Manduka eKO 2.0 Yoga Mat 71" 5mm Reviews
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Manduka eKO 2.0 Yoga Mat 71

Manduka eKO 2.0 Yoga Mat 71" 5mm Reviews

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4.5 star rating (66 Reviews)

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  • 12/26/2016 Great Mat

    5 Review stars By Nia C.

    I love how grippy it is! I have it in Midnight and not only is the color absolutely stunning, but the texture is incredible. I was going to buy a Pro but decided not to because of how slippery it gets. I practice daily and get very sweaty (and even when I don't, I still need the extra stability) and don't need to spend days to break in a mat. I was also debating a Jade because of how grippy it is, but didn't like how they don't last or clean well. The Eko is the perfect balance. There was a bit of a smell when you unpackage, but if you're used to natural smells and products like I am they probably won't be a bother. The mat is a bit heavier than average, but if anything it makes it feel like your yoga mat is a home. You do, however, need a strap or carrier for this one at all time. It's not one of those mats where if you don't have a carrier or forget it at home, you can get away with just rolling it up and going about your day. It doesn't roll tight and due to it's size it doesn't stay rolled on its own AT ALL either so I'd purchase a carrier simultaneously as it will become a hassle in a studio. I've had no issues with slipping with this, and it's very firm and provides enough cushion. Truly transformative!

    Nia C.
    New York, NY


  • 8/26/2017 Never again Manduka

    1 Review stars By dt

    I have used and cared for my Manduka mat since I purchased it a few years ago.  I began to notice "shredding" along the edges of my mat and "worn" spots on my mat where my hands/feet are placed.  I contacted Manduka about it.  I didn't expect something like this to happen since I invested in this high priced mat.  It's not like I use my yoga mat every day.  A customer service rep that I spoke to was quite rude and would not budge on trying to accommodate or offer me advice on what I might do to get compensated for these flaws  from Manduka.  I have since gone with another yoga mat company and am very satisfied with the product.  I have several friends who have also switched from Manduka to another yoga mat company and are as pleased as I am with their mats.
    It's unfortunate that your company does not stand behind your product when a customer has a concern with their purchase.



  • 9/23/2017 Great for Non-Slip, Nice Cushion, & Good Quality

    5 Review stars By Sun

    So far I love this yoga mat!  I have a Manduka ProLight which is excellent quality (I've had it for 3 years and it still looks brand new), but when my hands sweat I slip A LOT on this mat.  The Eko is a 100% improvement over the ProLight where slipping is concerned.  To be clear, I don't use it for hot yoga, so I can't comment on how it would be in an intensely sweaty heated class.  I do, however, have particularly sweaty hands, and I'm happy with how well they stick when wet in an intermediate non-heated yoga class.  I should note that the Eko is less sticky than the Jade Harmony.  In my opinion, Jade makes the most slip resistant mats on the market.  However, Jade mats don't last long, while Manduka is known for making long lasting mats.  It's a trade off that's worth it for me.

    I bought the color "Trogan" and it's much prettier in person than in the photo.  The yellow and white is more subdued and it's less contrast-y (in a way that is more pleasing to the eye than the photo).  It reminds me of gently flowing water.

    It does have a strong odor right out of the package that is exactly like a kids rubber ball- the kind you would use in dodge ball in elementary school.  I don't find the smell offensive (it just smells like rubber), and I have confidence it will fade.

    San Francisco


  • 6/22/2017 Awesome mat!

    5 Review stars By Yogaln

    I absolutely love this mat. It is everything I was looking for!


    1) grippy- I don't do hot yoga, but I have very very sweaty hands and feet. There is a medical term for the excessive amount my hands and feet sweat, but it escapes me right now. A regular yoga mat turns into a slip and slide with in 30 seconds for me. This one does not. I'm able to press into and hold the pose easily no matter how sweaty my dogs and mitts get.

    2) cushion - it is think and cushy. This is a plus because I'm kind of old now.

    3) attractive- I got "trogon". I love it because it reminds me of the ocean and that's just so relaxing.

    4) weight- relatively light weight considering the substance on the mat. I had read reviews complaining of the weight and I do not agree. It is only a few pounds, not a problem to carry.


    1) smell- indeed, smells like rubber... But not overwhelming even right out of the box. I think many other reviews are either exaggerating the smell or they were using the mat in a small space. I do my yoga in a fairly large space so I really only noticed the odor when my face is right in the mat.

    2) cleaning- have to be very careful what is used to clean this. I know that detergents and saponified oils are a no go because they will degrade the rubber over time. I need to figure this one out, right now I'm just using water. Certain natural oils will do the same. You won't see it right away, the mat will just break down more quickly over time so for those who say they use normal mat wash on this mat and it's fine, they are correct short term, but long term they are damaging the mat.

    3) flexibility- I can't leave it in my car due to sun and heat. It will break down. Again, this is the nature of a natural rubber mat and there's nothing to be done other than not leaving it in the car or sun.

    Columbus, ohio

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 1/4/2018 Grippy

    5 Review stars By robassable

    OK been using this mat for about 3 months now and like it more and more. RE: the smell.  Yes it does have a rather prominent rubber smell at first (which I kind of like), but after some use and time the smell is barely there.  And the reviews saying it is slippery?  Uh...This is about as grippy as it gets, and I have used lots of different mats.  If anything, it can be almost to grippy when shifting out of positions and at times you almost feel stuck in place.  I got a Manduka Pro and liked it, but man I was slipping all over the place and am so glad I exchanged it for this one.  I even read a review about it being too heavy...C'mon! if you can hold a plank and a downward dog, carrying something that weighs less than 10 pounds should be a breeze!  My wife got the same mat in pink and she loves hers too.



  • 11/8/2017 I thought this one was going to be awesome for hot yoga but slippery

    2 Review stars By Britta Nelson

    My hands and feet are slipping all over the mat as soon as I'm sweating at all.

    Britta Nelson


  • 8/9/2017 Great yoga mat!! Period!!!

    5 Review stars By Susan

    Super pretty and super sticky!! Best mat I have ever purchased!!
    My old ones would move when I moved. They were super soft but too soft as you would slip around on it in certain poses. Not this mat!!! Love it and love the great customer service Yogaoutlet provided!!!
    The only issue I experienced was the mat kinda smells when you open it but I cleaned it with a few drops of tea tree essential oil mixed with water in a spray bottle. Dried it and set it outside in the shade to air out. Goes away in a few days.



  • 3/15/2017 Good mat but smelly

    4 Review stars By Mrs.MZ

    I use my mat for Ashtanga and my hands get pretty sweaty and don't slip around on this mat. It also has good padding for headstands. But this mat smells horrible! I've aired it out for a few days in my garage and I've used it 5x and it still smells. Hopefully eventually the smells will subside. The smell is the reason I docked a star. I ordered the Nova color and it's exactly as pictured.



  • 2/12/2017 Heavy duty and very grippy

    4 Review stars By Smash

    Overall I'm very happy with the mat. It provides an intense grip so you can get deep in to downward dog, but it does slip a little when wet and makes noises when you do slip. The rubber smell is very strong when you get it and the smell is slowly fading after my first week of daily use.  This mat is not ideal if you are doing lots of gliding across your mat. It is also not ideal for travel because it's very heavy and doesn't roll up tightly.



  • 1/24/2017 Amazing mat for yoga & HIIT

    5 Review stars By Alisha

    I ordered this mat to use for not only yoga but for HIIT workouts as well. I'm so, so happy with it! It has great grip I do not slip at all in down dog and it holds me steady in other poses. I feel grounded and still comfortable with plenty of cushion for floor work but not so much that I lose stability. The quality is outstanding. I can tell this mat will last for years.

    Savannah, GA


  • 4/28/2014 love my mat

    4 Review stars By Upstairs Yoga

    What I love about my mat is the texture. It's never too sticky or too slippery. I can grip comfortably.
    It cleans nicely. In the first 2 weeks it can small a little rubbery, but that smell goes away.

    Upstairs Yoga
    Coral Gables


  • 11/3/2017 Love My Mat

    5 Review stars By Lolo

    First yoga mat I’ve used that gives me confidence. I can do poses and hold them longer, because I’m not afraid I will slip.



  • 10/26/2017 New Yogi

    5 Review stars By Newbieyogi

    This is my first REAL yoga mat and I absolutely love it! It is so grippy and even with a little sweat I’m still about to keep my balance. It did have a strong rubber smell when I bought it but with a little Manduka mat spray and essential oils, the scent went away in days and it didn’t disrupt class at all! I’ve only had it for a couple weeks but thus far my practice has significantly improved. I highly recommend.

    Evansville, In

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/12/2017 Love eko

    5 Review stars By Deb

    This is the best mat, soft a little bit sticky so I don't move on the mat, a little bit cooling to the touch because of the rubber which I love, not too smelly, beautiful color. I'm absolutely delighted with this Mat.



  • 9/29/2017 Love this mat

    5 Review stars By Dawn

    So far after a couple weeks this is the best mat I have purchased. I use this for hot yoga and it is the most slip resistant mat out there. I have used a jade mat and a lululemon and this is by far my favorite!



  • 9/26/2017 This is a keeper!

    5 Review stars By Yoga Cat

    * Non-slip
    * 5mm perfect amount of padding
    * Beautiful colors (have gotten many compliments)
    * Durable

    I have gone through about 4 mats in the last year and a half. Flimsy construction. As I get more into yoga I am learning your mat is a critical component to your practice. I highly recommend this mat!!

    Yoga Cat
    Norton Shores, MI


  • 7/10/2017 Awesome mat

    5 Review stars By Amanda K.

    I tend to slide a lot during vinyasa but with this mat I do not slide whatsoever. It's amazing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has to break pose due to sliding. It's well worth the investment.

    Amanda K.
    Spencer, OH


  • 7/7/2017 How did I slip so much?

    3 Review stars By alyssa c.

    I bought this mat because of the reviews saying it would not slip during hot yoga.  In fact I found it from an article that reviewed the best mats for hot yoga. The first hot class I took my hands and feet slipped right off, I was shocked! The top of my toe even received a bit of a rubber burn from moving to downward dog from upward facing.  The mat itself has been very good for cushioning and I like the quality of the mat for standard classes and practicing inversions.  However, when it slipped during a hot class it was very disappointing since it negates the entire reason I paid so much for a new yoga mat.

    alyssa c.
    Orange County, CA


  • 7/6/2017 LOVE IT!!

    5 Review stars By Alex

    I LOVE and would highly recommend this mat! It's got a good cushion to it (5mm) and I swear my hands and feet never slip anymore on this mat. A few things to note: out of the box -- esp the first day -- it smells BAD. Would recommend cleaning it w/ Manduka's mat cleaner a few times over the course of at least 12 hours and let it air out somewhere. I put mine on my kitchen table in front of a few open windows and, by morning, it wasn't gone but it was much better. I've been using it for ~2weeks now and the smell is practically gone.

    You should clean this mat (and, really, every mat obv.) after every use -- especially if you sweat, because the sweat will pool on this. It's closed cell, so that's expected, but just a heads up.

    Overall, I love this mat. I look forward to practicing on it AND i get tons of compliments on it. It's seriously worth the money.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 12/28/2016 Great Mat

    5 Review stars By Linds

    Great mat so far! Very grippy, you do not slide very easily. The only thing is it does get dirty easily but other than that I love using it.

    Detroit, MI


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