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Arena Smart Swim Cap

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4.5 star rating (50 Reviews)

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  • 6/28/2011 No More Hair Ties

    4 Review stars By SharkBait

    This cap is all it says...easy on, keeps hair secure w/o ripping, no more hair tiesneeded, nice colors, doesn't squeeze my head too tight. Great video on YouTube. I have hair past my shoulders and swim daily in the ocean and it works like a dream. The only reason I give it 4 stars is due to the price (shouldn't cost that much) and the pink/purple bleeds upon 1st use. FYI: the blueberry is most def a purple not blue.

    San Diego, CA


  • 6/21/2013 Long Hair Rescue!

    4 Review stars By Sara W.

    This cap is perfect for longer hair, easy to use, and now I can avoid the broken pieces caused by wet hairbands pull out my hair!

    Sara W.


  • 4/17/2015 Worksf or me!

    4 Review stars By Va.

    This cap is great and the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I wish it lasted longer, never-the-less I'm now on my second one. Although it is recommended for long hair I have chin to shoulder length hair cut in many layers. I pull what is long back with a ponytail holder, pull the inside part of the cap on like a head band (which catches all the short hair around my face) and pull the outer layer of the cap over my head covering what is left of my crazy hair. There is no hair to have to tuck up inside the cap. So for shorter crazy hair this cap is great! I swim 2500 to 2900 meters 3x's a week. I have a condition where the occipital nerves in the back of my head are damaged and any pressure put around my head causes terrible pain. This cap is snug without being too tight, stays in place, and causes me almost no discomfort. I don't mind that my hair gets wet so that's not an issue for me. I'm sorry the pink is out of stock...would have liked another pink one, but grey works just as well. Great product! Please don't discontinue it!

    Wernersville, PA


  • 11/29/2014 Soft and comfortable for my Occipital Neuralgia condition

    4 Review stars By VMD

    So far so good. I've only had this cap for a few weeks so as always, time will tell. However, with medium length hair and occipital nerve damage which causes a great deal of pain at the back of my head, this cap works well for my needs. It's snug without pulling the hair on my neck and around my temples. It's VERY easy to put on whether I have my hair lose or tied up. It's soft and comfortable on my ultra tender scalp. I wash it with soap and water after each use in an effort to make it last longer as other reviewers have stated it's short life span. If it lasts longer than 6 months I'll give it the fifth star.

    Wernersville PA.


  • 9/20/2014 Good cap for exercise/rec--serious training use is a ?

    4 Review stars By EQB

    I have long hair and before used a combo of hair ties and Lycra caps. I have trouble with other materials pulling my hair. So I tried this one and now bought a backup. No ties. Easy to use , others in the gym covet it and I send them here . Only problem- sometimes during very vigorous training it will begin to slip. It's easy to fix and never comes completely off. It doesn't happen all the time so I have to wonder if I am not quite putting it on right when that happens.
    Bottom line-if you have long hair and are taking a class, doing workout laps, or rec swimming, I highly recommend this cap. If you are a competitor training hard or competing, you likely need something tighter.

    San Francisco, CA


  • 1/27/2018 arena smart swim cap

    4 Review stars By BJ

    I love the design, but its a little snug...making it hard to get on.
    Once you get it on, it is very comfortable.

    Mt Carmel, IL


  • 5/23/2016 Wonderful except water in ears

    4 Review stars By SwimAlong

    This cap is quick to get on, quality fabric, and dries quickly. Only room for improvement is that doesn't cover your ears in a fashion that completely blocks water. Maybe have some kind of rubber built in the side across your ears to keep the water out? Otherwise it is great.

    Baltimore, MD


  • 8/16/2014 not bad

    4 Review stars By kp11

    I read comments here and elsewhere saying the cap is too small. The headband part fits fine and the band on the cap is snug, but I wouldn't call it too tight for me. I consider myself to have a large head for a female and I have thick hair down to the small of my back. All of my hair fit and there were no lumps or bubbles like my latex one. My only complaint is that the cap part will move up your forehead. A rim of silicone on the cap would help it stick better to the headband.



  • 6/13/2013 Could be a little larger but all in all a great cap

    4 Review stars By Chiristina B.

    My 10 year old daughter has tons of long curly hair and loves this cap. She wears it under her mandatory latex team cap. The design makes fitting her hair into a cap a breeze. It could stand be a little larger if you have loads of hair.

    Chiristina B.
    Canal Winchester, OH


  • 4/13/2012 great swim cap, just wish there was a waterproof version

    4 Review stars By RileyKC

    This is a great swim cap that's used by both myself and my three-year old daughter. It does a terrific job of keeping long hair out of your face and is very easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I just wish they made a waterproof version. What I've done with my daughter is to put this cap on her, then put a waterproof one over it (it's much easier to put the silicone cap on over this one than to put in on by itself).

    Alamo, CA


  • 3/22/2012 Great for long hair

    4 Review stars By Ricki S.

    I had tried a few other swim caps to fit my long hair, but could never get them all the way on. This cap is AWESOME! I watched the YouTube video on how to put it on, and I love it. I don't even have to use a hair tie. But, don't buy it expecting it to keep your hair dry. It just keeps your hair out of your face and your goggles in place which was what I was looking for. Overall, it is great!

    Ricki S.
    Lehi, UT


  • 1/17/2012 Awesome Cap

    4 Review stars By Kelly M.

    I was a little worried that this cap wouldn't be big enough as I have a big head and long hair. Thankfully, it JUST fit and has been amazing ever since. It's really easy to put on if you watch the youtube video. I don't have any problems with it slipping while doing laps. It won't keep your hair dry at all, but I usually get it wet and put conditioner on it before swimming anyway. All in all, it's just what I was looking for.

    Kelly M.
    Portage, WI


  • 10/9/2011 Comfy and trendy

    4 Review stars By swimmer

    This cap is very comfy. It keeps my long hair very secure. The fact that it has two colors gives you a trendy look (just like wearing a headband) instead of a bald look that other swimcaps give when you wear it. The only reason I gave it a four star is because of the price. P.S: I got the one in black and grey because it goes with everything!



  • 8/27/2011 Bravo!

    4 Review stars By Pam

    Finally, a cap to hold my hair that is easy to get on!! I didn't understand the instructions that came with it, however; thanks to whoever put the video on showing how to put it on. Its easy once you know how and totally worth the effort. Really an innovative design that makes clips and pony tail holders unnecessary. Can't imagine using a different cap EVER!!

    San Francisco, CA


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