Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle Smoke Lens Reviews
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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle Smoke Lens

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle Smoke Lens Reviews

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4.5 star rating (39 Reviews)

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  • 7/5/2012 Great OWS goggles

    5 Review stars By Doug

    I use these goggles for open water swims for triathlon. Have used them in Ironman and Half Ironman races. they fit great, allow a great view, and keep water out. They are very comfortable for long swims.

    Findlay, OH


  • 9/3/2014 i’m pumped to use these

    5 Review stars By SicilianSwimmer

    i have not used these goggles in the water yet.  i tried them on and can already tell that they are going to keep water leaks away.  the suction around the eyes is strong but doesn’t hurt.  I’ve always had a hard time finding goggles that fit my longer, narrow face.  these wrap around my head nicely.  also, the double straps are thick and fit on my head nicely, holding the goggles in place.  the straps are easy to adjust as well.

    Davis, CA


  • 7/18/2014 xxx

    5 Review stars By xxxx

    Fits well, doesn't leak. Typically lasts 4-6 mo swimming 3-4h/wk. Price at this sight is terrific.



  • 7/12/2014 good goggles if you have a high bridge of the nose

    4 Review stars By em

    Fits fine, no fog, no irritation on my nose



  • 4/26/2017 great value for money, works great on my narrow face / close set eyes

    4 Review stars By Tracy K.

    Have used these goggles, clear and amber, for past 10 years. they have light touch strap adjustment that make it easy on/off and tightening once they're on your head. Have used them in open water (SF Bay Area) and in pools and they held up pretty well. After years of use they have scratches, probably poor storage and transport on my end. I have a narrow face / close set eyes and they fit pretty well, but I do get the sense they are adjustable to fit many different face profiles based on other reviews that mention high-bridged nose and wide set eyes...anyway for as long as they last in various conditions they seem like great value for money, but I buy them repeatedly based on fit / comfort / ease of use and would pay more! The value is just a bonus. When they wear out the seal becomes less tight and they leak. they do fog, and due to that and the scratches giving them 4 out of 5 but if there was a 4.5 that's what they'd get from me.

    Tracy K.
    San Anselmo, CA


  • 4/1/2017 Best goggles!

    5 Review stars By Puppy

    I love these goggles. They are the best workout goggles I have ever used. This is my third pair. First pair stolen, second pair clear lens, this pair smoke lens. Now I'm good for indoor/ winter and  sunny summer😊



  • 12/14/2016 All I use...

    5 Review stars By Andy

    I have been using these goggles for 20+ years...they are great...

    San Jose, CA


  • 10/6/2016 Solid Performance

    5 Review stars By girth

    Bought these for my first triathlon. Easily adjustable with a good seal. Visual clarity was great (helped me to dodge jellyfish). Fit well on my large noggin. Slight fogging during lap swims but remained fog-free in the ocean. No buyer's remorse here.

    new orleans


  • 7/28/2015 Excellently Made, a Cut Above the Rest!

    5 Review stars By Nick R.

    First of, I'd like to say that these goggles are sold for for an excellent price. People think that $20 is expensive for something that (for me) I'll use for two months. But once I explain, it is worth every penny. First of all, these are made in Italy, not China because let's face it, Chinese-made goggles break two days after you buy them, and they cost you $30. If you touch this pair, you can feel the quality and you know that these are the real-deal. And once you put these on your eyes. The polarized lens is super useful with glare issues. The rubber mask that seals your eyes from the water is a soft, but not cheaply-made rubber/silicone material. The band is the same material as the mask. The band is slightly difficult to adjust, but easier than most comparable goggles. Another thing I'd like to address is that in deep waters (such as 9 feet), there is no leaking or fogging. I am SUPER happy with this purchase. Best of all, it came to my house 2 days after I ordered it.

    -Slight leakage but significantly less than other pairs.
    -Minimal fogging (which is a big deal)
    -Superior Quality
    -Polarized lenses; good for outdoorsy people
    -Leaves no "raccoon's mask"
    -Comes in a cool protective case
    -Made in Italy
    -And it's $20!!!

    -A little difficult to adjust the band.

    Nick R.
    Brooklyn, NY


  • 10/20/2014 Silicone is great

    5 Review stars By TriAJ

    Love the Silicone on these goggles.  Feel great on your face and no problem seeing to either side.  Open Water Swim in the Gulf 2-3 times a week and no problems.  No problems to report during triathlon races.  Highly recommend.

    Clearwater Beach, FL


  • 9/21/2014 Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle

    5 Review stars By delfinman

    great swimming goggles!

    Miami Beach Fl


  • 8/23/2014 Great Vision but not fog free

    4 Review stars By SD

    They fit well
    They offer crystal clear vision, polarized
    They do fog a little (if you let the air inside between laps)
    Water gets inside no matter what you do. Infact, the design is such that even if you turn them upside down, water doesnt simply fall out. It collects in the bend area (inside the lens) & you have actually shake the water particles out or maybe wipe them. Other than that, it's very easy to adjust. I've just used it twice so let's see how well they last



  • 7/17/2014 Great goggles!

    5 Review stars By NJsmrDAD

    Great fit...doesn't leak!!

    Clifton, New Jersey


  • 6/6/2014 great goggles

    5 Review stars By Nancy

    These googles are working out well as I swim in a sunny pool.



  • 4/23/2014 Fit well. Good vision

    4 Review stars By Stewart G.

    One of the few goggles that never seem to leak.

    Stewart G.
    Santa Monica, CA


  • 11/8/2017 Great quality and value

    5 Review stars By Linda M

    Well made with a comfortable fit

    Linda M
    St Louis, MO

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/16/2017 fits well & very comfortable

    5 Review stars By amalia

    have not used in water yet but always happy with previous aqua sphere goggles !

    danville ca


  • 9/24/2015 The only ones I buy

    5 Review stars By AHas

    Every swim season I buy a new pair and a spare because we love them so much.



  • 3/24/2015 Great goggle

    5 Review stars By Allen

    The best I've ever had in decades. Very soft, comfortable and don't leak. However, fit is 100% individual. These fit me just right but maybe not you.



  • 1/2/2014 best ever goggles

    5 Review stars By the mom

    they stay on!  Yea!
    loved by the swimmer

    the mom
    Reidsville, NC


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