Fluid Recovery (Canister) Reviews
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Fluid Recovery (Canister)

Fluid Recovery (Canister) Reviews

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4.5 star rating (14 Reviews)

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  • 12/17/2010 Simply Amazing

    4 Review stars By Swim Fast

    Simply an amazing product!  I bought it for my son who swims 1 1/2 - 2 hrs per session 5-6 times a week.  Compared to other products, Fluid is all natural, cost effective, easy to digest, safe for kids and most importantly, he actually DRINKS it!  Their site is extremely informative and contains straight forward answers.  NO HYPE, NO OVER INFLATED ENDORSEMENTS and NO HOCUS POCUS SCIENCE.  I wish swimoutlet carried the CHOCOLATE.  As far as results are concerned, it took the full 16 servings before my son started noticing the difference.  Try it and I am sure you will become a believer too.

    Swim Fast
    Central, IL


  • 7/24/2017 Very satisfied

    5 Review stars By DS

    I think this is a solid recovery drink mix.  I mix it in almond or soy milk as I'm lactose intolerant (which this product is designed for us lactose intolerants) and it literally tastes like drinking the milk from a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch cereal, so its yummy



  • 1/26/2016 Fluid Recovery Drink

    5 Review stars By KSengr

    Have used this product for a long time.  Its a favorite because taste is good (especially berry flavor) and it is not heavy.  Provides good recovery nutrition without a lot of calories.



  • 2/23/2014 Like this product

    5 Review stars By Yvonne

    This is so much better than gatorade because of the protein level. I use it after swim work outs, but it is also good when you are sick and dehydrated. I had a delightful 24 hr intestinal bug yesterday and this and some hot tea was all I could keep down. So besides the post exercise supplement, it is good if you are  sick in the gut and getting dehydrated.
    The berry has a nice natural taste.

    Eugene, OR


  • 3/14/2013 Delicious!

    5 Review stars By Allyson S.

    I drink this right after a long swim with 8.5-9 oz of light soymilk and some ice and it tastes amazing.  No chalky texture, no bad aftertaste.  It's just like chocolate milk and I know my muscles are getting a good recovery from all the protein and vitamins.

    Allyson S.
    Simpsonville, SC


  • 9/21/2012 Helpful for recovery

    5 Review stars By S.paige

    This product was helpful in reducing post workout muscle soreness. I mixed it with chocolate soy milk and it tasted delicious. I definitely recommend it.



  • 3/23/2012 Does its job

    4 Review stars By mgmom3

    I use this as it is intended - recovery drink after hard workouts.  I don't mind the flavor although it's a bit acidic tasting.
    I love that it doesn't have artificial colors or flavors!
    I can feel that it helps with muscle recovery, especially in my legs.

    Johns Creek, GA


  • 8/16/2011 Amazing!

    5 Review stars By SL

    I was introduced to Fluid last summer by some friends who were training for Ironman.  I'm so glad I decided to purchase it -- I'm no longer sore after 3+ mile ocean swims followed by 6 mile runs.  I feel like I recover much faster now, and am not as tired at evening workouts if I'm doing doubles.  It's a little pricey, but very worth it.  And the tropical and berry flavors are great, but the chocolate was one of the worst things I've ever tasted!  As for those who say it doesn't dissolve well, I have to agree.  However, put it in a water bottle with water and a couple ice cubes, give it a few good shakes, and it's perfectly mixed!  Fluid is a great product!

    San Diego, CA


  • 11/4/2010 Perfect Recovery Drink!

    5 Review stars By GIantsGirl

    I use this product after all my hard workouts in the pool! I love the Tropical Flavor after a hot afternoon swim. It tastes amazing, and goes down so easy. I have had some problems with protein drink in he past making my stomach feel bloated, but Fluid has solved that issue for me. I'm less sore, less achy, and feel great after a hard week of training. I strongly recommend you use this product!

    My only complaint is that Swim Outlet doesn't have the Chocolate Flavor yet. I bough Chocolate online, and it is so awesome! I make it hot after a chilly morning Masters session!

    A+++ Product. Great job!

    Livermore, CA


  • 9/23/2010 Tastes Great

    5 Review stars By eatsleepswim

    Both flavors are great and now they are coming out with Chocolate too.  I find that it mixes best if you can shake it in a bottle or a cup with lid.  Or pour it into water while stirring, that works well too.

    Greenbrae, CA


  • 7/20/2010 Tastes terrible!

    1 Review stars By Jill

    This stuff tastes awful.  It is gritty and does not dissolve well.  I'm making myself drink it because I can't stand the idea of wasting it, but it's an awful big container and I may just give up and toss it.

    Arlington Heights, IL


  • 5/26/2010 Easy to drink, Easy on Stomach

    5 Review stars By bazplayer

    There are a lot of products out there, and this one really stands out because of the simple to use, and simple to understand formula. I love how easy this stuff is to mix, and I love the flavor!

    We all know that recovery drinks are absolutely necessary to a help reduce muscle soreness and keep us from overtraining, and I'm so glad these guys came onto the market!

    Plus, they are small company that really cares about their customers... I called their office and actually got to ask the owner and founder some nutrition questions! It was so cool!

    You should try this product.. you won't be sorry.

    San Luis Obispo, CA


  • 3/10/2010 Great Product

    5 Review stars By Charliehorse

    No more Bonk, thing of the past.

    Isabela, PR


  • 4/7/2009 Best Drink on the Market!

    5 Review stars By Runningforacause

    By far the greatest drink for any and all swimmers or endurance athletes. I have been using this for months and my post workout soreness is obsolete. All athletes need something this great!

    Palo Alto, CA


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