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FINIS Rapid Monofin Swim Fins

FINIS Rapid Monofin Swim Fins Reviews

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3.5 star rating (41 Reviews)

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  • 10/6/2012 Great ab work along with kicks

    4 Review stars By Mic

    In addition to getting the kicks stronger, the kids say that the fin also works the abs. Not good for flat footed swimmer and would like to have one that fits the smaller foot of the girls. Size ranges from men's 9 - 13.

    Corpus Christi, Tx


  • 11/29/2016 Enjoyable, practical

    4 Review stars By Berk Secen

    I started swimming with this monofin without any knowledge and experience in dolphin kick or monofin swim. It is comfortable for beginners and really practical to put on/off if there is a cramp. After 14 days usage, made 4-5 hours practice a day, I totally learned how to move and then this brought a lot fun. I like it's performance especially in deep water rather than sea level. It's color is attractive under water, especially when you dive to deeper sea levels. It takes a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it is not durable, since my left boot teared of after 15 days usage. But customer service changed my monofin with a new one.
    I can not wait to try again next summer.

    I have a few posts with my monofin, if you are eager to see its performance/looking.

    Berk Secen
    Ankara, Turkey


  • 12/30/2010 rapid monofin

    4 Review stars By marc h.

    The fin as a concept works great - in a pool, I can go a full length of the pool using just the fin. Other swim strokes are a bit challenging, but that's why I got it - muscle confusion. I definitly felt results in my core & legs everytime so far. It DOES work great for the Butterfly, as its supposed to, but surprisingly well on the surface. The only negative I can say is that the foot pockets are a bit uncomfortable for my size 11 feet, which are not excessively wide. I think the most comfy fit would be for a size 9 or 10. Other than that, no problems; outstanding idea & product. Marc H.

    marc h.
    dallas, TX


  • 10/22/2009 Best training & fitness device ever

    4 Review stars By Alan Myers

    I've been considering this tool for some time. I'm so glad to have it as part of my new swim training / fitness routine. Having a bad back, the monofin makes one move differently but such that it stretches and flexes the vertebrae as to improve my posture in just 2 weeks. In combination with a new routine the use of the monofin rounds out or rather balances the swimming workout. It seems well made and is certainly designed well. My only reservation and the reason I can't give it all 5 stars is that there is evidence of premature wear in just 2 weeks, so I must early on question the durability of the monfin. Other fins I use for either training or scuba diving have not shown this early indication of wear. I enjoy the monofin very much and is an important part of my daily training. I'll just have to wait and see how well it wears.

    Alan Myers
    Miami, Florida


  • 4/8/2017 I love it, but there is just one problem...

    4 Review stars By Jordan

    I absolutely love it! Haven't used it in water yet but I have always wanted one! The only problem is... I wish it had a little more room for my wider than normal feet. My feet feel smoshed, so I used the foot things to stretch it out a bit more! Anyways good product!



  • 2/18/2017 Training review

    4 Review stars By Angelo Baca

    I happen to enjoy it. It does what it is supposed to and makes you work through technique for butterfly. Like all fins it forces you to put in more effort otherwise the weight will drag you down. I shared it with my teammates and it fit the ladies with size 6 feet and the men with size 12 feet. We have all had some fun with it. I have used it for training sets as well (I am on a collegiate club team and sometimes train with division swimmers).

    Takes like 4 uses to break in and feel more comfortable but I enjoy it. Worth the buy

    Angelo Baca
    Boulder CO


  • 5/17/2011 Mermaid in the making.

    4 Review stars By Jemsika Mirabito

    very first time using this.. was a task. I am now getting the hang of them. as far as the width for the foot pocket, might want a little bit more give. But of course I have to break them in. I noticed it is definitely easier in deeper waters. Once you get the hang of it.. you'll be a mermaid in no time. truly my only suggestion is that they trim down the size of the fin a little bit. If you don't have experience they will float upwards. With these on, I lay 8 ft long. Other than that. I am satisfied.

    Jemsika Mirabito
    Bronx, NY


  • 2/10/2011 fun for something different

    4 Review stars By Heather M. V.

    Fits great (I wear a women's size 10 shoe), but I have only used it for swimming 5 to 10 laps per session so far... might cause some rubbing if used for an entire workout. Originally, I thought I would use it mostly with a kick board, but it is a lot more fun to swim with when completely underwater. It is a lot more difficult and awkward than I thought it would be, but I have only used it a handful of times so far. Only con would be that you cant use it while sharing a lane because it is quite large. As a side note, there is a site on youtube that shows how to make a mermaid bottom swimsuit to wear over your monofin... looks pretty fun.

    Heather M. V.
    Arroyo Grande, CA


  • 9/23/2010 Monofin (whale tail)

    4 Review stars By Mr. Ed

    I recvd this fin 3 weeks ago and use it 3x a week. And man, oh man!! What a work out! Initially, it took a little time to get use to this fin ie: putting it on my feet in the water, but now I have aerhod and I take off. Now I know the sensation of plowing thruogh the water like a whale! It just feels wonderful! Plus the workout is awesome. No more low back pain and tighter abs. I've already lost an inch off my waist. Great product!

    Mr. Ed
    Bixby, Oklahoma


  • 5/1/2009 Fun product!

    4 Review stars By Ellis Winston

    I bought this to have fun and work on my dolphin kick/butterfly stroke. This fin amplifies the power of your dolphin kick and in doing so helps train your body to do the dolphin more effectively sans monofin; I have definitely improved. I did find the material to be a bit stiff, but perhaps it will soften over time. You can also buy some sort of monofin aqua socks to minimize strain/friction on your feet, but I have yet to experience these special socks. You can gain some impressive momentum with this item (my goal is to swim with dolphins), but given the amount of water you are moving with each kick, there is significantly more pressure on your legs and I have cramped given the additional strain - I imagine this will wain with more training. Overall, I am very pleased with this purchase - lotso fun.

    Ellis Winston
    Berkeley, CA


  • 3/22/2009 That's good stuff

    4 Review stars By Roger

    This fin provides a good workout. It doesn't make you fast straight out of the box, though, there is definitely a learning curve that comes with it. The floatation of the mono fin is nice but not neccessary. I would recommend this product to others not because it helps your dolphin kick but because it is neat to use. Swim outlet carries the best Finis monofin Rapid if you are shopping around.

    Westminster, CO


  • 2/7/2009 Finis Rapid Monofin

    4 Review stars By Winter

    As a coach I use this fin in two ways. First as a training tool to build strength and endurance. Second to help teach older swimers kicking technique. The fin helps with the bending of the leg and whipping action in both a flutter and dolphin kick. With my water polo golies, we use it to help build leg strength. The only problem is in putting on the fins, this is a bit awkward. Sitting on the dwck putting on the fins seems to be the fastest way. Except fot this I will be buying more of these fins for my teams.

    Simi Valley Ca.


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