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    Hugger Mugger 8' Hemp Yoga Strap w/ D Ring

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    Help the environment and yourself by getting the 8' Hemp Yoga Strap with D-Ring. This strap will give you years of safe and... Read More
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      Help the environment and yourself by getting the 8' Hemp Yoga Strap with D-Ring. This strap will give you years of safe and secure support.


      • Top-grade hemp yoga strap.
      • Metal D-ring for secure closure.
      • Superior tensile strength for long-lasting performance.
      • usa icon Made in the USA.


      • Length: 8'
      • Width: 1.5"
      • Fabrics: 100% Hemp
      • Colors: Tan, Natural
      • Style Features: None
      • Buckle: Metal D-Ring
      • Stretch: No

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    • 9/18/2013 Excellent General Purpose Yoga Strap

      4 Review Stars By Frank L.

      When used carefully, a Yoga strap may be used to help increase various stretches. Typically it is used to help with hamstring stretches whether lying down or standing up. It can also help with Janu Sirsasana (the head to knee pose), Paschimottanasana (the seated forward bend),  Baddha Konasan and Supta Baddha Konasana (the Bound Angle Pose -- regular and reclining). Some may find it essential to do Gomukhasana, the Cow Head (Face) Pose or to do Dhanurasana (the bow pose).

      The Hugger Mugger 8" Hemp Yoga Strap is an excellent general purpose yoga strap. It appears to be very well made. The strap material is hemp. (Hemp is a natural fiber that seems to be making a come back. Hemp is considered to be stronger than cotton.  Throughout its long history it has been used to make rope, canvas, sails and even clothing.) The stitching seems very good and the D-Ring buckle appears to be very strong. (By the way the width of the strap is 1.5 inches and the thickness about 1/8 of an inch.)

      In my home practice, prior to this strap I was using non-name cotton straps which were less expensive but seemed to give, i. e. stretch a during use. Thus far, at least, any give in this belt is unnoticeable.

      Some may find the hemp a little too firm and / or thick. Some cotton and cotton/synthetic blend belts actually are thinner and / or feel softer but in my limited experience I've come to believe  that the softness and / or thinness may come at the expense of strength.

      Some may prefer cinch buckles to the D-rings. The cinch is a little easier to work with. However the D-ring is a surprisingly secure mechanism that does not have teeth that eat through the belt over time as a cinch buckle can. (I can't speak to the effectiveness or problems of other mechanisms such as the sliding bar buckle.)

      Note: Folks close to 5 feet in height might find the 6 foot belt to be a better general purpose size. Likewise people taller than say 6"6" might find the 10 foot strap better.

      Frank L.
      Queens, NY, USA

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    About This Brand

    Hugger Mugger

    Sarah Chambers is the founder of Hugger Mugger™. She was an accomplished woodworker when she discovered Yoga. The sport's tremendous impact of her health made Yoga a way of life for Sarah. She began developing wooden and fabric tools to help with her practice in 1986.

    She began developing products for fellow yogis, including the company's namesake, Hugger Muggers. She developed apparel meant to conceal and comfort. Since the word "hugger-mugger" means "to conceal" the catchy name, Hugger Mugger fit.

    Among Hugger Mugger's most notable designs is the Tapas Sticky Mat. Predecessor mats were not designed specifically for Yoga and would deteriorate quickly with use. The Tapas Sticky Mat was the first long-term performance yoga mat and continues to set the standards for the industry. For more than 25 years, Hugger Mugger has been known as an innovator of technically advanced yoga products serving yoga teachers and students throughout the world. For every online sale, Hugger Mugger gives back by donating a percentage of the profit to a different organization each quarter.