JAWS Slosh Cleaner/Conditioner Reviews
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JAWS Slosh Cleaner/Conditioner

JAWS Slosh Cleaner/Conditioner Reviews

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4.5 star rating (25 Reviews)

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  • 12/7/2013 Chlorine-smell killer!

    5 Review stars By Swim mom

    Both my children are on a swim team so their suits are used a lot and they used to get very stinky from the chlorine. This stuff really works!  It's not detergent so it's safe for all swimwear.  You only need to put a tiny bit in the sink and let soak for 10 minutes.  The directions say you don't need to rinse, but I do. The Slosh has a pleasant smell and my kids' suits smell so much better since I started using it.

    Swim mom
    Garrison, NY


  • 5/15/2014 This is the best stuff.

    5 Review stars By Idaho swim

    Just takes a little squirt. Not smelly and not a lot of suds to rinse out. This stuff is the best.

    Idaho swim


  • 1/19/2014 Prett good

    4 Review stars By Elizabeth H.

    I've been using Slosh for a while now on my suits. It doesn't always get the smell of chlorine out, but it does seem to prolong the life of my suits, so I can't complain. The smell is nice, and I love that you don't have to rinse it out!

    Elizabeth H.
    Portland, OR


  • 12/3/2013 Always Excellent

    5 Review stars By I_Am_Diva

    Takes good care of all aquatic gear...

    Los Angeles, CA


  • 2/16/2013 Great for cleaning your suits after swimming

    5 Review stars By Julian E.

    Since my daughter swims at least 5x/week we use this that many times, and more.  Great stuff to ensure your suits will last as long as possible and get rid of the chlorine smell!

    Julian E.
    Santa Clara, CA


  • 10/4/2010 Slosh

    3 Review stars By karen c.

    Have only used this for about two weeks, so I can't really comment- it does make the suit smell better, but whether or not it helps it last longer, has yet to be determined.

    karen c.
    bethany, CT


  • 5/2/2016 Very good

    5 Review stars By CK

    Nice product. I think it is comparable to Speedo's detergent. A bottle lasted more than a month while kids practice 6-7 times a week.



  • 3/11/2016 Truly FAB for Extending Suit Life

    5 Review stars By I_Am_Diva

    My suit lasts for YEARS due to Slosh. I swim 3-4 times weekly in public pools w significant chlorine concentration. This product takes away smell and corrosive effects. Highly recommended!

    Kailua Kona, HI


  • 6/11/2015 Seems to work

    5 Review stars By Zeek

    I am a lake swimmer and have used my wet suit about 12 times - each time, I would thoroughly rinse the suit out in the shower and let it dry.  I figured it was time to give the suit a good cleaning and used Slosh.   I used a Rubbermaid tub  and let it soak while I ate dinner.  I was disgusted - the water was very dirty (kind of brownish).  I then gave it a good rinse (even though it says you don't need to). I thought I had been doing a good job keeping my wet suit clean after each use - I guess I was wrong.  My suit didn't have a bad smell (except for the wet suit smell) so I can't speak to its odor eliminating (suit still smells like a wet suit - because that's what it is).
    I am going to be buying more of this and using it more frequently.



  • 9/19/2014 Jaws Slosh Cleaner/Conditioner

    1 Review stars By Patti

    I called to make sure to purchase the correct product for cleaning pool noodles. Unfortunately, it did not work as anticipated.  It would probably be fine for keeping new pool noodles clean but these were older.  This product would be fine for washing bathing suits or wet suits and is very mild.

    Wytheville, Va


  • 6/13/2014 Great value

    5 Review stars By dxechick

    Since this is a concentrated product it will last all summer and I swim everyday.  The other product I bought to try will only last about 2 weeks even though it is a bigger bottle.  The smell is great!



  • 3/1/2014 Works great!

    5 Review stars By SRosas26

    I had just been using regular detergent, but hand washing couldn't get the chlorine smell out of my son's suits completely so I wasn't sure it was "clean". I KNOW using this it's clean because the smell is gone!

    Watertown, CT


  • 9/20/2013 I haven't used this yet

    3 Review stars By wendelyn

    I imagine it's probably a helpful tool for keeping my suit from fading too fast due to weekly exposure to chlorine in the pool at my gym.



  • 8/21/2013 Great!

    4 Review stars By MsTad

    Works great. Used after months of lap swimming workouts and my suit still looks like new.

    Ann Arbor, MI


  • 2/27/2013 Reduces scent of chlorine

    4 Review stars By boyjay42

    Works great to reduce the scent of chlorine and clean the suit.

    NorthWest Indiana


  • 2/14/2013 Takes the chlorine out

    5 Review stars By Nik

    I have already gone through one bottle of this stuff.  I thought it worked very well, so I bought some more :)



  • 12/30/2012 slosh

    4 Review stars By Dottie

    Just started using it hope it continues to help my bathing suits last longer



  • 11/28/2012 works well

    5 Review stars By mag

    I've been using the wash for quite a few months, and noticed that the elastic in the jammers doesn't fray as it had been w/out the wash.

    petersburg va


  • 9/12/2012 Love this stuff

    4 Review stars By Swim mom

    It always seems to remove the chlorine and smell from my kids' suits. It helps the longevity of those expensive suits too.

    Swim mom
    Tampa, FL


  • 11/3/2010 Love the smell!

    4 Review stars By PM

    I just used it two so I am still not too sure how good it is on the fabric but It smells like the Aveda Sun Protection bodywash I have. love it!



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