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H2O Audio Surge 2.0

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Enjoy your favorite tunes on land or underwater with the amazing sound quality of the H2O Audio Surge 2.0, a revolutionary design in the world of technology.

• Patented waterproof technology
    - Submersion to 12 feet (3.6m) underwater
    - Provides bass amplified sound
• 5 sizes of earplugs
    - Provides secure and personalized fit
    - Supplies a watertight seal


  • 3 star rating (15 Reviews)

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  • rating star
    By from
    on 6/11/2013

    It's a great product, but I wish they held up longer.  I've been using this item for a while now, and I've needed to purchase two pairs in the matter of one year, since the audio stopped playing on the one side.   And since it's not an inexpensive piece of equipment ($50 + at a pop), again, they should hold up better.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 4/25/2013

    These are by far the best underwater ear plugs for listening to your tunes.  The set includes several different sizes of plugs to give you the best fit.  I am a small female so I ended up using the x-small size.  I have not found any plugs that work all the time, but these do a good job and the sound quality is quite good.  I give a thumbs up on these and will buy them again when the time comes.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 6/29/2012


  • rating star
    By from
    on 6/28/2012

    My wife has the life proof case for here IPhone so she wanted to get a set of waterproof ear buds. As soon as she opened this set she went right to the tub to test them out. And guess what? they work great!!! I would get this set for anyone with a life proof case.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 6/26/2012

    I've used these headphones about 5 or 6 times in the pool for lap swimming with the H20 waterproof iPod armband.  I really like them.  My only issue with these is that you have to have a swim cap to keep them in place.  They have great sound quality, and inter-changeable silicone buds.  They come with medium buds installed but I needed the extra small buds to be comfortable for my ears.  I did find the best way to insert these so that they don't leak water is to pull up on the top of your ear and then press them inside.  Works great!

  • rating star
    By from
    on 6/19/2012

    They are truly waterproof! Love them! Would buy other products!

  • rating star
    By from
    on 5/8/2012

    I have only used these earbuds a few times with my waterproof iPod nano from Waterfi but absolutely love the quality sounds while I'm swimming! I have swam a few miles with these earbuds in and have not had any problems. They were definitely worth the extra bucks! The varying sizes of earbuds assures a perfect fit and the cord/jack attaches perfectly to my waterproof iPod nano. I would definitely buy these again, but I don't think I will have to for a long while!

  • rating star
    By from
    on 3/6/2012

    I used them for swimming in a pool.  At first the sound  seemed muffled but  I attributed that to the water getting in my ears becase they do not stay in very well.  Then about 3 weeks into using them the right side stopped working.  I do not recommend them at all.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 2/3/2012

    What a waste of money, tried these and the earphones do not stay in your ear even with the swim cap over them.  I ended up buying the Finis bone conduction MP3 palyer and I love it, no things to stick in your ears, and no strings attached.  I Purchased this after reading the reviews, and was so disappointed.  However now I can swim in peace with my new Finis bone conduction mp3 player.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 1/13/2012

    They lasted one week in the ocean.


H2O Audio

H2O Audio, now known as X-1 Audio, features a line of rugged casings for MP3 players, which allows for the use of expensive and delicate digital music players during water sports activities. Partnering directly with leading MP3 manufactures, H2O Audio has created a line of sturdy and practical casings, patented waterproof headphones, and underwater accessories. Established by athletes for athletes, H2O Audio is made up of a team of avid swimmers, surfers, wake-boarders, sky-boarders, and kayakers.

H2O Audio began in 2001 as a graduate project at San Diego State University that aimed to bring music to Scuba divers. It just didn’t seem fair that runners and other terrestrial athletes could train with the benefit of music, while swimmers, surfers, divers, and other aquatic athletes were bound to silence. The company's beginnings pre-dated the widespread popularity of the iPod® and other MP3 players, so the first dive case was designed to house a portable CD player.

After many prototypes and adjustments, the first production model case was made for the iRiver MP3 player in 2002. It came equipped with the power-amplified diving headphones similar to those that are integrated into the current, state-of-the-art "iDive Underwater Apple iPhone/iPod MP3 Housing." More recently, H2O Audio incorporated in-ear technology into the "Surge" and "Surge Sportwrap" headphones.

In 2005, the company designed the first waterproof cases for iPod. For the first time, swimmers and surfers could take their music into the water. As the iPod evolved so did H2O Audio, which led to the innovation of the "Interval Waterproof Headphone System," which fits both the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Shuffle™. In a constant effort to improve sound quality and comfort, H2O Audio also introduced the "iPod Shuffle Swimbelt" and the "Amphibx Armbands," which come in three sizes to accommodate many sizes of MP3 players.

H2O Audio product design and development is based on years of prototypes and close collaboration with top athletes like Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin and triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett, and surfer Laird Hamilton.

Today, H2O Audio's corporate headquarters are just feet from the ocean (in other words, testing grounds) in Pacific Beach, California. The company is committed to developing the best high-performance waterproof and sweat-proof sport headphones, armbands, and other accessories on the market. H2O Audio doesn't want to be limited to producing a cheap, featureless player simply because it's waterproof. The company strives instead to create something that functions well in any conditions, providing high-quality sound, easy control of the audio device, and access to music no matter the conditions.