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Bettertimes Hydro Kickboard

Bettertimes Hydro Kickboard Reviews

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4.5 star rating (55 Reviews)

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  • 8/10/2020 Super nice!

    5 Review stars By lady.m

    Great kickboard! beautiful in black! Great Product!



  • 6/17/2020 Kickboard

    3 Review stars By Margie

    Love the color, but in my opinion this board does not perform well for adult use.

    DALLAS, Tx


  • 1/15/2020 Kickboard

    5 Review stars By J

    Seems a little small. Love the color

    Ferndale Mi


  • 11/9/2019 Solid Board

    5 Review stars By kikininja613

    Been using this board regularly at practice. Has been holding up well so far. It doesn't bend but has slight flexibility in the water. Very solid board.

    Austin, TX


  • 9/13/2019 Kickboard

    5 Review stars By Kid doge 0111

    I am happy I found this because I was searching for a while. This kick board is very nice. My friends and I have been using them since before I could remember because they last so long. I just lost mine so I came back to get a new one. It is the best material for a kick board unlike very light foam. Great kick board and lasts a long time .

    Kid doge 0111


  • 6/25/2016 This is the kickboard you want

    5 Review stars By Kerri P.

    I wanted to get a kickboard like the kind that I used when I was on a swim team back in the day. Other kickboards that I bought were the kind that are soft and bendy, and you can't put your full weight on them or you get submerged. This is the one that I've been looking for! Just like the ones I always swam with, the hard kind that float. Slightly smaller then the ones that I had used in the past, but that is better since I have to commute with it on the train. For the price, it can't be beat.

    Kerri P.
    Washington, DC


  • 2/25/2014 great kickboard

    5 Review stars By Inez R.

    am enjoying using product

    Inez R.
    Washington, DC


  • 6/10/2018 Great Kickboard!

    4 Review stars By Emma Merkel

    This is the perfect size for my swim bag. I was worried that it was going to be made out of a weird material but, this is sturdy and perfect. I would highly recommend.

    Emma Merkel
    Grand Rapids, Michigan


  • 3/10/2016 Firm kick board

    4 Review stars By Pescita

    This kick board is similar to the kick boards I remember using on swim team, really firm and water resistant. I was worried about the length but I have short arms, so the length was perfect for me.

    Minneapolis, MN


  • 12/12/2015 Best Kickboard For Swim Practice

    5 Review stars By Keykey

    The Bettertimes Hydro Kickboard is a good kickboard. I was looking for a long kickboard that would be good for a tall swimmer and this is it. It provided the best quality in the size, color, as well as the texture that was needed for the kickboard. If you are looking for a sleek board (hard plastic) that has a hard cover this is the one.

    Warner Robins, GA


  • 12/7/2015 What I was looking for

    5 Review stars By St. Paul, MN

    The kickboard is a little smaller than I am used to, but that means it fits in my bag better and the stiff water resistant feel was what I was looking for.

    St. Paul, MN
    St. Paul, MN


  • 10/22/2015 Kick board

    5 Review stars By Jlrcoats

    Nice item was what I wanted.



  • 10/6/2015 Finally Bought a Kickboard!

    4 Review stars By Anette

    I wanted a smallish kickboard that was easy to carry to the car for the drive to the local sports club pool. This one is smaller than the gym-owned ones I've been sharing, but it does the job. It's clean and bright yellow and MINE!

    Norristown, PA


  • 10/5/2015 kickboard

    5 Review stars By Kim

    Seems be an excellent little board.

    Akron, OH


  • 8/27/2015 Amazing super durable kickboard for all ages that lasts!!!

    5 Review stars By Karla F.

    We purchased about 70 of these for our swim team ages 4-18 back in 2012 and 4 years later they are still going strong. They have not worn out and still look brand new. Considering they go through 180 kids for 10 weeks each year for 5 hours a day, every day, they hold up to a major workout. I would get these again in a heartbeat. They are amazing and work great for our little kids as well as our high school big kids!

    Karla F.
    Katy, TX


  • 8/16/2015 Strong and sturdy

    5 Review stars By Love2Swim

    Hard style kick board.

    Tucson, AZ


  • 7/1/2015 Hydro kickboard

    5 Review stars By costach9

    Very useful for those recovering from an illness and those easily fatigued. Very helpful in regaining strength.

    Fayetteville, AR


  • 6/8/2015 Perfect size

    5 Review stars By Swimmermama

    This kickboard is a nice, stiff kickboard with a foam core. It measures exactly as described, so the low ratings for size are unwarranted - it's not misrepresented. Some pools use a board that's a little longer, and perhaps a little wider.
    I've purchased both the red and the green, and both were exactly as expected.



  • 8/28/2014 Quality Kickboard

    5 Review stars By Patricia

    I use it everyday when I swim laps. works perfect ....good quality!

    Pahrump, NV


  • 2/23/2014 Kickboard review

    4 Review stars By Elizabeth S.

    While recovering from a shoulder injury, I am using a kickboard to continue swimming laps. The board could be a little bigger but works just fine. I wish it came in a better color

    Elizabeth S.
    Richmond, VS


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