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For inexperienced swimmers or young children, life jackets are a must-have at the beach. If you don't know how to maneuver the surf, wearing a life jacket will keep your head above water should you venture out too far. Riding boats or jet skis out past swimming buoys also often require you to wear a life jacket as an extra caution if you get thrown from the craft and disoriented. 

Be sure to find life jackets certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure they provide adequate safety. If you prefer buckle or zipper closure, select a jacket that fits your comfort conditions for increased confidence. Some offer more buoyancy and features than others, so check the details of life jackets before selecting one to rely on.

We offer a variety of a life jackets in bright, visible colors as well as more subtle ones. We have jackets specifically for kids, men, women and even pets. Snorkelers who need a little extra floatation can also find suitable vests here that also help them be seen by boats. Choose a life jacket from quality brands like Stearns, Playapup, Body Glove and O'Neill