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2XU Men's Accelerate Print Compression Tights

2XU Men's Accelerate Print Compression Tights

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By DBal4948 from Waterford, MI on 5/18/2019


Although designed to run, I ended up not in last place, but "living" in these things all weekend long! The fit is extremely tight putting on. The quality is high as well as resistant to tears / abrasions. Once on, you're "in"! After that, you're on your own! They're that great! Glances turn into looks, then stares! There's nowhere to "run"! The only thing that can pass these is your imagination! Everything about these tights is compression that leaves all other "spray ons" in last place! Fitting a "custom mould" is the rule here! If you don't like 'em that tight, you may find that the next size up still works with a little more comfort. But, you may be sorry that you did that. At this point it's all in what you like in tights .There are no "loose" ends! here! MT is what I ordered being 6' 2", 33" waist, 34" inseam, 170 barefoot on the scale.

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