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Mack's Aqua Block Ear Plugs

Mack's Aqua Block Ear Plugs Reviews

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4.5 star rating (274 Reviews)

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  • 8/23/2011 They work good

    4 Review stars By Michael B.

    I swim every day and find these work well and don't hurt my ears. Could be a little longer to pull out easier.

    Michael B.
    San Clemente, CA


  • 8/6/2011 Greatest Earplugs

    4 Review stars By Athena Greek Goddess

    They suction the air like a vacuum to prevent swimmers eat infection.

    Athena Greek Goddess
    Silver Spring, MD


  • 7/21/2011 good fit

    4 Review stars By MEGAN D.

    first time using ear plugs, thanks to prior reviews knew these would be good and they are

    MEGAN D.


  • 5/16/2011 Comfortable.

    4 Review stars By Kenny S.

    A bit tricky to get into my ears until I read the simple directions which take all of about 10 seconds, so do it, guys! I can't tell if these keep all of the water out of my ears, but I can tell you that I feel MUCH more comfortable swimming with these than without them. I would get minor ear aches before, but not now. They are completely unobtrusive, allow you to hear just fine, and don't come out even after a two hour swim. And for the tiny amount of money, why not try them out?

    Kenny S.
    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 4/22/2011 Very Good

    4 Review stars By Patrick J.

    I prefer these much better than wax or the soft plastic I used to like. Really do have to follow the technique of how to put them in though or they won't stay in.

    Patrick J.
    Raleigh, NC


  • 4/21/2011 Good stuff

    4 Review stars By C. Frey

    My only complaint is that I wish I could had found them in kid size. They do a great job of keeping water out of my daughters ears. They just fall out because they are to big for her ears!!

    C. Frey


  • 4/2/2011 Ear infections no more!

    4 Review stars By Taylor

    I've been a swimmer all my life, but recently i've been getting a lot of ear and sinus infections. My dr recommended getting some earplugs and/or a nose clip to prevent infections. I am still debating on getting a noseclip because theyre a little dorky, but i took her advice on the earplugs. So glad i did! I haven't had one ear infection since, and i used to get one every month or two. The only bad thing about these guys is that you look silly putting them in, and they take a while to get used to.

    Seattle, wa


  • 1/22/2011 Mack's Aqua Block Earplugs

    4 Review stars By jmay

    For the price, they are awesome. They aren't easy to fit on right away, so when you are listening to your coach and taking them out and need to put them on quickly, they aren't too easy to put on and sometimes they don't go in just right so they let water in, but if you have time to really get the fit right, they are great!!



  • 12/24/2010 great ear plug for the price.

    4 Review stars By matthew s.

    Stayed in place thru several swims (I swim 35-45 minute sessions). Comfortable, no leakage. Once I put them in, I never had to adjust until I took them out. For the price this is an excellent value. I would purchase again. Clear color is very hard to see in swim bag. Purple very visible, and comes with a nice little (clear)carry case

    matthew s.
    greensburg, PA


  • 10/6/2010 They Work Great

    4 Review stars By Melissa

    These ear plugs do a great job of keeping the water out. For the most part, they are very comfortable. I swim for 30-60 minutes at a time and by the end of my longer swim sessions, I'd say they get a little uncomfortable. However, I prefer the very minor discomfort of these ear plugs to the major discomfort of getting any amount of water in my ears.

    Morgan Hill, CA


  • 9/18/2010 Kept the water out

    4 Review stars By Mary H.

    These did a great job of keeping the water out of my ears, while not completely blocking off my hearing. They were a little bit difficult to insert initially, even when following the directions. With a few adjustments, they worked well.

    Mary H.
    South Berwick, ME


  • 9/8/2010 I Didn't Get an Earfull

    4 Review stars By john

    They work great. Nice, soft, snug fit. Keep water out of my ears but I still get it in my knees.

    Syracuse, NY


  • 9/7/2010 Good

    4 Review stars By Tom

    place in under swimming cap. Worked great. Tolerated well.

    Phila, PA


  • 7/25/2010 very good

    4 Review stars By Linda M.

    stay in my ears when I dive

    Linda M.
    virginia beach, VA


  • 7/14/2010 1st ear plug i used

    4 Review stars By Marie

    When I use this earplug, I dont worry about water getting in my ears and it helps me focus on learning to swim. It's better than the silicon pillow ear plugs that you mold in your ear.

    Los Angeles, CA


  • 7/13/2010 versatile earplugs

    4 Review stars By rebecca c.

    These are great all around ear protection against powerful sound systems in movie theaters, BART trains, and rock concerts. I have not tried them for swimming. The two pack of ear plugs is very thoughtful. I have one in my bag for around town and one at my boyfriend's house because of his snoring. I have a small ear canal. At first, the plugs feel a bit squishy when I put them in. But it was okay. The flexible webbing covers all nooks and crannies to keep my ears happy.

    rebecca c.
    oakland, CA


  • 6/23/2010 Best earplugs I've tried

    4 Review stars By dan

    I've tried both the silicone pillow and Speedo's version of the stick-type earplugs. I much prefer this type to the silicone pillow as I've had problems with those breaking the seal while swimming and getting an earful of water. Compared to the Speedo plugs, these are less painful in the ear, though they initially feel as though they do not make as solid a seal and are softer so they are more difficult to place in ear canal. However, though they feel as though they aren't making a solid feel, they do not let water into my ears, which is the most important part.

    kirtland, NM


  • 6/12/2010 Yay for re-usable plugs

    4 Review stars By Pearl

    I used the silicone putty and I got tired if it leaking and leaving residue. These are way better in that they don't take as much time inserting and come out clean. There are 4 to a pack so losing one isn't tragic. The only thing I think could improve is making the rings around the plug different sizes because they will shift while I'm swimming and I do still get water in my ears. It's much less than not using them but perhaps with time I'll find tricks to get them to stay put.

    Orange County, CA


  • 4/12/2010 Extremely soft

    4 Review stars By Christa G.

    These plugs are extremely soft, comfortable and easy to insert.

    Christa G.
    Gautier, MS


  • 3/23/2010 Able to swim again!

    4 Review stars By Stacy S.

    Due to migraines, I thought I wouldn't be able to swim. I tried these earplugs and found my problem! They keep the water out, and the sound as well. So my instructor knows to use charades to tell me what is next! But makes it easy to concentrate while swimming laps with kids in the pool. Only one problem with the stem getting a little uncomfortable since I have small ears.

    Stacy S.
    Bozeman, MT


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