Clif Shot Bloks (18 Pack) Reviews
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Clif Shot Bloks (18 Pack)

Clif Shot Bloks (18 Pack) Reviews

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5 star rating (16 Reviews)

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  • 8/26/2013 The best

    5 Review stars By linfa

    I am a marathon runner with weak stomach. After trying so many different options, I finally found the one. Bloks doesn't upset my stomach , and keep me going. Highly recommend it.

    Germantown, MD


  • 3/19/2013 Love these!!

    5 Review stars By LuRuns215

    So easy to eat while Im biking or running. Taste great, give me perfect energy without the shakes like drinks do. Just wish they would sell a variety box of flavors.

    Philadelphia, PA


  • 5/31/2014 Great product to boost energy

    5 Review stars By Erik Anestad

    An excellent product to boost energy and blood sugar when the sugar intake needs to moderated. Triberry is my favorite.

    Erik Anestad


  • 9/30/2013 Love it!

    5 Review stars By Karin U.

    I love it so much we have 3 different tastes at home now. :) My running and my mood have improved since I run with bloks. One before start and every 20 mins one more. Always with water.

    Karin U.
    Ridgecrest, CA


  • 9/12/2013 This changed my (running) life!

    5 Review stars By Karin U.

    To run 10 miles + I eat one block before, 1 after 1/3 or the run and 1 after 2/3 and I drink enough water I improved my speed and my mood! AMAZING! They are much easier to dose and eat than the sticky GU and they taste just like a soft natural gummy bear, but not too sweet.
    I LOVE IT! Oh, my favorite so far: Tropical Punch :)

    Karin U.
    Ridgecrest, CA


  • 8/8/2013 Great

    5 Review stars By CJ

    I use Clif Shot Blocks when I run, especially long distances.  Also, since I usually run in the morning before breakfast, I eat some Clif Shot Blocks before I run.  They are easy to eat while running and do not give me side cramps.  I like to buy them in bulk since individual packs can be pricy and had the best price.

    Minneapolis, MN


  • 7/18/2013 Good Energy Supplement for active sports!

    5 Review stars By Andy

    Works Great !

    Forest, VA


  • 4/1/2013 Perfect energy chewable

    5 Review stars By salasman

    These are great because they provide a decent shot of sugar and electrolytes per chew.  More importantly to me, these do not stick to your teeth and are not overly sweet.  Good stuff!

    sugar land, tx


  • 3/28/2013 Shot Bloks

    5 Review stars By Heather

    My friend and I are into running and have been training for a Half Marathon.  We were trying different things and found the Gatorade chews and then she came across these Shot Bloks and we LOVE them.  We get the caffiene Black Cherry ones and I know I feel great as I run and can keep feeling energized and push myself to keep on going no matter what my legs are telling me!

    Franklin, PA


  • 3/4/2013 Best Stuff Ever!

    5 Review stars By LuLuRunsDE

    I love these. I cannot handle energy drinks, etc. These give me a perfect boost of enegry for my work outs and runs. All the flavors taste great. They are like giant gummy bears of energy. I love that I can buy them from this site in Bulk. I have all my friends hooked!

    Wilmington, DE


  • 2/27/2013 Great for Mountain Bike Racing & Afghanistan

    5 Review stars By Not-fishing

    The boy and I share a pack before the race to give us a little boost for our 1 hour of suffering and at 60 you really suffer.

    My other son and his buddies used them with great results when he was on watch as a Marine in Afghanistan.  I "care packaged" them a few cases.  It really helped keep them awake on those 2-4 am watches for Taliban attacks.  Shot Blocks were coveted at the outpost in Sangin Valley.

    Folsom, Ca


  • 1/11/2013 Great pick me up

    4 Review stars By Schusts

    I play basketball 3 mornings a week at 5:45a and these are always a helpful little boost right before I get started.  They are pretty tasty too.

    Charlotte, NC


  • 10/10/2012 Great Product

    5 Review stars By wiestp

    I used to use Clif bars but have found these to be easier to chew and swallow when you are in the middle of a long bike ride. Have tried two different flavors and both have been great. Only thing difficult is opening the package. It is impossible to open the package when you are in the middle of the ride so as long as you open the package before you start the ride it becomes a non-issue.

    Oviedo, FL


  • 9/13/2012 Great alternative

    5 Review stars By JR

    The advantage of the bloks over gel is that it's not messy - no potential sticky leaks. Tastes good.

    Pasadena, CA


  • 7/26/2012 good but hard to chew while running

    4 Review stars By Dan

    We found this product worked best if you take 3 every 30-45 minutes. Every once in a while they would upset our stomach but the longer we waited into the activity the less this happened. They are a great source of energy and carbs on long and medium distance runs. The thing I had a hard time with was chewing the shot bloks while trying to run. It's hard to chew and keep your breathing pattern. Other then that they seem like a great product.



  • 3/19/2012 Good Shots

    5 Review stars By barbara f.

    I have hypoglycemia, and when my blood sugar runs low from exercising, I need extra energy to keep me from passing out.  Shot Blocks do the trick.  The mountain berry is one of my favorite flavors, alhough strawberry is good too.

    barbara f.
    santa rosa, CA


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