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You don't wear the same clothes for working out that you do for an office job. The same goes for sunglasses. When participating in a sport, you want your eyes adequately protected—and many fashion shades just don't cut it. Sport sunglasses come with technical features to allow you to get the most out of your activity. 

Lenses for sports take into consideration all athletes undergo. Many are designed to stay on despite any jostling around the wearer puts them through. Cyclists, for example, seek out lightweight shades with anti-fogging lenses and side ventilation to help control temple sweat. If you work out at different times of the day with varying lighting conditions, sunglasses with quickly interchangeable lenses provide both the wind-shielding and shade needed. Trail runners avoid polarized lenses because they eliminate the runner's ability to see telling shadows clearly, while those near the water benefit from reduced glare. 

Shop our collection of men's sport sunglasses to keep your eyes safe. All our sport shades come from quality brands like Oakley, Tifosi, Nike,  and Smith Optics. Find a pair that suits your style and your sport.