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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Compact Fit Clear Lens Goggle

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Compact Fit Clear Lens Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (92 Reviews)

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  • 5/11/2012 totally SATISFIED!

    5 Review stars By William Ann

    female. small framed face. frustrated w/ all other goggles. These don't leak. Have great visibility. Do not leave me w/ black eyes or nose ridges. Do not fog. Are extremely comfortable.

    William Ann
    winchester, va


  • 2/7/2020 Leaves marks around eyes

    3 Review stars By KED

    After swimming laps for only 1/2 hour these goggles will leave marks around the eyes that will last for hours. I'm embarrassed to go anywhere till the marks fade. Please try to find a way to manufacture a goggle that doesn't leave marks.

    Lincolnton, NC


  • 3/26/2018 Not for people with long eyelashes

    1 Review stars By Jolene

    These are the type of goggles that sit really close to your eyes. If you have longer eyelashes these goggles will drive you crazy to try to wear. I would absolutely not recommend them.



  • 6/5/2012 Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggle Clear Lens

    5 Review stars By Julie Witte / fraternal twin

    My Tyr goggles began leaking and came apart after many years of usage. I bought a couple different goggles from your outlet, really choked on the price of the Aqua Sphere, but broke down and bought a pair because of the positive reviews. I figured the one negative reviewer just didn't know how to put on goggles. The Aqua Spheres are one of the best goggles I've ever used. No fogging like the Tyr, they adhere easily to your face and my field of vision is so much greater then with any other goggle. I have a friend in Wisconsin that is a triathlete and she echoed my sentiment with regards to aqua sphere being "the bomb". Definitely worth every penny. I would recommend these goggles for any serious swimmer. You won't be emptying these out at the end of every lap!

    Julie Witte / fraternal twin
    Austin, TX


  • 9/21/2010 Best Training Goggles Yet!

    5 Review stars By ElaineK

    My previous training goggles were Aquaspheres, but after more than a year of 5 times per week use, the strap broke and I could not find a replacement for that style. I have TYR T72 Petit Femme goggles I use for competition, but they are too uncomfortable to wear for 11/2 hours of training. So, I decided to give these Aquaspheres a try, even though they are more than I wanted to spend. In my opinion, THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY I SPENT ON THEM! These are the most comfortable goggles I have ever used and the ladies' style fits my narrow, small face. I also like the clear lens for training in an indoor pool, so I can see my watch easily. (There is no pace clock where I swim). I highly recommend these goggles!



  • 12/13/2019 Best Swim Goggle -- for my face

    5 Review stars By margarett

    The Aqua Sphere Kayenne has been the best swim goggle I've ever experienced. The naming of the goggles could be confusingly similar - I've only tried the Kayenne. The company seems very reputable in terms of quality: Italian design, comfort, and manufacture.
    The field of vision is great, comfort very nice - no more raccoon eyes - and they haven't fogged up on me once in the past month of twice weekly swims.
    The only caution is that the nose piece is narrow and not adjustable - the fit for me is good but will not be for all faces and even for all narrow faces.

    New York City, NY


  • 5/15/2016 Regrettably these did not fit

    1 Review stars By Sad swimmer

    I have tried these goggles, the Kaiman goggles and the Vista goggles all by Aqua Sphere. Unfortunately none of them gave me a tight seal. I only purchased the women's goggles. The problem is that they did not seal at the bridge of my nose. I don't have a small face..just a normal size one.

    Sad swimmer
    Rochester, MN


  • 1/19/2015 So far, so good

    4 Review stars By 70- year- old swimmer

    I read a lot of reviews to find a pair of goggles that work and don't mark my face too much. So far, I am pleased with these. I bruise very easily, and these leave red marks, but they are going away faster than with other goggles I have tried. I buy all my swim things through Swim Outlet - decent prices and good service.

    70- year- old swimmer
    Liberty Township, OH


  • 5/20/2013 Everything you want in a google!

    5 Review stars By Dot

    Great fit. Suction cups keep water out completely. I don't have to have them too tight so there are no raccoon eyes to put up with after I'm done swimming. Highly recommended. I definitely will buy them again



  • 7/13/2020 comfortable

    4 Review stars By Lydia

    I struggle with finding the exact right fit: tight enough to keep water out of my eyes, but not too tight. So far, this is the best pair of goggles I've used. I have a small face/head, and don't really notice the tightness until I get out of the water. It might work just as well slightly looser. I'm still experimenting, but overall I'm quite happy with these goggles.

    New York


  • 12/29/2018 The best Google!!

    5 Review stars By Anita Stuani

    It fits perfectly, I have 3 Of it! Hahaha cant live without

    Anita Stuani
    São Paulo


  • 8/30/2017 Comfortable goggles

    4 Review stars By Qzcas

    These are really comfortable to wear, and don't leave any marks around eyes. Easy to adjust and low profile--missed out on 5 stars because they do fog sometimes.

    Charlottesville Va


  • 12/5/2015 Terrific goggles!

    5 Review stars By DG

    This pair is a gift for my daughter which I am buying because I love my own!
    The anti fog feature is very good as long as you are careful not to touch the lenses.The straps tighten and loosen very easily with the buttons provided at sides.
    The size is larger than usual but prevent any marks or redness after use.Get them,you will not regret it!

    Sunnyside, NY


  • 11/3/2015 My new favorite goggles!

    5 Review stars By Sarah

    These fit great. Great suction, little to no fogging, very comfortable. It's nice to be able to focus on my strokes rather than having to constantly adjust my goggles.



  • 9/16/2015 Hurt Face

    2 Review stars By Swimmer

    Could not use these goggles. They hurt my face. Tried loosening them and they still hurt. They come to a point under the eye and that's where they hurt my face. I have a small face and I think these goggles hit too low under the eye.



  • 7/30/2015 Excellent Women's Goggles

    5 Review stars By Alena

    These women's goggles are terrific! I really like how they fit so well on my face - no leaking of water while I'm lap swimming. Also, because the lenses are clear, it's very easy to see all around me as I swim.

    Newark, CA


  • 6/17/2014 No clearance for eye movement

    1 Review stars By BGB

    OMG I can hardly open and close my eyes with these goggles as there is no clearance.They rub against my lashes and eyelids. if I hadn't purchased these long before I used them I would return. Spending more is not better. I am sticking to my Speedo Vanquisher.

    Arlington, VA


  • 6/13/2014 love my goggles!

    5 Review stars By jane G.

    These goggles are so comfortable and fit perfect. They do not fog or let any water in. I have tried my goggles, and these are the first pair that really work.

    jane G.
    Hoschton, GA


  • 3/4/2014 Great Ladies Goggle!!!!

    5 Review stars By Lori S.

    I am an avid 5-6 day/week lap swimmer. These are the best set of goggles yet. I am not a small women, and they fit beautifully. I have no issues with fogging or leaking, or band slipping with flip turning. I have recommended these to several other ladies of varying face shape and size that lap swim as well as compete, and they are just as thrilled with the product. Not one complaint yet. Give them a try!

    Lori S.
    Kansas City, MO


  • 2/13/2014 Good fit for smaller faces

    3 Review stars By Kathryn W.

    I got a good, leak-proof fit with these goggles. I am female and have a smallish face. The interesting shape at the bottom of the eye-piece helped relieve pressure around the eye. Still a little uncomfortable around the top of the eye-piece where it meets with the bone at the top of my eye socket. Nose-piece is flexible and comfortable, but not adjustable. Decent goggle.

    Kathryn W.
    Vienna, VA


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