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AquaJogger AquaRunners RX

AquaJogger AquaRunners RX Reviews

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  • 8/30/2013 Good resistance

    5 Review stars By Cindy C.

    I am a water aerobics instructor and I wanted to add resistance to my workout in deep water. A little tricky to put on, but once in place, the runner is very comfortable and does the job. (I'm sure that as I use more, the runners will be easier on.) I also use the cuffs for all depths of water. Great products!

    Cindy C.
    Peyton, CO


  • 7/7/2013 AquaJoggers

    5 Review stars By Jennifer T.

    5 years of 5days/week use and these floatation boots held up in chlorine water. I recommended them to multiple friends who like me enjoy water aerobics. One lady recovering from a fractured foot found they increased her ability to perform the recommended exercising to strengthen and maintain range of motion.

    Jennifer T.
    Lake Oswego, OR


  • 4/24/2018 My "kankles" thank you!

    5 Review stars By Q's G-ma

    Excellent tool for strengthening the lower body: My weak "kankles" have become strong ankles :-)

    Q's G-ma
    Missouri City, Texas


  • 12/18/2017 Love these so much

    5 Review stars By Susan

    The only downside to these... not knowing about them sooner.
    These are the most fun to workout your legs.
    As long as I’m working out in a pool I will own these

    Heber City Utah


  • 2/18/2014 Nice addition to workout

    5 Review stars By tpirobert

    I use this product while deep water pool running with a flotation belt. It definitely adds resistance and give the legs more of a workout. I'm not using it all the time, but it's great to have in the mix. I've had no problem with parts rubbing my feet. I could see how some might, but a short running sock would take care of that or perhaps a piece of duct tape on part that rubs.

    Asheville, NC


  • 7/26/2017 Needs padding over hard plastic

    3 Review stars By Jen

    Hard plastic pices rub on skin and hurt your feet. It gives u a great work out they just need to cover the hard plastic parts that rub on the skin

    El Cajon cab


  • 5/31/2015 These are not very well designed. They are much too short in the foot.

    1 Review stars By ELizabeth Bruss

    These are much too short for the foot. I wear a size 7 shoe and my toes were out of the shoe rubbing on the bottom of the pool. 20 minutes in the pool and the bottoms show significant wear. Really not worth the money at all. The design is off. Even with the adjustable strap on the back the boot portion is too short.

    ELizabeth Bruss
    Boynton Beach, FL


  • 2/27/2017 No difference in resistance

    1 Review stars By Pointermom

    The Aqua Runners did not provide any additional resistance; in fact, they made my running easier because I was higher in the water than usual when I'm deep water running. I had no issue with the fit or chafing but these provided no additional benefit for me. I will keep looking for something that will do the job for me.

    North Carolina


  • 8/12/2015 Aqua Runners Really Increase Resistance

    4 Review stars By Diane

    They are great but a little tight. May I please have some larger black straps.

    Sarasota, Fl


  • 8/2/2015 Meh!

    1 Review stars By Pellish

    I am really out of shape and I don't feel these offer any resistance. I don't feel I get good traction when my feet touch the bottom of the pool but I suppose this varies with the type of surface. They are also too tight for me and the right strap digs into the side of my heal. I will probably just remove the straps as these will stay on no problem without them (ladies size 9). I didn't see that these came in different sizes so I don't see how men will find these comfortable. I also prefer to vary my propulsion when I am running in the pool, which I can only do with my bare feet. I may try these with my Sporti ankle weights but if I hadn't already scuffed them up on the bottom of the pool I'd be returning. Love my Sporti ankle weights!!

    Gulfport, FL


  • 3/9/2014 AquaRunners

    4 Review stars By DLW

    I use these in the pool w/the Sporti-Fitness Jog Belt- as advertised this is a great low impact way to exercise esp after a back injury that won't allow much more. It gives a bit of resistance due to the buoyancy it creates. Used w/pool dumb-bells makes for a great workout

    LA, CA


  • 7/13/2013 AquaJogger adds resistance to deep water aerobics

    5 Review stars By Happy Workout

    I use my AquaJogger in deep water aerobics and they really add resistance. They are easy to get on and off and I love them. This is my second pair. My cat chewed up the first, even though I used them for a year after that. I really needed these new ones.

    Happy Workout
    Florissant, MO


  • 5/19/2013 Love them

    5 Review stars By linfolmil

    Adds to the intensity of my water jogging. Helps me to maintain good running form since they feel somewhat like shoes. I have not had any trouble getting them on & off & I wear a size 9 Wide shoe. I did cover the buttons inside with moleskin to prevent any rubbing.

    Glendale, AZ


  • 3/23/2011 waiting to order

    2 Review stars By Cynthia G.

    I was ready to order these for my deep water workouts. After reading the reviews I will wait and hope that a larger more accomodating size is offered. I wear a 9.5 shoe,and am sensitive to any digging in or rubbing on my feet. I teach 2 evenings a week and order quite a bit from Swimoutlet. But I have learned to read the reviews, very good info. Thank-you to all that submitted one.

    Cynthia G.
    Brockton, MA


  • 11/7/2019 GAME ON!

    5 Review stars By Marcia

    Water workouts took on new meaning with the addition of AQUAJOGGERS to my routine!!



  • 10/3/2018 AquaRunners are great.

    4 Review stars By Belinda

    I use them in the pool for strength core building. We have access to these during class but I wanted my own so I could use them any time I’m at the gym. They are comfortable and buoyant. You still have to move your body to stay afloat but that is exactly what I wanted. These are great.

    Kansas City


  • 7/5/2017 Good

    4 Review stars By jseale

    Ok for what how I use them.

    San Antonio, TX


  • 6/13/2017 Aqua Runners

    4 Review stars By ClaireG

    I do a lot of water jogging in summer and these seems to add some resistance which is what I wanted.

    Richmond Hill Ontario Canada


  • 6/29/2016 Love these aqua joggers! They really help my workout!

    5 Review stars By Deb

    Easy to put on. Easy to take off.

    Milan OH


  • 10/14/2015 Aqua Joggers Are the Best!

    5 Review stars By Joan Crawford

    It is the best fit, durable, lightweight and make the water workout fantastic!

    Joan Crawford
    Monterey, CA


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