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MUSA was founded by Jeff Schermerhorn, a physician with a physics and chemistry background. A competitive swimmer himself, Jeff knows the dedication required and the difficulties of maintaining a persistent training schedule. After his daughter expressed a desire to listen to music as she trains, Jeff set out to create an Aquatic Audio System specifically designed for serious swimmers.

Most of the waterproof MP3 Players and radios on the market are for recreational swimmers, but MUSA offers products that are specifically for the competitive swimmer. Designed to enhance and accommodate the rigors of the competitive athletes training, the MultiSport Audio System uses a small waterproof MP3 player, a patent-pending headband, and goggle straps. This system allows competitive swimmers to dive, flip turn, and swim normally with minimal interruption of the sound quality. This multisport audio system works for triatheletes, competition swimmers, and any other water athletes that want to listen to music.

Get ready to train harder, swim faster, and go longer with MUSA.