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Arena Tech Fin Reviews

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  • 2/9/2017 Arena Tech Fin

    1 Review stars By Debbie

    I returned the fins as they were too buoyant and only sat on top of the water.

    Fort Lauderdale, FL


  • 4/27/2012 Was looking for something different in a training fin...

    4 Review stars By FastDogz

    I swim 1-1.5 km three times a week for fitness in addition to waterfit and was specifically looking for something that would help me work differently, adding variety and challenge to my swims and taking some of the workload off my shoulders.

    With that in mind, I wasn't disappointed. These are DEFINITELY different. They are ultra-light - as in floaty and hard to keep your feet under water; while normally you're working your core to keep your legs HIGH, with these, you're working your core to keep your legs DOWN. In doing so, it seems like you need to use a whole different set of muscles.

    I've only had the chance to use them for one swim so far and unlike other fins I've used which were really intuitive, it feels like there must be a learning curve to these, so I think more practice will help. I was moving way slower with these fins than usual (others I normally pass were passing me today!) but felt like I was working harder, and in the end, that's not a bad thing in terms of fitness.

    The added bonus was for sets on my back, finally my legs weren't dragging for a change - yay! Maybe these will help me establish solid body memory.

    I normally wear a women's 9/9.5 and the size 40/41 suggested by SwimOutlet felt rather large, but not uncomfortably so; let's hope they don't stretch, though! No need for a sock at all; they're soft on the foot and comfortable right out of the box with no rub spots anywhere. No strain whatsoever, even with arthritic knees - and no foot/leg cramping at all - a surprise for a new fin.

    One last thought; these are tough to keep up a six beat kick for me; they worked best for me at a four beat kick - an adjustment in itself.

    So, the jury is really still out on the Arena Tech Fins; time and practice will tell if they actually make me a better swimmer or just add much needed variety to my workouts.

    Greater Toronto Area, ON

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 9/1/2011 Wow, exceptional product!

    5 Review stars By Steven L.

    Light weight, very well made!  The power from the fins are extraordinary considering the size. Fits in my gym bag with ease. They are made in Italy and the design is very innovative.  The speed I swim at now is amazing. I think these Arena Tech fins will gain in popularity quickly once they are discovered.  I am really impressed. Very easy to put on, very comfortable, fit perfect. Easy to take off also. Way different from conventional fins that pinch the skin and feels like the circulation is getting cut off. These are very easy to walk in, very space age.

    Steven L.
    EL Prado , NM

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/13/2016 Arena Tech Fin

    3 Review stars By Camerawork

    This is an extremely lightweight fin, great to travel with. I bought them to use in a pool. They were OK, not fabulous but OK when doing a basic flutter kick. But I also like to incorporate a frog kick in my pool workout and these fins do not do that well. I would not use them when snorkeling or diving in the ocean either.They just don't deliver enough kicking power.

    Block Island and San Pedro, Costa Rica

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 8/18/2016 Very small

    3 Review stars By annemarie246

    these fins run very small, the chart indicated I should order a small and I did, they are very tight but it's too much of a hassle to return.  One good thing, in being small, they don't move, so no blisters.

    Ladysmith, VA

    Fit: Feels too small

  • 11/10/2015 Very good quality and lightweight.

    5 Review stars By Alexmv

    This is the second time I buy a pair of these for my son. He is very happy with them.

    Lighthouse Point, FL

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/18/2015 great

    5 Review stars By Renee

    Great fins, use them at the end of my workout to keep going despite being tired!


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/26/2013 Light weight and easy to use

    4 Review stars By El

    Different than other swim fins (smaller) but I think you work you legs more with the smaller fins.  Like the smaller size, easy to fit in work out bag, also very light..

    West Chester, PA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 9/7/2012 Light Weight

    4 Review stars By CTG

    Just the right size and WEIGHT to fit in a carry-on bag for snorkeling.
    Haven't used them yet. Doubt they are as powerful as dive fins but should be better than my toes for shoreline snorkeling.


    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 5/2/2012 A more natural kick....

    3 Review stars By christina s.

    I use these fins sometimes during practice. The shorter fin makes for less power but a more familiar rhythm. Too bad the sizing choice did not show the equivalent to women's sizes: fins are size 7-9 which are too big by about a size for my size 9-10 feet. The fins are a little stiff and the ankle strap is bony and a bit uncomfortable.

    christina s.
    kelowna, BC

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 1/25/2012 it's great!

    4 Review stars By Jeannette S.

    - Pro -
    the design is very cool.  
    - Con -
    sizes run too big for a girl, I ordered the smallest and it was still way too big (my size is 7, I ordered 6-7 and it feels like a 9).  

    - Neutral -
    you´ve got to work harder because they float a lot

    Jeannette S.
    Miami, FL

    Fit: Feels too big

  • 1/23/2012 Fins for swimming

    4 Review stars By James T.

    If you require flexibility in the ankles and or legs, these fit very stiffly. Great for seasoned swimmer, but have very little give or flexibility.

    James T.
    Leesburg, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 10/3/2011 Great workout

    4 Review stars By Nancy M.

    Once I realized I was supposed to wear socks with them they work great. Before that they felt too big and wore blisters on my feet and ankles.

    Nancy M.
    Richmond, VA

    Fit: Feels true to size

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