BodyGlide Anti Blister and Chafing Stick 2.5 oz Reviews
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BodyGlide Anti Blister and Chafing Stick 2.5 oz

BodyGlide Anti Blister and Chafing Stick 2.5 oz Reviews

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5 star rating (20 Reviews)

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  • 7/26/2013 Very good product

    4 Review stars By Vonhanep

    Very effective at preventing blisters on my feet from walking an average of ten miles per day. Surprisingly, however, not as effective in preventing rashes in the groin area as is talc powder, so that's why four stars instead of five. Also of concern is the wasted product, given how expensive each roll is, that is at the end of each unit; as you twist the dispenser ring and the product rises up as it is being used, you will reach a point where there is about a 1/8 inch piece left, but the holder will fall out of the main section when you try to raise that bit to a usable level.

    Dallas, TX


  • 3/17/2013 Recommend by a friend

    4 Review stars By Sheila

    Another swimmer recommended this product for chaffing. When I apply it, I hardly feel any product on my skin, but it works!

    Daly City, CA


  • 8/9/2010 Can't live without it!

    5 Review stars By swim mom

    I originally bought two tubes for my swimmers, but tried it out myself for chafing after long distance running in the humid Texas weather. Phenomenal results!! Applied beforehand, chafing does not occur. Even when I forget, if applied mid-course or afterward it eases the discomfort immensely. Can't live without it for my runs now.

    swim mom
    SW TX


  • 12/19/2009 Always a Happy Ending!

    5 Review stars By booblies

    When I was in HS I had problems with chaffing and being a jock I wish I had encountered something like this back in the 80's but fast forward to the now, It doesn't get any better than this! Bodyglide will keep you gliding.



  • 7/12/2013 Works Perfectly

    5 Review stars By Horns-OC

    Works Ever time

    Orange COunty CA


  • 3/29/2013 perfect product

    5 Review stars By JJ

    excellent product

    pigeon forge


  • 3/2/2013 Body Glide

    5 Review stars By Becca

    Two places:  Back of my arms when Im wearing a tank top and on my ankles where my shoe rubs my sock - my runs are seemless since I have started using this!

    Alexandria, MN


  • 3/19/2012 This Stuff Really Works

    5 Review stars By Runner

    I bought the product because I had issues with my nipples rubbing as well as between my legs sometimes and on my side sometimes. I have ran a marathon and half marathon with this product and I didn't have any issues.

    Richmond, VA


  • 3/19/2012 Wow! Amazing stuff!

    5 Review stars By Mr. JT

    Best...stuff...ever!! I have tried SO many products in so many years and none of them will ever compare to this one!  I am SO glad I bought these! I get chaffing a lot and normally it would be where I would walk around a lot like Cedar Point.  Whenever I get chaffing, I would put this stuff on and the pain would almost instantly disappear! And I could walk and there was no more pain.  If I knew I was going to walk or run for a long time, I would put this on and I never got all.  I will live by this product until I die as long as they keep making it!! It really is the best stuff ever!!  Thank you!!

    Mr. JT
    NW Ohio


  • 9/23/2010 Great stuff!!!

    5 Review stars By Mac

    Works great. No mess goes on easy. Stays on. Will not stain.

    White Cloud, MI


  • 6/15/2010 Great Stuff

    5 Review stars By Edward M.

    Great for chaffing! It works better if you apply it when you are dry.  I use it for running and swimming.

    Edward M.
    San Juan Capistrano, CA


  • 2/20/2010 Fast Problems..easy

    5 Review stars By CURT


    Waterford, MI


  • 2/4/2010 Good Stuff

    5 Review stars By Robert B.

    This is my first winter open water swimming in Lake Mead with a wetsuit.  My first couple of times the wetsuit created a knarley abrasion on the right side of my neck.  So, someone told me of this stuff for a variety of applications and it really works.  I did learn to apply generous/copious amounts as I am in the water for 1-2 hours and need a good base coating.

    Robert B.
    Las Vegas, NV


  • 2/3/2010 BodyGlide...Don't leave home without it!

    5 Review stars By Powerange

    Anyone who exercises for more than 45 minutes NEEDS BodyGlide...chafing "injuries" in all the wrong places are pure bummers!

    Chapel Hill, NC


  • 1/28/2010 anti blister

    4 Review stars By jaci u.

    i have a real blister condition on my toes and this seems to help. next season i will use it pre-entering and see if i do not get the blisters, or at least not as bad.

    jaci u.
    hicksville, OH


  • 1/24/2010 stops chafing

    5 Review stars By Val

    I ride a mountain bike and this has stopped the chafing I used to get. Now my rides are MUCH more comfortable, no chafing in the groin area any more. (it would probably help if I lost 20 pounds, but that's not happening!) I order 4 sticks at a time and they will last me over a year.  Highly recommended!!

    Ocala, Fl.


  • 8/11/2009 Good Stuff

    5 Review stars By lake swimmer

    I am so amazed with this product. I was expereincing serious chaffing from my Wet suit and used this. After two hours in  a lake not one chaff mark.  I also use it when I run between my thighs and under my Sprots Bra.  It really works and will last quite a long time.

    lake swimmer
    Warren, PA


  • 8/5/2009 Chaffing under control

    5 Review stars By Connie O.

    Both retailers where we bought this product went out of business. I was delighted to find it at SwimOutlet. We have used this for years and it's a basic ingredient of our workout plan-especially when training for a marathon! A must have for us.

    Connie O.
    Junction City, OR


  • 4/20/2009 Great Product!

    5 Review stars By adpeth

    Don't workout without it!!

    Houston, Texas


  • 4/7/2009 Great Stuff

    5 Review stars By Stephen D.

    Use it from your arm pits to your feet and anywhere in between.  Stuff works great!

    Stephen D.
    Crestview, FL


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