FINIS Swim Snorkel Dry Top Reviews
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FINIS Swim Snorkel Dry Top

FINIS Swim Snorkel Dry Top Reviews

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4 star rating (28 Reviews)

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  • 6/7/2014 glad i bought this

    5 Review stars By bonsai mc

    i can't swim without my snorkel (I have COPD) but the snorkel inhibits swimming the dolphin kick properly because i take in water. this little gadget enables me to do the dolphin kick without worrying about the drowning feeling when i take in water through my snorkel.

    bonsai mc
    SF, CA


  • 7/3/2016 Keeps water out.

    3 Review stars By Swimisfun

    Works well to keep water out.  If head is at waterline and snorkel is submerged the water pressure keeps equalized well and works.  The dry top does constrict the airflow a bit making it tougher to breath.  Customers buying should be aware of the trade off before buying.  It does what it advertises but you need to work harder at breathing with this item.

    Phoenix, AZ

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 9/14/2015 FINIS Snorkel Dry Top

    1 Review stars By Rae

    The inner piece gets stuck and keeps my daughter from actually getting the breath in. I will be wanting to return this item. Maybe she just received a defective one.



  • 4/17/2015 FINIS Snorkel Dry Top

    3 Review stars By AC

    This device does keep out the water. However, it seems to restrict air flow more than I expected.  I used it a few times, but now have gone back to using my snorkel without the dry top adapter.

    Greenville, NC


  • 6/24/2016 Keeping it just in case

    4 Review stars By ratchettt

    Fit my Finis snorkel fine and does keep water out.  It does reduce air flow due to creating a smaller opening at the tube end.  This bothered me enough I took it off for time being.  Keeping on the shelf in the event I decide to boost the aerobic benefits of using it.  For now enjoying the extra oxygen.  



  • 7/1/2015 snorkel dry top

    5 Review stars By StiffNeckArthritis

    This device is so much better than what I used to know as a kid.

    Boston, MA


  • 2/5/2015 Best for keeping out the water during flip turns

    5 Review stars By Anne

    While I love my Finis Snorkel, I continued to get water in the area below the mouthpiece after a flip turn, which I would then suck in (VERY annoying and UNCOMFORTABLE) - I purchased this Dry Top and PROBLEM SOLVED!



  • 4/2/2013 Finis snorkel dry top

    2 Review stars By Mitch

    I loved swimming with my finis swimmers snorkel in the pool as I trained for my first triathlon! However, the tri swim was going to be in the ocean so I thought I would need the dry top....Huge mistake!  Couldn't figure out why I was struggling, until I thought to pull the dry top off halfway into my swim.  Luckily I made up time because I could actually BREATHE a full breath in.  Maybe I will try to train in the pool w/ it to improve lungs

    Greenville, sc


  • 5/15/2017 Wanted it to work but can't use it.

    1 Review stars By Glen

    I recently purchased one of these despite some of the negative reviews about it.

    It simply restricts my breathing too much for it to be usable. Upon closer examination there is little wonder why. First off, it mounts by sliding inside of the snorkel tube. This provides a restriction in itself, because it's using a smaller piece of tubing to slide inside of a larger one, reducing inside tubing diameter at the end. Next, (and even more important) is the opening going into the main housing. It's not even half size of the inside diameter of the end which inserts into the snorkel. It's essentially like trying to suck air through a straw.

    First, the dry top should be made so that it slides outside over the snorkel tube rather than inside it. A rubber gasket should be incorporated into the end to insure that it keeps water out.  Next, the housing needs to be reconfigured. It needs to be done in such a way so as to avoid the internal restriction I spoke of earlier.

    So the concept of this was a good idea and I really wanted it to work. But unfortunately while the device might solve one problem it just ends creating another, making it a waste of my money.  Sorry guys, need to go back to the drawing board with this one.  



  • 5/4/2017 Not Quite

    3 Review stars By TT at URI

    I am an  older swimmer that just wanted a splash guard for the top of my snorkel.  I don't do flip turns or swim in choppy waters.  I found that as built the Dry Top restricted the amount of air I could breath in to the point of shortness of breath and was unpleasant.  I modified it by cutting out the float inside the Dry Top and found that it did a decent job of keeping splashes from going down the snorkel and allowed almost the same amount of air intake as without it on the end of my snorkel.

    TT at URI
    Jamestown, R.I.


  • 3/1/2017 Great for Beginners!

    5 Review stars By Ariel H.

    I have never used a snorkel before and when I bought my Finis snorkel without a purge valve, I was sad that I wouldn't get to use it because I just couldn't get the hang of it. But as soon as I bought this cheap attachment, I can do everything I need to do, even flip turns!

    Ariel H.
    Denison, TX

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 2/7/2017 Works great!

    5 Review stars By Shaun

    I have both the dry top and the cardio cap! I love them both. Not a single problem with either one. I used the hot water to fit the dry top on and went out to the pool and used it!!


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 11/18/2016 Too hard to breath with it on

    4 Review stars By LauraBelle

    I had a great deal of trouble breathing with it on. I know that it would make my breathing stronger if I continued to use it, but it took all of the joy away from swimming because I had to struggle so much. It is well made and it fit the snorkel well after using the hot water to soften both.

    Dallas, TX


  • 9/10/2016 Incredible aid

    5 Review stars By KenH1

    As explained in my Swim Snorkel review, I am using this to help build my breathing confidence in the pool.
    By knowing that the water will not get into my lungs, sure takes a lot of fear away and allows me to relax and REALLY enjoy learning to swim.
    I have been caught swimming with my head too low and gotten a splash of water into the snorkel, but as instructed (and keeping the grim reaper at bay), I raised my face up a bit, but not out of the water and gave a huge exhale and the water was blown out of the catch area and back up the snorkel tube back into the pool and it NEVER even entered my mouth. I did not stop swimming and or die!!

    Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia Canada


  • 10/11/2015 Works as described

    5 Review stars By Jason

    Works as described



  • 10/11/2015 Works as designed

    5 Review stars By Jason

    Works great!



  • 9/21/2015 Be a Submarine

    4 Review stars By Tim

    This thing mostly works.  Sometimes it doesn't.  Sometimes when you want to breathe, it is in "stop water mode". but over all it is a help as I learn to swim with my monofin.

    Cincy OHIO


  • 9/20/2015 Works Well

    5 Review stars By Rich

    It does keep the water out.  If this is important to you then it is cost effective.  I think it was a little pricy.  However, I would get it again.

    Clermont, Florida


  • 8/3/2015 FINIS snorkel and dry top

    5 Review stars By FXB

    Have neck issues and therapist recommended.  NEVER snorkeled before.  Swam a mile the first time I used.  

    Stafford, VA


  • 3/2/2015 Works perfect

    5 Review stars By Danny Duran

    Works the lung muscles and i do recommend this adapter.

    Danny Duran
    San Diego, CA


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