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Fitness Technologies uWaterK7 Waterproof Digital PPL FM Radio

Fitness Technologies uWaterK7 Waterproof Digital PPL FM Radio Reviews

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3.5 star rating (85 Reviews)

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  • 11/9/2015 Pretty great!

    4 Review stars By Ellen

    Works great- but a bit too loud- even on the lowest setting, so I use only one ear bud.

    Boston, MA


  • 6/26/2015 Great

    4 Review stars By Glitter

    Love the small size.great volume. I have not downloaded any music yet, only been using the radio. I have some minor static with radio when I go below 3' deep, but I am guessing that's do to the radio station itself. I really like the ear plugs on the head set, keeps water out of ears.

    I do notice that the head phones tend to fade out sometime. Varies and on both ears at different times. Not sure if a short or not.
    Overall I am very happy with them. Especially for the price.



  • 6/1/2012 uwaterk7 FM radio

    4 Review stars By Joyce H.

    I use my fm radio while walking in a public swimming pool. If I remember to charge it every night, it helps to occupy the time needed to get my exercising done. I have one big problem with my radio. I can't get the volume to go low enough to keep me from fearing that I am increasing my chances of going deaf from its loudness. Another thing, it usually takes me about four to six hours to do my exercises and I end up having to turn it back on a couple of times before I am through and I am afraid that by having to do that in chlorinated water that the case may become weaker allowing water to enter the radio.

    Joyce H.
    Taft, TN


  • 7/15/2015 Swim radio

    4 Review stars By David

    This works as advertised. Reception of stronger stations is good.



  • 5/7/2015 Much happier with this than the first product I got

    4 Review stars By Dennis

    Product works fine. It is much better than another product which shall remain nameless that did not work even when I had the volume up full blast and had a guide book that did not work at all like how the product did.

    Stupid thing on my part, you might tell people to take off the plastic cover on the screen when opening the product.



  • 3/13/2015 Works well. Static under water.

    4 Review stars By Manny P.

    Just like other reviews, there's static the second you take it under water. I clip it to the goggle band as high up on my head and that's usually clear enough. I suggest you pick stations with strong signals to begin with. I also tied the wire up to take care of the slack. I find that the earbuds stay on better with a little tension on them. For the price, I'm happy. Makes my swims better.

    Manny P.
    Long Beach, CA


  • 10/1/2014 Waterproof Radio works great!

    4 Review stars By Training for Tri in Mesa, AZ

    This is a great little radio. It has made my workout less boring. It did take some time to get use to the earphones. If you go underwater the reception isn't that great but I don't do this very often or for very long so I am fine with it.

    Training for Tri in Mesa, AZ
    Mesa, AZ


  • 10/13/2013 Just OK

    4 Review stars By susan o.

    I bought this after I returned it's MP3 radio counterpart in which the MP3 player didn't work. It is an OK radio. My biggest complaints is that the buttons are SOOO hard to press that to change any settings once you get swimming is impossible without stopping, taking it off and futzing with it. The volume is really loud even on its lowest setting. It is OK. If it wasn't soo cheap in price, I would have returned it.

    susan o.


  • 7/28/2013 Still working.....

    4 Review stars By Rick

    Very useful when swimming my laps....good sound.I'm enjoying it tremendously right now. Watertight. But did hear from a friend that hers is leaking and stopped working -so I don't know if and when it'll happen to me. "International Warranty" - what does that mean? Might cost a lot to ship to Finland if it becomes inoperative.

    Tampa, FL


  • 7/17/2013 Works well so far.......

    4 Review stars By Rick M.

    Very durable looking. Very small -attaches nicely to goggles. I've used it 3-4 times so far without a problem. Charges well on the computer (no extra program needed to charge).

    However, today, a fellow swimmer with the same radio said hers started leaking and doesn't work. I'm not sure how long she's had hers, but she was very disappointed and I'm now very suspicious how long mine will stay water-tight and continue to work. Fingers crossed.

    Rick M.
    Wimauma, FL


  • 3/8/2013 Radio

    4 Review stars By Paul M.

    I am very pleased so far with the radio. It can be a little static at times
    but overall I'm very satisfied. I'm glad I bought it and since I swim at least 2km per workout, it helps with the boredom.

    Paul M.
    Windsor, ON


  • 2/25/2013 It Works

    4 Review stars By FL Champ

    Very nice to have when it is working properly. The earpiece can fall out, use the long plugs. I bought two units and the clip on the first one broke easily when putting on goggles, had to glue it. Also the other one did eventually capture moisture in side, lost ability to change channels, but still plays well on one it has.

    FL Champ
    Naples, Fl


  • 12/25/2012 uWaterK7 w/proof radio

    4 Review stars By Daniel M.

    The 3rd w/proof radio I received (used 2x so far) has worked fine. I think the problem was in the thread connection for the earphones,and charger. The 3rd one was updated with a straight plug-in with rubber washers placed in the jack. Music sounds great! I`m glad I gave it another shot. Thank you.D.P.M.

    Daniel M.
    Winter Haven, FL


  • 9/23/2012 Love this radio!

    4 Review stars By kckoberg

    I purchased these for swimming laps. I immediately increased my workout from 30 to 60 minutes! I was concerned after reading some of the customer feedback, but decided to go ahead and give them a try. I am completely satisfied with this product! my only occasional regret is that I purchased the radio instead of the MP3 player. Sometimes is sounds as though one or both of the earbuds become muted, but I have determined that it is due to water in the earplug or in my ear. I found that most times if I take the earpiece out flick it with my finger a couple of times and then put it back in I get the sound back.

    Little Rock, AR


  • 8/20/2012 non-boring swim

    4 Review stars By Anne

    The first one that was sent to me was defective. We couldn't turn it on. It was totally charged and we were pressing the "on" button as hard as possible and--Nothing! But thanks to swimoutlet's wonderful customer service, a new one was sent to me quickly and it works beautifully. Now if all those sllllloooowww swimmers would get out of the pool, I can enjoy my 100 laps!

    St. Louis, Missouri


  • 8/6/2012 I have concerns

    4 Review stars By Frank/Very bad

    I like the radio, but it has some problems. The ear tips come off without any warning and so I have lost one. The detachable flex clip comes off easily, so make sure you are not in the water when handling it. It should attach in the other direction so that you are forcing it towards the attachment mode. It should be a alligator clip type so that it would open further and the ear phone wires should be longer so I could put it in my swim suit pocket?

    Frank/Very bad
    Roy, Utah


  • 4/14/2012 Fitness radio waterproof

    4 Review stars By MaryAnne F.

    I am really enjoying my new waterproof radio, It is relaxing to listen to music while you swim, it makes the time go by faster, glad I made this purchase.

    MaryAnne F.
    Port Huron, MI


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