AquaJogger X-Cuff Water Weights Reviews
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AquaJogger X-Cuff Water Weights

AquaJogger X-Cuff Water Weights Reviews

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3.5 star rating (42 Reviews)

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  • 10/8/2015 A really good product. I bought some extra cuffs for students in my classes

    5 Review stars By Karen

    My water fitness students -- at various levels of ability -- love the cuffs.  The cuffs on their arms offer increased upper body resistance during class, without students having to hold barbells in their hands.  Overall, it is the favorite piece of equipment that works well for people doing more aerobic workouts and for people who want to just walk in the water and can use the cuffs to swing their arms and get a better workout.

    Columbus, Ohio


  • 3/3/2014 Works great with water Zumba!

    5 Review stars By Hope

    I use the cuffs during water Zumba. They really create more resistance for a better work out. I plan on trying them out on my arms at some point. They go on and off easily. The only thing I don't like is sometimes where they come together,  if not positioned right , is a lil uncomfortable. Overall, I love them!



  • 1/5/2014 Really not much resistance

    1 Review stars By Jim

    For men, if you use it on your lower legs, say goodbye to your leg hair because it will pull all of them out. Might be all right for females but totally useless for men

    Ft. Myers, Fl


  • 9/14/2013 Adds addition resistance to workout.

    5 Review stars By John S.

    I purchase a pair of these for both my ankle and wrists. I used to be a competitive swimmer. I use these with the AquaJogger Belt and Aqua Runners shoes and get a great cardio workout. Item fits well.

    John S.
    Las Vegas, NV


  • 8/2/2013 Jus what I ordered

    4 Review stars By Paul C Barry

    A pair on the arms and another on the legs helps my cardio work-out.

    On the negative side, shipping seemed more expensive, and SLOWER, than the post office. Arrival date slipped.

    Paul C Barry
    Zachary, LA


  • 6/20/2011 Call for measurements before buying

    3 Review stars By RunningSwimmer

    Overall, this is a quality product. However,  I am approximately 50 pounds overweight, and wanted these for running in the pool to help with my continued weight loss.  But , because the straps do not stretch enough (or come in a larger size,), they will not fit comfortably around my ankles. The company would be wise to put suggested ankle measurements that this product will fit in their description. Potential buyers should call customer service to ask what size ankles they can be used on.  Otherwise, I do like how they provide resistance for use on my forearms. .

    Pensacola, Fl


  • 4/4/2017 Too small on ankles, best for wrist

    1 Review stars By Kristin

    Too small on ankles so I put them on a large noodle



  • 6/18/2016 Easy to use

    5 Review stars By DebY

    My hand got cramped trying to hold regular pool floating weights. These work almost as well and do not require using hand strength. I use them together with the webbed gloves.

    Asheville, NC


  • 3/31/2014 Aquajogger x-cuff

    5 Review stars By M

    I use this product in the pool-very good resistance for ankles & hands

    Columbus, Oh


  • 6/15/2013 great

    5 Review stars By Mary Ann M.

    very happy with this purchase

    Mary Ann M.
    CLIFTON PARKClifton Park, NY


  • 4/29/2013 Good overall

    4 Review stars By DJ

    I use the product for walking/jogging in the pool.  The weight (1.5 pounds per leg) is a good place to start for me.  Like the fact that it is foam so easy to carry around.  The only drawback is that it is not quite tight enough on my thin ankles and moves up and down slightly when using them.

    St. Paul, MN


  • 4/10/2013 AquaJogger X-Cuff. Great product

    5 Review stars By Linda S.

    I use these with my aqua exercise routine for developing stronger legs. You can also use them just to walk in the water. Kinder to your body than working out with weights on land. I have thin ankles and this is the only brand that I can use because the design lets me overlap the cuffs. Hence, it covers a wide range of ankle sizes. Other  ankle products only fit larger ankles. This one fits all sizes. If you have really thick ankles, you can always add a rubber bands to extend it wider.
    I've owned it for years, but lost one and had to buy another. So I'm glad they make the same style.

    Linda S.


  • 12/13/2012 X-Cuff

    3 Review stars By Jujoub.

    Was liking the product until I realized the little black pieces were digging into my large ankles.  Ended up taking the cuffs off prior to completion of my workout.

    Waldorf, MD


  • 10/6/2012 Acqua Jogger Ankle Cuffs

    4 Review stars By Zumba Jumper

    I tried these out in my acqua zumba class, as the teacher had a pair for me to try.  They feel a little strange at first, but I think that they really help me to put less impact on my knees.  I can now do all the jumps in class without having knee pain and swelling afterwards.  The ankle cuffs don't keep you from being able to touch the bottom of the pool, so you can still dance your heart out if you want to!  I now have a pair of my own.

    Zumba Jumper
    St. Paul, MN.


  • 7/17/2012 Cuffs seem to do the job

    4 Review stars By Painted Cheeks

    Taking water aerobics for a while, I needed extra resistance to move
    me forward.   These are great.  Using them for plus size ankles were a little too tight in the beginning, but are stretching comfortably.  Use on my
    wrists as well and was surprised at the resistance provided.  Would buy

    Painted Cheeks
    Baton Rouge, LA


  • 6/22/2012 Really like these!

    5 Review stars By Susan

    I use these in my water aerobics class but have only used them a few times. Plan to use them every time so I hope they hold up. Previous ones were held together with Velcro, which did not stand up to the chlorine. I really like this closure system, easy to use and no parts to get lost.

    Farmington, NM


  • 5/15/2012 Good arm gear

    5 Review stars By Tweety

    Useful arm resistance.  Can use on wrist, too.  Good product to have to exercise the arm in addition with the ankle/ foot cuffs!



  • 3/30/2012 great product

    5 Review stars By sue

    Very versatile, they fit my ankles or my wrists, get a much better workout than with the aqua jogger alone. Glad I bought them.

    rochester NY


  • 1/16/2012 Good for a that extra in your water workout.

    4 Review stars By JJC

    I am recovering from a serious knee injury and am limited with what I can do to workout.  These add some resistance for my waterwalking, jogs and crosscountries so that I get a decent workout without hurting myself further.

    Richmond, VA


  • 6/19/2011 Not much resistance

    2 Review stars By Christy

    I use the product in swim aerobics  - I wanted more resistance on my arms.  This product does not add much - also I have small wrists and found the X-cuff to be very big w/o any way to adjust the size.  I am not happy with the preformance at all.

    Kennesaw, GA


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