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BodyGlide Anti-Blister & Chafing Stick 1.3oz

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When your skin hurts because of friction, use BodyGlide to effectively protect and heal your skin. This unique non-greasy, non-messy, and petroleum-free formula is designed for pure comfort. Its all natural ingredients are enriched with aloe and vitamin E to provide your skin with nature's soothing healing powers. You can rely on BodyGlide for sports & outdoor, on the job, and everyday purposes.

BodyGlide creates a soft, comfortable greaseless barrier to help protect your skin. It is uniquely resistant to water and perspiration even as it allows your skin to breathe and perspiration to escape. It is made of specially selected plant-derived waxes that naturally penetrate and moisturize your skin - without any oils, grease or mess.

• Easy to apply
• Semi-solid that comes in a twist-up tube
• Glides on where you need it - and stays where you put it
• No more: dryness, cracking of heels or elbows, chafing, hot spots under your feet, blisters, rashes, ideal in extreme weather and humidity
• 1.3oz

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  • 4.5 star rating (11 Reviews)

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  • rating star
    By from
    on 4/11/2010

    This works like everyone says it does.  I also like TriSwim TriSlide.  It sprays on and is really slick for pulling clothes on and off.  I use both.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 7/28/2013

    I had been horseback riding all day and was due to go again the next day. I was so raw ( and bleeding) that I did not think I could do it, but a person who was riding with us had some GLIDE.  I used it and it was like a miracle.  I rode all day and never felt a tthing.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 4/10/2013

    This stuff really works well on feet.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 10/18/2010

    It works!  Now my son isn't complaining that his fins rub against his skin.  He even commented that after two hours of practice, it doesn't wear out.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 8/31/2010

    it has a solid reputation for a reason- it works, and very well.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 7/7/2010

    I have epidermolysis bullosa and have used this product for several years.  It can be hard to find but I have not found anything better to prevent blisters and wearing away of my skin.  It amzes me that I cannot find it in any drugstore or sports shop.  Also, while the shipping cost was a bit steep, the cost of the cream itself was very reasonaable.  Marlene Eubanks-- long term (72yrs) sufferer of EB.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 5/2/2010

    I use body glide to prevent blisters on my feet and chafing in other areas.  It's a quality product that has never failed me.  I recommend it to all my friends.

  • rating star
    By from
    on 7/24/2009

    Made a huge difference on places that normally chafe.  I used it during a tri and it was great.  I could have used this product in a previous marathon!

  • rating star
    By from
    on 7/11/2009

    the only problem is that it leave a residue on the suit

  • rating star
    By from
    on 3/2/2009

    My daughter had a problem with her racing suits chafing under the arms.  We tried all brands of suits, to no avail.  In desperation, I chatted online with one of Swim Outlet's Customer Service reps who suggested that I try Body Glide.  

    Not only did it solve the chafing problem, but  she can now wear any of her old suits with no problem whatsoever.  Thanks so much, Body Glide and Swim Outlet!



BodyGlide's™ products incorporate skin-friendly and natural ingredients which are not harmful, damaging or greasy when applied. Since the mid-1990s, BodyGlide products have successfully provided an alternative for applying petroleum when putting on a wetsuit in order to avoid chafing. Modern consumers are increasingly concerned with eco-friendly products and BodyGlide is committed to not testing its products on animals. Its non-greasy, non-messy formula enables easy application and is ideal for hot and humid weather.