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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle Smoke Lens

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle Smoke Lens Reviews

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4.5 star rating (140 Reviews)

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  • 7/16/2014 smaller eye socket than other aqua sphere goggles

    2 Review stars By Doug

    I have several Aqua Sphere goggles and they are my favorites. But they have a larger frame. I have never liked smaller goggles that fit in your eye sockets, and unfortunately when I bought them I didn't realize these have the smaller eye sockets, like other goggles. I have worn them twice now, and will give them to someone who likes the smaller design.

    San Diego


  • 4/7/2010 Blurry View In Water

    2 Review stars By Brian S.

    I have another model of goggles from AquaSphere that are pretty good except that they press against my eyes in the water. I was hoping that these would be as good without that issue. Well they are larger and don't press against my eyeballs, but my vision underwater is extremely blurry due to the contour of the lenses(i assume). This drives my crazy while swimming. I was hoping for better from this model. I guess it won't be an issue when swimming in a cloudy lake. Other than that fit is good.

    Brian S.
    Allentown, PA


  • 7/9/2019 Leaky goggles

    2 Review stars By Dave

    I find the goggles leak so I will not use them. I have tried tightening until they are uncomfortable but it does not help.



  • 7/22/2016 Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle Smoke Lens - Smoke/Silver

    2 Review stars By Tony

    LOVED these goggles - swimming outdoors in Arizona year round and the glare can make any swim most unpleasant. These goggles were the best ever in terms of field of vision and anti-glare. Very, very good. Then.... the anti-fog deteriorated after about three months, and the strap failed. End of goggles. Fix those two things, and I'd jump this to a four or five pretty quickly. Still, the experience was so good I wanted to give it another try, so I bought another set. We'll see. Last chance.



  • 8/23/2013 oK but a bit too small for me

    2 Review stars By RyeYite

    They are just okay...a bit too small for my head/face.



  • 6/14/2010 Disappointing

    2 Review stars By kristin b.

    The goggle were comfortable and did not fog but by the end of my swim I was wishing they did. I swam in a pool with lots of small tiles creating enough double vision that I was getting sea sick towards the end. I will not be using these goggles in a pool again but they were comfortable enough that I might give them a try in some open water with little to look at. Other floks warned about the double vision, I just didn't know it would bother me so much. I'm used to foggy goggles and poor vision, and was wishing for my old goggles after a short time of double vision swimming. Definitely don't buy these for pool swimming.

    kristin b.
    newmarket, NH


  • 6/10/2010 Kayenne Smoke/Sil

    2 Review stars By Elvis

    For reference, I swim 4 days a week for tri training. Ok, just to be clear, the fit and style are great and keep water out fine. There was a small amount of fogging after only 15 mins but the water and air were very warm, maybe I was overheating. But, there is a major problem with the tinted lenses in this model. I read another review on another website that I should have listened to. When you put these goggles on you notice how crisp and clear your vision is and have a great peripheral views. The problem starts as soon as you put your face in the water. The sensation is like watching a 3-D movie without 3-D glasses. Not only is everything fuzzy, your depth perception is really messed up. When you turn your head to breath, everything out of the water is crystal clear. Back in the water, it is all fuzzy again. I literally got a headache from 15 minutes of use. I switched back to my Barracuda Ultimate's (still my favorite goggle of all time) and everything was fine. At the end of my swim I tried the Kayenne's again and still had the same problem. I have sent an e-mail to Aqua Sphere but have not heard a response. Maybe the non-tinted lenses do not cause this problem but I am not going to experiment again. I am going to stick to my Ultimate's.

    Saint George, Utah


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