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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle Smoke Lens

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle Smoke Lens Reviews

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4.5 star rating (140 Reviews)

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  • 7/4/2014 Nice goggles

    4 Review stars By Mariana.

    The goggles work really well, I love them! The only thing that happened when I purchased this item is that my credit card number got stolen and someone tried to make a purchase from Australia the very next day. It seems the system is not very secure. But that has nothing to do with the awesome goggles thought it is good to warn people.

    Montpelier, VT


  • 11/2/2016 Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles Smoke

    4 Review stars By Manolo

    The most confortable goggles I have ever used but after a while, they start to leak.

    New Jersey


  • 8/9/2019 Very nice and comfortable

    4 Review stars By Mark

    The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles are a very nice goggle. Took a few swims to get them adjusted correctly, had to go a little tighter with the strap. Very comfortable. I probably should have ordered a little smaller size.
    I would recommend these goggles to a friend.

    Portland, OR


  • 4/2/2019 Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles

    4 Review stars By Jazen Borne

    Nice design and tint, carrying case is solid, straps have a button to adjust to get fit just right on head.

    Jazen Borne
    Delray Beach


  • 7/31/2016 Wide Angle View

    4 Review stars By Stac

    I used these Aqua Sphere kayenne goggle smoke lens almost daily. I appreciate the wide angle of view in the Smoke lens with the UV protection. They do seem to fog up after an extended time period of swimming. Not perfect but they'll do.



  • 9/22/2015 Aqua Sphere Googles

    4 Review stars By Billy

    Easy to adjust. Great fit. Excellent vision. Feels like i am not wearing glasses.

    Orange County, Ca


  • 9/3/2015 Leaking

    4 Review stars By Crash Eddy

    I bought this because of good fit in store. For several wearings, no trouble. Today, the R lens leaked every lap and nothing I did would correct the leakage. I hope to stop it and return to normal.

    Crash Eddy
    Wake County, NC


  • 2/1/2015 not a women's fit

    4 Review stars By runner13.1

    I like the design, but it feels a little large on my face. Occasionally if I don't have them super snug, I get water leakage. I still get raccoon eyes because I have to make them tight enough to eliminate the leak factor, as they seem too big. I like the case as I feel they will stay protected and in better shape for a long time. I am anxious to try them in open water with bright sun.

    Omaha, NE


  • 8/9/2014 Nice goggles, but maybe a bit wide (seal issues).

    4 Review stars By Chris

    I had the Aquasphere Kayenne (reg. fit) that were nice, but seemed to be a bit wide (did not seem to seal well by nose bridge). I tend to have a smaller width face. Awesome strap system (thick strong material and ratchet mechanism) and they seemed to resist fogging well. My eyelashes did touch the insides of the goggle lens a little bit. I found the Speedo MDR 2.4 to fit better for my face and seal across nose bridge, not have my eyelashes hit, and they are more comfortable.



  • 6/16/2014 Great Fit, But Fogs

    4 Review stars By Ironman72

    Have worn the Aqua Sphere Seal for years because I could never find a goggle to fit properly on my face without severe leaking. After reading many of the reviews on the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle, I decided to give them a try. A great fit and comfortable wearing them. Very slight leakage occassionally, however, the few reviews that mentioned fogging as a problem are indeed correct. I have yet to use a anti-fog so that will be my next step.
    There was also a review commenting on the view being blurry. That has not been anything that I have experienced with these goggles except of course when fogging occurs. Otherwise, it's a crystal clear view!

    Austin, TX


  • 11/30/2013 Great So Far

    4 Review stars By Wade

    I bought these to replace a pair of Speedo goggles I was using. The Speedos were good goggles, but I had to continuously readjust them. With me wearing contacts while I swam, this always worried me. I love the way the Aqua Sphere fit. Once I have them on, I have not needed to readjust them. Under water, the Speedo goggles offered better clarity and distance visibility. But since I will be doing open water swimming, I am more concerned with the fit and feel.

    Brighton, CO


  • 9/25/2013 Comfortable but fogging

    4 Review stars By Dino

    The fit is great, comfortable,and it does not leave eye impressions when you remove the goggles. I do have a problem with it fogging up all the time though.

    Lewisville , Texas


  • 9/7/2013 great buy!

    4 Review stars By zul m.

    Just used these goggles for my first tri in open water and they worked great! They did not disappoint while training in pools, nor in open water trials. Comfortable, snug fit!

    zul m.
    tampa, fl


  • 1/20/2013 Makes a statement!

    4 Review stars By Dawn

    I read a lot of online reviews about goggles that are best for triathlons and these were mentioned in several. Although the lens have a gray tint, I could see well in and out of the water. No slippage or leaking. They really suction to the skin around the eyes, creating a no-leak seal. I'm very satisfied with the purchase!

    Washington, DC


  • 1/14/2013 Would recommend this product

    4 Review stars By Jeff

    I average 3 days a week in the pool and get a year out of them before they start leaking.



  • 9/25/2012 Great for OWS/Tri

    4 Review stars By Kelly

    Great for OWS!! No fog/leak,,,,but awful "goggle eyes"....



  • 7/19/2012 So Far, So Good

    4 Review stars By Ratny

    I haven't had them for very long but so far they have met my expectations. Have used both in open water and pool with success.

    Oklahoma City, OK


  • 4/19/2012 Good

    4 Review stars By Robert T.

    Like em a lot. Easy to adjust

    Robert T.
    Carlstadt, NJ


  • 1/23/2012 Tinting provides perfect for outdoor swimming

    4 Review stars By SJS

    Very comfortable



  • 8/23/2011 Great product!!

    4 Review stars By Carrie P.

    My husband and I both used these goggles in the ocean with very rough waves and they did not leak at all, very easy to use with the quick release strap!

    Carrie P.
    Trenton, MI


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