one to try, and I was sold.  It took a few weeks until I found the mat I wanted on YogaOutlet's website.  The price and color was just right for my needs.  I love this mat.  My feet feel so good when I step on it to begin my practice, and I no longer need to step off my mat to do standing balancing poses.

    Thank you!

    Colorado Springs, CO


  • 1/31/2018 I can't handle my happiness!

    5 Review stars By Sandra

    For years now, I have been using relatively cheaper yoga mats but would get them with a certain level of thickness because I knew that an issue in my practice is pain while kneeling. This pain and annoyance would always be present, even if I used two mats and a yoga towel on top of wood flooring. I decided to finally get this Manduka mat after my cats used all my old mats as scratching posts, and I will never look back!! The quality of this mat truly makes a difference that I noticed in a nanosecond. I have yet to really break it in from its slippery-ness, but I practice every day and use a towel on top. I would highly recommend this mat for everyone, and I already talk about it incessantly to all of my friends.



  • 4/15/2017 Good mat but be prepared to deal with the slipperiness

    4 Review stars By Jody

    I bought this mat because of the lifetime warranty. I wore a hole through another mat after 6 years. So far I like it but I need to use a towel with it because the minute my hands or feet sweat at all, I slide! I'm a bit disappointed with it because of that.

    I have tried all the methods to break it in including the salt scrub, but I guess I will just need to wait until I have practiced with it enough to wear off whatever is on the surface. I does not slide around on the floor though which is great.

    Richmond, VA


  • 3/10/2017 Loooove This Mat

    5 Review stars By A.C.

    I really wanted a good yoga mat, but was hesitant to get a Manduka due to what I've read about them being slippery. Eventually I was lured in by their lifetime warranty and a friend who swears by hers. I was not disappointed. I don't know if it's just me (someone who hardly sweats), but I stick to this mat like glue. (Some poses might even stick a little too much, like sliding into hanumanasana). And that's without doing the salt scrub! Apart from being plenty sticky enough for me, the PROlite is a great length for my 5'7" frame and has excellent cushion for my knees. I'm so, so pleased with it and I love practicing on it.

    New York


  • 3/7/2017 Love it!!

    5 Review stars By Tracy

    I'm so happy with my purchase.  This is the best yoga mat I have ever owned. It just feels good to use.  It provides superior cushioning and comfort.  I haven't had issues with slipping.  I  use manduka mat cleaner  after each session.
    I am so happy with the color (Unity).   It is a very calming and serene blue. Couldn't be happier with my choice .

    Beverly Hills


  • 1/28/2017 Loveeee it!

    5 Review stars By Paola

    A little slippery at first. I used a dish scrubber, with some salt and water to break in the mat and it worked perfectly (you have to be 'aggresive' with the scrubbing lol). The mat is super sticky now and I am in loveee with it!!!

    Stowe, VT


  • 10/13/2016 LOVE!!! First mat I've ever purchased and only mat I ever want!

    5 Review stars By Kim

    The PROlite was the first mat I have ever purchased for my personal practice. I've been using this mat for two months now and I have zero complaints. Even during the first few days of use I never felt any more "slippery" than I normally do from sweat (it's just a natural component to the practice). I feel very safe, secure, and sturdy in my poses. It is true that the mat gets even better with use/time as it molds to your personal body. I carry my mat with me everywhere I go!! Super sticky; My mat has never moved from under me, even in power flows. Only complaint I have is that I need MORE! ;) all in good time!

    Griffin, GA


  • 10/29/2014 the mat is great as expected, BUT...

    4 Review stars By christina

    the mat and brand is perfect as expected just as described, but the way it was packaged it had a heavy &  unnecessary! rubber band around it that made a permanent indentation down the front and center of the mat - very disappointing not manduka's problem but i won't order a mat from yoga outlet again because of this.



  • 8/11/2014 Jady Manduka (in my opinion)

    2 Review stars By tranimal622

    I know everyone RAVES about Manduka and how awesome it is and how it's the best mat - but personally, between this and Jade - I would pick Jade every time! Maybe because I haven't broken it in enough - I've been using it daily for about 3 weeks now but my Jade Harmony Pro didn't need any breaking in - I didn't slip and it had perfect gripping despite any sweat falling onto it. The Manduka was so slippery by the middle of the class that I had to use the mat towel on it (also by Manduka and it was amazing though). I don't want to buy an expensive mat and then have to throw another mat towel on top of it - and those can be just as expensive. I haven't tried scrubbing course salt over it like the company suggested but still - why am I having to do that on an already expensive mat when I can get what I need from a slightly cheaper company that doesn't need any breaking in? Again - I'm biased towards Jade now. Having bought the two of them at the same time I can really appreciate what the Jade offers and what the Manduka lacks. I know everyone loves it but as someone w/ a daily practice I need immediate results and guarantee that I won't suddenly slip and fall halfway through class because my mat isn't "broken in."

    Houston, TX


  • 7/5/2017 Thin but lightweight

    4 Review stars By Sbecks7

    The mat is a bit thinner than i had expected and it's a bit slippery. Otherwise, the weight is great, the color is beautiful, and I'm looking forward to using it!

    Oroville, CA


  • 5/30/2017 Fully Satisfied

    5 Review stars By KD

    It is a great product. Best yoga mat brand I have used. Good quality, and not as heavy and cumbersome as the Pro. Fast shipping, packaged well. Maka color was prettier in person. Gave as a gift. Would recommend to others.



  • 5/9/2017 2 Thumbs Up

    5 Review stars By Lisa

    Love my Manduka PROlite mat.  I am impressed by the amount of cushioning it has without losing support (and being a thin mat).  I hate losing balance on a too squishy mat, but I need knee protection in those low lunges, too.  My friend was a Manduka fan and told me that there is a bit of film on the mat that needs to be worn off (or salt water scrubbed off) before the mat has ultimate grip.  Glad he told me.  While I had some hand/foot slippage at first, after about 6 uses my hands and feet stay planted.



  • 5/6/2017 Nice yoga mat!

    5 Review stars By byrsw

    This is my first yoga mat and I am very happy with it.  Light enough to carry to class.  Color is beautiful.

    Byron, IL


  • 5/4/2017 High quality, high value

    5 Review stars By Yld

    This is my first high quality yoga mat. I'm satisfied. It has good support and good grip. I've read several online reviews about these mats having a slick surface. When it's initially unrolled, perhaps there is a slick surface, but it's manageable. I haven't used the manufacturer recommended break-in salt rub technique (I may). But the slight slickness causes me to charge through my hands and feet even harder, which is why I'm doing yoga. If I wanted a peaceful relaxation, I'd stay on the couch. I got this mat at about 50% off regular retail due to it being a funky color...I'd rather keep $50 extra bucks in my pocket than have the ideal color yoga mat.



  • 4/20/2017 Great mat

    4 Review stars By TALA46

    I purchased this after having a problem with slipping on my old mat. I have to say this is a major improvement!  My feet are much more stable and no slipping. I do still need to use a towel at the top of my mat for my hands and also when I go on my forearms. That may just be my issue.  I definitely recommend it and am really happy I bought this one.



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