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Hugger Mugger Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Wipes - Mix of 4 Scents Hugger Mugger Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Wipes - Mix of 4 Scents Hugger Mugger Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Wipes - Mix of 4 Scents

Hugger Mugger Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Wipes - Mix of 4 Scents

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  • Sanitize your yoga mat quickly and safely with the Hugger Mugger™ Jo-Sha Wipes.


    • Ideal for cleaning your yoga mat and other yoga equipment.
    • Gentle enough to clean hands.
    • Dries quickly.
    • Oil scents: lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tangerine.
    • Contains no alcohol or bleach.
    • Contains 5 individually wrapped packets of each scent (20 total).
    • Biodegradable and not tested on animals.
    • usa icon Made in the USA.


    • Designed for: Cleansing & Cleaning Mat and Props
    • Ingredients: Water, Aloe Vera, Polysorbate 20, Optiphen, Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Citric Acid.

    • Keywords: mat cleaning, equipment cleaning, cleansing, sanitation, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tangerine



Hugger Mugger

Sarah Chambers is the founder of Hugger Mugger™. She was an accomplished woodworker when she discovered Yoga. The sport's tremendous impact of her health made Yoga a way of life for Sarah. She began developing wooden and fabric tools to help with her practice in 1986.

She began developing products for fellow yogis, including the company's namesake, Hugger Muggers. She developed apparel meant to conceal and comfort. Since the word "hugger-mugger" means "to conceal" the catchy name, Hugger Mugger fit.

Among Hugger Mugger's most notable designs is the Tapas Sticky Mat. Predecessor mats were not designed specifically for Yoga and would deteriorate quickly with use. The Tapas Sticky Mat was the first long-term performance yoga mat and continues to set the standards for the industry. For more than 25 years, Hugger Mugger has been known as an innovator of technically advanced yoga products serving yoga teachers and students throughout the world.