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MP Michael Phelps Swim Method Products

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ABOUT MP Michael Phelps Swim Method

Michael Phelps learned to swim at North Baltimore Swim School (NBSS). It was there that Cathy Bennett, today’s Director of the Michael Phelps Swim School, developed the foundation of this water safety program at the NBSS. This program is not only based on the motor skills of swimming (kicking, stroking, and rhythmic breathing), but more importantly, it focuses on swimmers’ needs to mentally understand the hows and whys, to get a person mentally and physically ready to become a swimmer.

From “Get Wet” (6 months old with parent in the water) through “Elite” (Michael Phelps). Progress through the first 4 of 11 levels of instructions that have been developed over the course of 20 years.

The first Michael Phelps Swim Method line of products has been developed and designed by Aqua Sphere in close cooperation with Cathy Bennett and the Michael Phelps Swim School. The product line’s intention is to accompany this program by offering purposeful equipment so that children can safely learn to SPLAH, FLOAT, SWIM, and TRAIN.