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Avoid sticky or slippery-with-sweat hands by investing in a pair of riding gloves. The rubber handles of many bikes actually increase sweat, which could result in slippage later on in the ride—not to mention rubber granules coming off and sticking all over the hand. Gloves soak up and disperse sweat to leave you with a firm grip on the handlebars. They also reduce friction that could lead to blisters and dampen the vibrations that cause numbness in the hands. 

If you're worried about your hands overheating in gloves, fingerless gloves provide all the traction and comfort needed with more breathing room for your hands. Full fingered gloves work better in colder weather. Consider a set of each if you train through a variety of conditions. 

We have a selection of both men's cycling full fingered and fingerless gloves for you to choose from. Don't suffer from uncomfortable hands again. Select cycling gloves from quality brands like Castelli, Louis Garneau and Peal Izumi