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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Clear Lens Goggle

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Clear Lens Goggle Reviews

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4.5 star rating (248 Reviews)

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  • 12/19/2018 Comfortable and Clear

    4 Review stars By John

    These goggles were a great change from Speedo competition goggles. They're slim and low profile, but so comfortable I don't feel them. The seal is outside my eye socket but still clear of my eyebrows and cap edge. Great visibility and no fogging, which is a big help when swimming circles or sharing a lane with wide-reach types.

    The only minor negative is that when I kick off the wall, the strap along the side of my head sometimes flips down from the water flow. Maybe I could wear two caps, but i think a narrower or thinner strap would avoid this.

    Nevertheless, I highly recommend these.

    New York, NY


  • 8/30/2017 Good goggles!!

    4 Review stars By Qzcas

    These are a nice pair of low profile goggles. They have an excellent field of vision and stay in place well.
    I have also used the lady Kayenne in the past, and these fit well enough although they are a little bigger/wider on my face. Gaskets around eyes are super comfortable. They only drawback is they fog a little more than other models.

    Charlottesville Va


  • 4/26/2017 Comfortable and no leaks

    4 Review stars By MNChrisB

    I started swimming laps for triathlons. The smaller (inside eye socket) goggles aren't comfortable to me. I have other goggles that offer better vision, but they aren't nearly as comfortable as these.

    Rochester, MN


  • 12/18/2020 Super goggles

    4 Review stars By Carol

    Got great results first time I wore them. No leakage and no fogging.

    Spokane Valley WA


  • 7/2/2019 Good fit!

    4 Review stars By Lap swimmer

    These goggles significantly reduce "raccoon eyes" and don't leak while being very comfortable. Sometimes they fog and are clearer out of the water than under the water. But overall they are a great improvement over the usual goggles. Would purchase again.

    Lap swimmer
    Midlothian, VA


  • 5/12/2016 Finally, goggles that neither leak nor hurt my eye sockets!

    4 Review stars By caroline

    Most goggles that I have used before either leaked, or were on tight enough that they hurt my eye sockets. These are excellent in that the rims are large enough that they fit below my eye socket. And even if they are not on tightly they do not leak at all. They are pretty good in not fogging up right away. They do fog up after several laps, but they are better than most.



  • 8/3/2015 High visibility and good comfort

    4 Review stars By Dr Progress

    Super clear vision. Easy to adjust. Good value. 4/5 because the spectacular clarity seems degrade fairly quickly after wearing in our chlorinated pool.

    Dr Progress


  • 4/22/2015 satisfied

    4 Review stars By R.E.

    Does the job

    New York, NY


  • 2/21/2015 for indoor swimming get the Kayenne clear lens/clear frame

    4 Review stars By weekday lap swimmer

    These are close to perfection. However, I swim indoors, and found the dark frames made swimming a little more gloomy than it needed to be.

    Goggles are all personal preference. I swim laps every weekday, and want something comfortable and durable. I bought and tested a wide variety, and in the end...

    I preferred the Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles for daily comfort and lap swimming... I swim indoors so I get the clear/clear for maximum light.

    weekday lap swimmer
    Lake Forest, IL


  • 9/10/2014 Great vision!

    4 Review stars By Dave

    Love the vision of these goggles... in water they are a bit strange, hard to explain but out of water they are awesome. Being a bit larger they sometimes move a little when diving into the pool, not a big deal. Lap swimming with them is comfortable and they seal really well for me. They do fog up near the end of my workout when my body is really heating up. Otherwise they are really good in that regard. Used them in an open water race and they gave me great sighting vision and no leaking. One of the best open water goggles I've used and comfortable for lap swimming.



  • 7/21/2014 A good job so far

    4 Review stars By Adult swimmer

    Out of the box, they are a great fit, and the seal is very good. No fogging or leaking. The side straps are a bit hard to figure out how to secure the flapping ends. I used them for 5 lap sessions so far, and they are holding up.

    Adult swimmer
    So Cal


  • 5/15/2014 Goggle performance

    4 Review stars By Sturdy

    Things that are great about the goggles. I have a large round Charie Brown shaped face and these fit great without being too small. I use them for both swimming and Stand Up Paddle Boarding. They do tend to fog up a little SUP'ing in hot weather but otherwise it was a great purchase.

    Menifee, Ca


  • 4/24/2014 Very comfortable

    4 Review stars By Bryan B.

    Very comfortable goggles compared to the smaller ones. I really like the ease of loosening and tightening the goggles to your face. I hope the seal lasts a long time. I don't think I will go back to other kinds.

    Bryan B.
    Edmonton, AB


  • 3/24/2013 Nice fitting goggles

    4 Review stars By Keith

    I have made these my regular goggles because I find the fit around the face by far the most comfortable of any I've tried (perhaps because the seal is not as close to the eyes as other brands). They do tend to develop a tendency to fog up a bit quicker than other brands, but has been acceptable. And they are available at a good price on SwimOutlet

    Toronto, ON


  • 10/31/2012 Yes, yes, & yes

    4 Review stars By Tyrone F.

    indoor laps with flip. Anti fogging lasted longer and any other goggles. I guess I could reapply if I wanted to. Soft and sealed baby. Unless I knock them off myself. Comes with great protective case.

    Cons: they arent free and don't last forever.

    They've done it right, crystal clear, sealed comfy and fog free (for the most part)

    Tyrone F.
    Northlake, IL


  • 10/8/2012 Very Satisfied

    4 Review stars By Acorn

    I have used my new goggles about 5 times now for indoor lap swimming, and I have been very pleased with the performance so far. They are comfortable to wear and they don't leak. They do fog up a bit but that really doesn't make any difference underwater.
    I especially like the adjustment feature on the strap which makes them very easy to put on and remove.

    Nashville, NC


  • 6/9/2012 Easy Breezy

    4 Review stars By Andrew T.

    I use these goggles to float around in fresh water lakes and chlorinated pools. Very, very easy to change the size to fit comfortably--also, they're extremely lightweight and make a very nice seal around the eyes. Although they've anti-fog, they still manage to fog up sometimes--but no often enough for me to get angry with them.

    Andrew T.
    Oswego, NY


  • 3/17/2012 Happy

    4 Review stars By Argonaut

    I wore out a pair of Aqua Sphere Seal xp's and thought I'd try something new, as the xp's were starting to leak. Another swimmer had the Kayennes and liked them. I've used them a few times and I prefer them over the xp's. They are smaller, fit better, and look better. I followed the instructions and did not mess with the inside of the lens. the first couple times they would fog and clear and fog again. This third time they stayed clear the whole workout. I'm very happy.

    Bend, OR


  • 3/4/2012 Great view

    4 Review stars By DJP.

    I swim 4-6 times a week these are amazing goggles - its like I am wearing my glasses underwater - great clear vision. I don't think I'll be wearing anything but these from now on.

    Green Bay, WI


  • 11/9/2011 Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggle

    4 Review stars By Mark

    These are simply the best goggles I've ever used. My only nit is the price. They are also the most expensive goggles I've ever used. I guess you have to pay the price if you want the good stuff(!)

    Santa Cruz CA


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