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Open water swimming is its own beast. Unlike pool swimming, the participant faces murky water and follows landmarks or buoys instead of a black line. Swim masks, or open water swimming goggles, are made to to remedy the specifics faced by those who brave open waters. 

Open water goggles usually have wider lenses to optimize peripheral vision. Having a wider field of vision can prove immensely helpful in sighting. Once that's easier, focusing more on swimming faster instead of direction becomes a priority. Clear lenses also help with sighting—more so than tinted lenses unless there's a bad glare on the water. Easily adjustable straps and comfortable gaskets are also a must. Open water swims take longer than pool races, an adjusting mid-swim can be difficult. A comfortable fit doesn't beg for constant attention.

We offer a range of swim masks for the open water swimmer and triathlete alike. For more helpful tips about choosing the right pair, check out our How To guide on open water goggles. All our products come from quality brands like Aqua Sphere, Barracuda, MP Michael Phelps and Cressi