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Arena Pull Kick Pull Buoy Kickboard

Arena Pull Kick Pull Buoy Kickboard Reviews

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4 star rating (17 Reviews)

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  • 9/16/2013 good product

    4 Review stars By sean t.

    looked at the Zogg which was cheaper in cost but heard from others that they did not hold up to well over time. the Arena seem to be very pliable and a good fit for my 9 year old daughter. it would be better if it came in different colors per my daughters request.

    sean t.
    Honolulu, HI


  • 5/29/2012 Hybrid kick board

    4 Review stars By Daniel R.

    I got the hybrid version both because I wanted less in my bag and a more buoyant leg float for pulls. Combining the price of a kick board and leg float it's comparable or cheaper and works better than the other leg floats I've tried. It functions perfectly fine as a kick board with an odd but nice ergonomic design. The material feels softer than other boards though and while its holding up fine in the short term I'm unsure of it's long term durability.

    Daniel R.
    Chesapeake, VA


  • 4/9/2015 Pull/kick board

    5 Review stars By Cheryl

    This a great dual purpose pull buoy and kick board in one. I joined a gym that has a pool but they don't supply kick boards or pull buoys. This is small enough to fit in a swim bag or suitcase, yet, big enough to make it work. I would recommend this product.



  • 4/11/2012 Best

    5 Review stars By CoachAndrew

    Most flat boards allow too much buoyancy creating bad habits and straining shoulders. This board not only allows more holding positions due to its incredibly ergonomic shape (more so than the streamline board) but it can make you work harder/smarter. Additionally, most pull buoys create drag as a result of its flat edge. The rounded ends on this one make it almost disappear and is easier for kids to hold on to especially when doing flip turns. If only they made a kids size....

    Reston, Va


  • 4/7/2012 Nifty new toy

    4 Review stars By justmel

    Pro: Fits nicely in gymbag Pro: Provides a lot of floatation - feel like I am wearing my tri wetsuit, really gets me up on top of the water to work on my pull Con: Provides a lot of floatation - when used as a pull bouy, it is almost too much floation :) Pro: comfortable for long kick sets Pro: easy to 'steer' if you are using it for side-lying kick drills

    Woodinville, WA


  • 11/28/2011 Awesome!

    5 Review stars By tjdavis43

    This works great and is so much better than carrying both a pull buoy and a kick board to the pool!

    Alhambra, CA


  • 8/18/2020 Mind-boggling inferior product

    1 Review stars By Jeffrey

    Not good was the only selection to describe this mind-boggling inferior product! It baffles me how an athlete most likely had to test this out and give his/her assessment before Arena put in out on the market. Buy this product if :

    1. you love to squeeze the pull buoy like you're doing a concentrated groin workout.
    2. you love it constantly moving around your legs so you have to adjust every minute.
    3. you love the feeling of the end knobs ramming into your male parts.
    4. you love wasting $40 for something that you'll just end up spending $20 to get a proper fitted pull buoy to substitute.

    Save your money. you're welcome.

    Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


  • 1/26/2018 Exceeded Expectations

    5 Review stars By MG

    After Rotator Cuff Surgery, I was eager to get back into the pool. This kick board was just the ticket for eliminating my arms till after therapy. Don’t be hesitant as I was, the shape and multi use is great!

    Pittsburgh Pa


  • 5/11/2014 A must have on anyone's swim bag.

    5 Review stars By Bobby M

    Ergonomically design, light weight, and fits easily inside my swim bag. I often use it as a pull buoy vice a kick board. Convenient and easy to use. Highly recommended!

    Bobby M
    Yokosuka, Japan


  • 3/12/2014 OK

    4 Review stars By F. S.

    It is small and packs neatly in the bag. Good for pull and kick. However, it could use a little higher buoyancy for kick use, thus the 4star. Perfect for daily use when you want your own.

    F. S.


  • 6/15/2012 Poor quality

    1 Review stars By Carlo

    flimsy, I didn't really like it. It should be a little more resistant.



  • 3/22/2012 Durable!

    5 Review stars By Marko

    When I got it, the first impression was that it's going to brake first time I use it, because it is very light weight and appear like you can bend it. But after a few weeks, it's same as new, and hopefully it's gonna last forever. I swim few times a week, recreational base.

    Atlanta, GA


  • 5/13/2011 Pullkick

    4 Review stars By Renee

    I really like this product because now i dont have to carry around a pull- and kickboard just the "pullkick" that make everything very easy.



  • 10/18/2020 PRETTY GOOD

    5 Review stars By CEB

    Works well as kickboard, nice and compact, but a bit too narrow as a pull buoy. I'm thin and need cross ankles so it stays put. Too loose to flip turn with it. I'll probably keep it anyway, but would be leary to recommend it unless you have thighs that touch to hold it in place better.



  • 10/1/2020 Too Flimsy

    2 Review stars By Al Wett

    Item material is not resilient to
    bumps, nicks or even fingernail
    marks. Also too slick and thin to be
    used effectively as a pullboy.
    Adequate for kickboard.

    Al Wett
    Denver, Co


  • 2/14/2020 Not Useful

    1 Review stars By JRB

    Ok as a pull buoy but not useful as a kickboard.

    Amherst, NH


  • 8/4/2019 Perfect Kick Board

    5 Review stars By LL

    I was concerned that it was too small, however it worked very well. I like the small size! I use it almost daily and would recommend.

    Bloomfield Hills, MI


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