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Mack's Aqua Block Ear Plugs

Mack's Aqua Block Ear Plugs Reviews

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4.5 star rating (274 Reviews)

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  • 9/16/2016 Careful with inserting!

    3 Review stars By nickyjusa

    I'm sure this products works great for some but I had one of these little buggers go in pretty deep. Because of the texture of the plug and the depth in which they went I almost couldn't get it out without another set of hands.



  • 5/25/2018 Mack's Aqua Block Ear Plugs

    3 Review stars By Nancy Hill

    I have the same ear plugs as the Mack's Ear Plugs (different name on them), but I was trying to find ones that were shorter and softer. When the Mack's Ear Plugs arrived, i compared them to the ones I already have, and they're exactly the same. They aren't "extremely comfortable" and they're too long to fit well under a swim cap. Since shipping costs $4.99, I didn't return them.

    Nancy Hill
    Irvine CA


  • 7/7/2015 If you are looking for small Children

    3 Review stars By alisonC

    I bought these for my son (4) who has tubes in his ears, He has to wear plugs when we go swimming and in the tub. These don't stay in his ears at all. I thought maybe they would be good just for the bath tub since it's not vigorous activity but they still fall out. They are too big for his ear.



  • 12/25/2014 Do these run small is there another size?

    3 Review stars By M Bart

    Unless I mistakenly ordered a youth size these are a bit small. On the other hand My ears are a bit bigger than many of the people I work with. These would fit my Wife for example.

    M Bart


  • 10/15/2014 Eh OK

    3 Review stars By LotusLadyK

    I can agree with the comment below. They do not work very well with sudden acceleration and deep pressure, i.e. dolphin, butterfly laps. I had one to pop out as they do not stay in my ears very well.

    These stop the water from getting in my ears but It's difficult for me to twist them into and out of place, in my ear. The little part that sticks out is too small and so pliable that it does not rotate the plug itself.

    Richmond, VA


  • 9/5/2014 Takes some getting used to

    3 Review stars By Stan

    These stop the water from getting in my ears but It's difficult for me to twist them into and out of place, in my ear. The little part that sticks out is too small and so pliable that it does not rotate the plug itself

    Pinson, AL


  • 9/3/2013 Not so good..

    3 Review stars By Ruth R.

    Because it has a part that sticks out of almost an inch, my 10 year old knocks it out of her ears while swimming and they do not fit my 8 year old's ears. Since I got them white, there is no way to find them at the pool during team practice :( lost one the first day.

    Ruth R.


  • 1/20/2013 Purchased based on 189 reviews (4.5 stars)

    3 Review stars By LoriAnn222

    Have not tried in pool. Do not seem to seal or stay in. "Stem" stick out of ear too far. Perhaps too big for my ears. Think I wasted my money.

    Salinas, CA


  • 12/6/2011 Do the trick, but difficult to stay in if using swimming cap.

    3 Review stars By afaroswell

    Difficult to stay in if using swimming cap

    Marietta, GA


  • 8/5/2011 Works

    3 Review stars By Reviewer

    They do what I expected them to do



  • 5/5/2011 Like the silicone but?

    3 Review stars By Lost in Pinecone country.

    Bought for sound relief. They might or might not work...out. I get a lot of roar once in place. One of the things I hate using earplugs period. I'm looking for a travel earplug that can also be easy to clean and not wear out so quick. I do like the material. I bought the clear but color would make it easier to not loose maybe. The case is nice and the little plastic insert helps to keep two pair separated so if you have one clean and one used you can keep track. Overall not great but the price here is good and they should work for intended purpose if ears aren't difficult to fit. I'm just not good with earplugs...but do have a nerve condition that sometimes requires their use. I could recommend though for swimming etc. The roaring does subside once your ears adapt by the way. And these beat foam for sure.

    Lost in Pinecone country.
    Extreme NW Montana


  • 4/23/2011 Too long.

    3 Review stars By FaithLV

    I use this product whenever I am swimming or showering as I have a small hole in one of my ear drums. I think this size may be too large for my ear canals hence my problem with it. They do not seal all that well as I have ended up with water in my ears a couple of times. I do like the quality and the color of the plugs. they are generally easy to see if you accidentally drop them into the pool or on the floor. This is good for me as I cannot see without my glasses while in the pool.



  • 12/5/2010 not a great fit.

    3 Review stars By WC Porter

    They're better than wearing nothing, but I still dont think they fit great. While I'm swimming they loosen and I have to stop and fit them back in. Its annoying and disruptive to my workout. I'm looking for something better now.

    WC Porter
    Gaithersburg, MD


  • 8/2/2010 Comfy & Adequate

    3 Review stars By Lu2Belle

    These are soft & easy to insert, but they become slightly dislodged when wearing a swim cap. Still better than other earplugs I have tried.

    Eugene, OR


  • 11/28/2009 Small earplugs

    3 Review stars By Janet

    These earplugs were too small for my ears. I had to have someone else get one out of my ear, I couldn't reach the end myself. I gave one of the pairs to another swimmer at the pool and the earplugs worked great for them.

    Jacksonville, FL


  • 11/23/2009 plugs

    3 Review stars By Stoy B.

    Have not used them yet .

    Stoy B.
    Maroa, IL


  • 11/19/2009 So So

    3 Review stars By Jackie

    They work okay, but the first time I used them one of them got stuck in my ear.

    Phoenix, AZ


  • 7/15/2009 Earplugs

    3 Review stars By Beth H.

    They are a little painful to get in all the way.

    Beth H.
    Bethlehem, GA


  • 7/12/2009 ear plubs

    3 Review stars By debbie

    have not had a chance to use them yet. They seem like they will do very well thought.

    Lancaster, PA


  • 2/6/2009 soft and squishy

    3 Review stars By Nancy R.

    a little too soft for my taste. too hard to insert. some may like this soft rubbery quality- some products irritate the ears, these certainly won't

    Nancy R.
    Cranston, RI


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