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FINIS Rapid Monofin Swim Fins

FINIS Rapid Monofin Swim Fins Reviews

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3.5 star rating (41 Reviews)

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  • 6/26/2013 How strong are you?

    5 Review stars By suzanne l.

    I can swim, thanks to technique and a swim snorkel. But I'm not strong enough to make large movements with the monofin. Others have used my monofin and swim 25 yards under water with one breath. I use two breaths and struggle if I try to move a lot of water. The key to success (for me) is tiny movements: fin up, fin down. Tiny strokes. Then I take one breath per 25 yards. Is the monofin fun? A blast.

    suzanne l.
    la jolla, CA


  • 7/16/2014 Great for dolphin kickers

    5 Review stars By Perry the platypus

    I love this monofin. I've been swimming and swimming competitively for over 10 years but I've never used one but I am a butterfly and underwater dolphin kick addict so when I saw this I was very excited. Although it takes a little getting used to it's awesome to use and just alot of fun and well worth the money if you enjoy swimming like a dolphin.

    Perry the platypus


  • 5/22/2014 It Is Gonna Be Good About My Monofins.

    5 Review stars By Martarrious K.

    I Love To Wear My Monofins So I Can Go Swimming.

    Martarrious K.
    Memphis, TN


  • 5/1/2014 great fin!!!

    5 Review stars By Kayla G.

    Over all this fin is comfortable to swim in, it doesn't rub, the straps don't fall off! Super great fin! I LOVE IT!!!

    Kayla G.
    Phoenix, AZ


  • 2/20/2013 Finis Rapid Monofin

    5 Review stars By Harry

    Great for toning core muscles



  • 4/25/2017 Lots of fun

    5 Review stars By Kitti

    We really like the FINIS Rapid Monofin. Its a lot bigger then we thought it would be. Its a lot of fun and everyone from my husband to my 11 yr old nephew enjoys it.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • 12/20/2016 Me likey!

    5 Review stars By Merman Greg

    I love these! I highly recommend! Only thing- keep it clean, wash after use in chlorinated pools, and also DONT keep it in your hot car all day!

    Merman Greg
    San Diego, Ca


  • 7/27/2015 Awesome!!!!

    5 Review stars By Michaela

    I love it!!!! Thank you!!!



  • 6/3/2015 Finis Rapid Monofin

    5 Review stars By John Campbell

    Excellent service a quality.

    John Campbell
    Palm Springs, CA


  • 1/11/2015 Awesome!

    5 Review stars By Jamaicababy

    Great product. True to fit. Can't wait to try it out.

    Amherstburg, Ontario


  • 4/21/2011 This is the best

    5 Review stars By Mary W.

    If your looking to expand your workout. This monofin does the trick. It really helps with body position and speed. Plus it gives my legs a great workout and it's fun. Just make sure your feet don't move. Great product.

    Mary W.
    Unionville, CT


  • 1/5/2011 focused exercise

    5 Review stars By td

    I came late to swimming as a triathlete and a slow swimmer. The monofin forces one to move abdominal and leg muscles like no other devices . The Rapid took me a few trials at the pool before I get more comfortable with it. An hour with the fin gave me the leg fatigue that I have not experienced with swimming. The fatigue felt mostly in the hips, buttocks and leg muscles ( from the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, all the way down to the tiny muscles in the feet ). Running hill and climbing on the bike get a bit easier, I noticed after a few weeks of constant use. Cons : very small footbed despite what the ad says . My shoes size is 8 1/2 and it feels tight. I don't know how a 13 would be able to fit into this fin. I absolutely love this fin and just have to give away my bipedal fins now.

    Pacific Palisades, CA


  • 2/18/2010 WOW, I love the swim

    5 Review stars By Tanya L W.

    I have been using my mono fin for just over a week now and I love it. Talk about doing the dolphin kick not just on you tummy but on your sides and even your back. Such an aerobic work out I have never experienced! Before I used to go and swim 9 laps that took twenty minutes. Now I just swim sometimes for a whole hour at a time! Thank you thank you thank you to the instructor who told me about this awesome exercise! There is nothing negative I can say. At first I thought you had to wear socks but that is not so. Go For It! SWIM!!!

    Tanya L W.
    Norfolk, VA


  • 12/27/2009 FABULOUS

    5 Review stars By Ellen the mermaid

    I bought several monofins lately as part of a larger swim fitness program I'm developing. My friends thoroughly enjoy the monofin. It's so much fun in the pool. Can't wait to try it in the ocean! I believe this is the best body toning and weight loss tool available!

    Ellen the mermaid
    Santa Fe, NM


  • 8/26/2009 Wonderful Monofin!

    5 Review stars By Jolene

    I replaced a smaller fin with this one and the results are great! I swim primarily in a lake, will have to wait until I can report on ocean swimming. This fin is fabulous! The straps tighten with a ratcheting mechanism and don't slip off your heels or loosen while swimming and the strap has a stop on the end so it won't come completely out. The quick release on the sides is handy and easy to use. And it floats... it'll stay just below the surface, but you won't lose it to the depths should it get away from you. An WOW! Does this thing move you through the water! I LOVE IT! No cons, all pros. Highly recommended.

    New Jersey


  • 7/4/2009 very good product

    5 Review stars By Elisabeth H.

    very strong and sturdy, i like this product alot, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a monofin!

    Elisabeth H.
    Yreka, CA


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