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Aqua Alert Water Activated Safety Wristband

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    The Aqua Alert™ Water Activated Safety Wristband emits a loud alarm when it is submerged: A small price to pay for peace of mind.

    How It Works

    • Designed to help prevent accidental drowning.
    • Built for a child (from a toddler to a teen).
    • Emits a loud, piercing sound when it becomes wet (and the water completes a circuit).
    • Note: The Aqua Alert safety alarm is not a floatation device and the child should always be supervised by an adult when he or she is near water.


    • Alarm can be heard 100 feet away (110dB).

    Design Details

    • Locking attachment: For a snug fit even on a small child.
    • Sound is similar in strength to a smoke detector.

    What’s Included

    • Aqua Alert Water Activated Safety Wristband.
    • Batteries.



Aqua Alert

Aqua Alert is a band worn around the wrist of a young child that emits a high-pitched sound when it becomes wet. The goal of the wristband is to prevent accidental drowning. Aqua Alert was created as a result of a family tragedy. On Memorial Day in 2002, the toddler of Dr. Jeffrey N. Weiss fell into the pool. Although he survived, he endured significant neurological impairment.

Dr. Weiss wanted to create a product that allowed parents to better monitor their children. It only takes a brief second for a child to escape the view of a parent and fall into water. With much research, Dr. Weiss created Aqua Alert so that even when the wristband is submerged, the high-pitched sound can clearly be heard. Justin's Club, a non-profit devoted to preventing childhood drowning, will receive a portion of Aqua Alert sales so that further research can be conducted and families can receive monetary help with treatment costs for child drowning survivors.