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AquaJogger Shape Belt for Wider Waisted Women

AquaJogger Shape Belt for Wider Waisted Women Reviews

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4.5 star rating (86 Reviews)

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  • 7/8/2010 Really does fit a Plus-sized waist!

    4 Review stars By zacsmom

    I was skeptical, but I wear a 22 bathing suit and this really did fit my waist. It helps me do "laps" in the pool, even though the "deep water" in the lane is only 5' and I am 5'3". Still, it keeps me bouyant and upright and able to exercise all the way down the lane. And the accompanying materials are great - take a few minutes to review all of it before trying out your belt - I learned a lot of new ways to use the belt. Would definitely recommend.

    Anchorage, AK


  • 11/2/2015 Deceptive

    1 Review stars By karen p.

    This belt wouldn't go around my sides.. it stopped at my back and I wear a size 20 pants. It is deceptive to say that it is for wider waisted women.. it is not! I sent it back. Might be ok if you are a size 14-16.. anything more than that, any you will probably end up like me, and sick like a brick.

    karen p.
    concord, NC


  • 7/23/2013 AquaJogger Shape Belt for Wider Waisted Women

    3 Review stars By Brandy

    used for water aerobics...highly recommend if you need to reduce impact on joints or suffer back issues...the product serves very well...tolerates the chlorine...belt strap loosens during exercise and continually needs to be pulled to tighten...buckle need some type of locking device so this would not occur...needless to say highly recommend if impact is an issue...



  • 1/17/2013 My Abs

    5 Review stars By Dr. Torri Evans

    This product is awesome. It allows me to do crunches in the water (a lot of crunches). I even do cross country stretches. I am so amazed at how this belt actually keeps me a float in the water to be able to do all sort of work-out activities.

    Dr. Torri Evans
    Riverview, MI


  • 10/19/2017 Terrific purchase!

    5 Review stars By Dunya Ottawa

    When ordering an aqua jogger, I was torn between the "regular" size and this "plus" sized one, as my waist is about 35 inches. These belts are clearly much more versatile than the sizing charts suggest. Everyone in our family was able to wear this belt, from my portly husband and plus sized daughter-in-law, to our 3-and 6-year-old grandchildren. It makes a great addition to the cottage water toys and has turned my lazy summer afternoons into respectable workout sessions!

    Dunya Ottawa


  • 4/23/2014 excellent quality disappointed with size

    3 Review stars By NiftyNonny

    My disappointment was the size. If this belt is supposed to be for plus size ladies, I will eat it. It is a good quality belt. I will be keeping it and letting a friend use it. It came with a pamphlet and cd which have been useful on showing posture during exercises and examples of exercises. I like the aqua jogger quality.

    Augusta GA


  • 9/5/2011 aqua jogger belt for wide waisted women

    1 Review stars By H Callans

    very SHORT belt - description gives the impression that it would fit wide or heavier waisted women. Also, does not provide good bouyancy

    H Callans
    Chesterfield, MI


  • 8/7/2011 Aqua Jogger Shape Belt for Wider Waists

    5 Review stars By Mary Ellen in Texas

    I ordered 2 Aqua Jogger belts - one for my daughter (who is pregnant - hence the Shape Belt for Wider Waists) and the regular one for myself. The Wider Waist belt is fabulous for both of us. I like it because I have a long torse (I am 5'10' with a normal waistline), so it feels very comfortable on. You can adjust this belt to fit a large variety of waist sizes, so I would highly recommend this belt for anybody, and especially for long torsos. The regular Aqua Jogger belt is equally good. I can't believe how good the jogging workout is. I strongly recommend both of these products for anyone who wants to get fit and toned. We live in Texas (think HOT), so I am a new believer in water aerobics. The product is also highly durable and are made of extremely high quality materials. The colors (lavender and light blue) are also very nice.

    Mary Ellen in Texas
    Corpus Christi, Texas


  • 6/16/2010 Just what I wanted

    5 Review stars By Alison

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It gives me great support so that I can exercise in the pool. Having had knee replacement surgery I wanted to start a water-walking program and am able to do so with my new Aquajogger belt. It stays in place well and doesn't ride up.

    Tucson, AZ


  • 3/14/2012 belt

    4 Review stars By ROSEMARY C.

    works well



  • 10/8/2009 big girls dream come true!!

    5 Review stars By jackie s.

    i just received my new belt for wider waists. ladies this is it!!! i float higher in pool, less cumbersome, better fit and ease of use. had been wearing the basic aquajogger belt for 7 years but this literally blows that one out of the water! workout is so much easier. do note standard belt only fits up to 44" waist so if you need larger size order larger belt too.

    jackie s.
    roosevelt, NY


  • 5/26/2015 Super Comfortable Belt

    5 Review stars By Birdz

    This belt is perfect for the deep water aerobics that I do. It fits very well, and the elastic belt makes sure it stays nice and snug.

    Summerfield Fl.


  • 9/5/2013 Aqua Jogger

    5 Review stars By andrea j.

    This size belt can be used by everyone in the family. We are all strong swimmers, but this allows for a great workout without any wasted energy, and the back support and alignment in the deep water is great, it really works.

    andrea j.
    palm beach county florida


  • 4/20/2013 Love this product!!!!!

    5 Review stars By Christine C.

    Great fit. Great look. Love it! No regrets!!!

    Christine C.
    Oak Park, MI


  • 2/20/2013 Aquajogger

    5 Review stars By sally

    very comfortable



  • 10/24/2012 Aquajogger belt

    5 Review stars By GDudley

    Room to spare in the fit and I am pleased with the options it gives me in my exercise routine. It is a great investment in my health.

    Plano, TX


  • 10/3/2012 Ladies - a Must Have!

    5 Review stars By Evelyn

    I have been looking for something that worked for me. When I was told about this website, I found the perfect fit for me. The adjustable waist band is perfect. I would recommend this to all the ladies active in a water aerobics session. Take my word, as I took the word of others who had purchased from swimoutlet.

    Houston, TX


  • 8/18/2012 Finally, a comfortable belt!

    5 Review stars By Mommus

    I bought this because there was one at my pool and another woman and I would "fight over it" because it was so much more comfortable than the standard belts. Not only is it big enough for our generous shapes, but the webbing is elastic and has enough stretch to keep the belt on our waists rather than riding up under our bosom.

    Gaithersburg, MD


  • 8/1/2012 jogging belt

    5 Review stars By Joe M.

    My wife uses it every day and because she doesn't know how to swim she feels safe in the water and enjoys getting her exercise and just haveing funin the pool.

    Joe M.
    Downey , CA.


  • 5/31/2012 Good Belt

    4 Review stars By Bernice L.

    I use this belt 5 days a week for deep water aerobics. This belt is a nice size and is not one of those bulky belts. I have to make sure I have the belt on real tight or it will tend to ride up on me. I do like the elastic belt.

    Bernice L.
    Bimble, KY


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