Aqua Sphere Eagle Diopter Lens Reviews
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Aqua Sphere Eagle Diopter Lens

Aqua Sphere Eagle Diopter Lens Reviews

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4.5 star rating (22 Reviews)

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  • 10/15/2016 Lens tinting

    5 Review stars By Eliot

    Would be nice if they would offer a tinted lens

    Las Vegas, Nv

    Fit: Feels true to size

  • 3/25/2015 Tinted version needed!

    4 Review stars By n

    Best prescription googles, IMHO.  Very comfortable and durable.
    Please make dark, tinted lenses!!!!!   Even better: tinted, mirrored, polarized !!!!!

    new england


  • 8/15/2013 Great!

    5 Review stars By Diane C.

    I was worried because I have mild astigmatism and these lenses don't correct for them.  I was also worried because I have problems adjusting when I get new eyeglasses.  I have to say that these goggles with the prescription lenses are WONDERFUL!  I have horrible vision, and it was great to be able to swim and actually be able to see.  They make my swimming experience so much more enjoyable.  The goggles themselves are great too.  They make a great seal and are comfortable.

    Diane C.
    New Jersey


  • 8/7/2014 Highly recommended!

    5 Review stars By Melissa

    I still can't believe that this product exists at such a reasonable price. My son is a very near-sighted swimmer and these have made his swim experience so much better.  The goggles fit well and work great!   Since his eyes have very different prescriptions, we bought two sets (one for each prescription) and reassembled them so that we have two perfect custom pairs of goggles.

    Chandler, AZ


  • 7/30/2014 "I CAN SEE!!!!!!!"

    4 Review stars By KevinS

    These lenses change out VERY easily. The clarity is fantastic in and out of the water. Lense fogging did start to happen after a few uses but wasn't too bad to keep under control. Read the directions and DO NOT touch the lenses with anything other than water. They do scratch easily. Buying a couple doplars is a good idea to get the best results.

    Sarasota, fl.


  • 8/17/2012 Awesome

    5 Review stars By Guillaume

    Those goggles are awesome. They were recommended to me by a triathlete friend. I'm using the lens on one side only, and the vision is crystal clear, like my prescription glasses. The installation was very easy thanks to a Youtube video. I've used the goggles only in the ocean and they are perfect, much better than all others I've had.

    Stamford, CT


  • 6/4/2012 Optics issues

    2 Review stars By Fred C

    Goggles have a great fit - very comfortable
    The -6 lenses have an issue near the middle - if you look off center everything is in focus, but it blurs at a spot in the middle.  Both lenses I have do the same thing.  Other perscriptions may not have this issue.  Other brands I've tried don't either.

    Fred C
    Franklin, TN


  • 12/1/2010 Works as advertised

    5 Review stars By Stephen F.

    Very comfortable fit and the lenses wrap-around to give you good peripheral vision. The replacement prescription lenses are wonderful and the main reason I purchased these goggles. Easy to install and no leaking. Since the replacement prescription lenses are sold separately I purchased only one lens. I am far-sighted and need bifocals for close up. The prescription lens in one side lets me see faces from across the pool and the standard lens in the other lets me see my wristwatch.

    Stephen F.
    Fredericksburg, TX


  • 10/20/2010 Love Them!

    5 Review stars By New Swimmer

    Have tried almost every other brand of swim goggles.  These are the only ones that are comfortable.  Bought several pair in case I misplace them.  Love them!

    New Swimmer
    San Francisco, CA


  • 6/21/2010 Nice goggle system. But horrible instructions.

    4 Review stars By PW

    The instructions on the box is poorly written. You will struggle with the installation instructions because there's no illustrative diagram or photo that makes sense. The shot they provide for reference is absolutely USELESS. They need better line diagrams and an explanation on how the goggles supposed to fit.  I wasted nearly 30 minutes trying to pop the lens into the frame until I realized you need to snap off a plastic frame faceplate before you can get access to the silicone gasket. (no thanks to the poor instructions).

    I struggled with it until I decided to look at the pieces and reverse engineered the correct installation by actually ignoring the manufacturer's poorly written instructions.

    Other than that, the goggles perform very well.

    Manhattan Beach, CA


  • 3/8/2010 Aqua Sphere Lens

    5 Review stars By Michelle

    Aqua Sphere Eagle Lens are great! Easy to replace lens, No fogging!  It doesn't get any better!

    Springdale, AR


  • 9/13/2009 Lens Blues

    2 Review stars By John B.

    Beware- you are only getting one lens, not a set (think Col. Klink!). Furthermore, it is a real "stretch" to think you will get this lens swaped out with the standard one without any troubles. The instructions are printed on the box but are a little confusing since the accompanying pictures are too small to see any detail. I gave up after three tries and sent my "monocle" back. Oh well. I hope you have better luck! It is great idea, just needs a little refinement.

    John B.
    Dallas, TX


  • 6/17/2009 Great

    5 Review stars By Mark B.

    Eagle goggles fit nicley.  Great to see while swimming.  Interchangeable lenses.  Too bad this product line is not being carried.

    Mark B.
    Spring Valley, IL


  • 3/4/2017 Meets all Expectations!

    5 Review stars By LARRY A.

    The only thing is that I thought they came as a pair so when it arrived I had to reorder a second one and wait again.

    LARRY A.


  • 4/28/2016 Great in and out of the water!

    5 Review stars By DavidK

    These are my first specialty lens and they are great. I can see so much better and like them so much I forget to take them off when I get out of the pool...I can't believe the difference they make. Was a bit hard changing the lens out but was my first time and afraid to break them so youtubed a video for instruction, made it much easier. They are basically unbreakable. I can't think of any cons...there just great and I'm happy with them.

    Hampton, VA


  • 1/23/2016 she can see

    5 Review stars By Tiff can see

    my daughter wears glasses and her eyes are at different levels, so these lenses are a blessing

    Tiff can see
    Birmingham, al


  • 12/1/2015 Lens inserts

    4 Review stars By Wen

    Nice to see clearly while in the pool. Didn't realize how much I was missing.

    Seattle, WA


  • 8/12/2015 Prescription Lenses

    2 Review stars By Birdies Mom

    The one thing that was unstated when I ordered was whether the goggles came with the lenses or not.  I have been unable to use the lenses since I just ordered the goggles that the lenses fit.  I also will have to figure out how to open the case the lenses were shipped in without destroying it in case the lenses do not work for me.

    Birdies Mom
    Phoenix, AZ


  • 8/27/2014 Fit into Eagle Goggles

    4 Review stars By Diva

    Need two lenses to put into the Eagle Goggle.  Instructions not good, but my handy husband did a good job of getting the lenses into the goggle frame. This allows one to order different prescriptions for each eye if needed.  Goggles are comfortable but would not be good to use diving off blocks during competition.  They come in only clear, which limits use to indoor use.  Would appreciate if manufacture made these in a smoke version as well.



  • 4/25/2014 TREAT to see while swimming!

    5 Review stars By Annie C.

    GREAT purchase.  The only thing I would recommend is for better installation instructions.  They are inadequate.  I found a YouTube video that was great - just search for it.  I also wish they would come in a one more prescription step of -7.  I had to go with -6 which is better than being "blind" in the water with nothing.

    Annie C.
    Montpelier, VT


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