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  • Now you can get your groove on like a champion with the H2O Audio Interval Natalie Coughlin Signature Series waterproof headphone system. Designed to suit the needs of the 11-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin, the Interval lets you strap your iPod Shuffle directly to your goggles, avoiding the inconvenience of troublesome wires and constricting armbands. Perfect for competition training, water aerobics and recreational swimming.

    • Fits the iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen. 1GB and 2GB
    • Waterproof to 12 ft. (3.6 m)
    • Push-button control
    • Easily attaches to goggle strap
    • Ergonomically-designed earplugs
    • Earphones included
    • 8mm drivers acoustically engineered for exceptional clarity
    • Includes 5 sets of earplugs for a custom fit
    • Carrying case included
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty
    • Goggles in picture not included
    • MP3 player not included

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  • 2/27/2010 Awesome Product

    5 Review Stars By Srfnmma

    I started using my ipod with this waterproofing device about 2 months ago and I love it!  I swim harder and longer because my music motivates me.  The time also seems to pass quicker and makes for a less boring work out.  Figuring out which ear buds stay in properly was a little tricky and took a couple different days to get dialed in properly.  They also need adjusting on occasion, but I do that when I take brief rests on the wall.  Overall, an excellent product, and I highly recommend it for all those who love their music when working out.

    Costa Mesa, CA

  • 5/23/2009 Great Product

    5 Review Stars By Suzy Q

    I am an outrigger paddler and I have used this several times, it is great! Water does not affect the performance, the ear plugs stay in very well. If you love music and you spend a lot of time in or on the water, you have got to have this!

    Suzy Q
    Long Beach, Ca.

  • 1/29/2010 Great Product if the Earplugs would fit - "little trick"

    4 Review Stars By Steve

    Received the product and earplugs fit only in 1 ear.  The sizes are limited and have to fit just right to work.  However, I found a trick that worked for me.  May not be entirely right for everyone, but I took some of my POMADE hair molding wax, and put an ever so light coat on the earplug and it sealed and fit snug.  This works best because it sticks and is stiff just like your own ear wax and doesn't slide.  Come to think of it I hardly have any ear wax in my ears so thinking maybe others who are similar may find this would work.  It would be nice if H20 would have figured out a similar solution for all those who have had the same complaint.  I've read an awful lot of them.  Maybe they need at least one non-linear person on their R&D team.
    Beyond this, I think the product is solid once you get the snug fit.  I would recommend.


  • 6/25/2009 Leaked!

    1 Review Stars By Marilyn L.

    The Interval leaked and ruined my Shuffle.

    Marilyn L.
    Boone, NC

  • 1/27/2010 Still trying to reach nirvana

    3 Review Stars By Cindy

    I have tweaked the ear pieces for two weeks and still have not reached nirvana.  I swim 4 to 5 days a week.  BUT I'm not giving up, I'll exchange out the blue ear pieces some more before I toss this item.

    Columbus, Ohio

  • 6/27/2009 Good sound, but clips broke 1st week

    4 Review Stars By Raymond J.

    I clipped this onto the back of my swim mask and it seemed fine until the end of the first week, when I picked the mask up to put it on and one of the clips fell off.  I then began to pull it off, and the other clip fell off!  It did not seem too stressed when I put in on, but the plastic must have fatigued.  I am happy with the clarity and ear fit, so I have created a way to velcro it back on.  They should use simple cylindrical springs at the pivot point of the clips to solve this.

    Raymond J.
    Englewood, FL

  • 1/20/2010 great design, but muffled music

    3 Review Stars By Heather L.

    Great design and very light, but I have trouble getting the earbuds to seal (even with different size earbuds). The result is muffled music.

    Heather L.

  • 6/29/2009 LOVE IT!

    5 Review Stars By Melissa F.

    I was undecided as to wherter I should buy the FinisSwim MP3 or the H2O. My IPOD classic recently died so I figured I needed a replacement. It was a great choice! I replace my IPOD with a generation 2 and bought the H2O. I can use one for my regular workouts and the other for my swimming workouts. And I ended up paying the same price for both as if I had only purchase one FinisSwim MP3. I am thrilled! I have swam longer than before and I look forward everyday to get in the water. I recommend this product to anyone who has a gen 2-3 Ipod or is purchasing one. H2O's sound quality is great! (I heard one of the ladies at the pool complainning about the difficulty in adjusting the volume level on the Finis) I only recommend to try the different ear-plug sizes, once you have figured it out they won't come out, even with continuos turns.

    Melissa F.
    Shreveport, LA

  • 1/20/2010 rockn in the h20

    4 Review Stars By Mary C.

    i went out and bought old style shuffle just so i could get this and listen while i swim.  the waterproffbox works, keeps the shuffle dry.  it's a bit hard to press the buttons, but if you are finger strong you can fast forward, volume up and down.  i definitely use with a cap and goggles.. the buds stay in better with cap but still bobble out my ear.  so... a little challenging, but if you only use your shuffle for swimming it's probably easier.  hook it on to your favorite goggles, be sure to turn it on before you get in water... and off when you finish... it's been easier to stay in and do laps.  When a favorite song plays it's a real treat!  i use my i-touch for all things on land.

    Mary C.
    Montrose, NY

  • 7/15/2009 Absolutely spectacular!

    5 Review Stars By Iris S.

    I bought this after trying the older, one-piece H2O Audio Series Headphones - which were a total disaster. They didn't seal out water, were a hassle to use and finally cut out in the left ear. I was disappointed, and nearly bought the Finis Swimp3 player to replace them.

    But I decided to try this product after finding an iPod shuffle for super cheap online, reading all the positive reviews here and finding that these H2O headphones have newer, updated technology.

    I'm a recreational/fitness swimmer. I swim for a half hour each day at my local gym. This setup made my half hour feel like just 5 minutes! I breezed through my workout.

    The headphones are unbelievably easy to use. The sound is even better than the earbuds that come with the iPod (and many aftermarket brands, too) both above AND under water. I was very, very surprised that the bass is so good - no tinny sound here! I couldn't be happier with the audio quality. Crystal clear.

    The extra headphone buds come in many different sizes, and I only had to change them once to find ones that fit perfectly. They just snap on and off like rubber O-rings. Once I found snug earbuds, the headphones stayed in my ears for the whole workout (even without a swim cap), didn't leak and were super comfortable.

    The entire setup slips onto the strap of your goggles and sits at the back of the head. I wear my hair in a low ponytail to swim, so the case sits right on top and doesn't create drag or flop around at all. It's tiny and very light. The wires are long enough to reach my ears with an inch or two of play, which I tuck into the sides of my goggle straps.

    The buttons are easy to use - a firm press changes volume or tracks.

    Overall, this was the best money I've spent on swimming since buying my suit.  Excellent product!

    Iris S.
    Simi Valley, CA

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H2O Audio

H2O Audio was founded in 2003 in San Diego, California just as a new era of digital music and portable MP3 players began to give people outstanding on-the-go audio quality. As an avid watersports lover, founder Kristian Rauhala wanted to extend this MP3-use to the pool and the ocean. Over the past ten years, H2O Audio has perfected a line of waterproof headphones and cases that are guaranteed to give swimmers and watersport enthusiasts the best possible sound experience.

Today, H2O Audio is a leader in the field of waterproof headphones and iPod accessories, creating products with superior underwater sound. H2O Audio partners directly with leading MP3 manufactures to offer a line of rugged and practical casings, patented waterproof headphones, and underwater accessories.

Established by athletes for athletes, H2O Audio is made up of a team of avid swimmers, surfers, wake-boarders, sky-boarders, and kayakers. The product design and development is based on years of prototypes and close collaboration with top athletes like Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, triathletes Greg and Laura Bennett, and surfer Laird Hamilton.

H2O Audio's corporate headquarters are just feet from the ocean (in other words, testing grounds) in Pacific Beach, California. The company continues to offer something that functions well in any conditions, providing water-based athletes with nothing less than an exceptional audio experience, no matter the conditions.