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ABOUT Indosole

In 2004, Kyle Parsons took a trip to Bali, Indonesia for the first time. While there, he was shopping for a new pair of sandals and he wanted something with a natural look, unlike any sandal made in a big factory. He became captivated and inspired by the land of Bali and people's resourceful manufacturing. When Kyle found the sandals he was looking for in a small boutique, he took note of the rustic look and that the soles were made of a repurposed motorbike tire. After some research, he found that Indonesia has a history of pollution and that waste tires are an environmental problem worldwide, with over one billion waste tires ending up in landfills each year.

The inspirational sandals were purchased and then worn hard. Compliments on the sandals poured in from friends in California and Kyle was determined to get back to Bali and pursue a new passion for repurposed tire tread sandals with natural uppers. He returned to Bali many times between 2006-2009 and carried back suitcases filled with handmade sandals. In 2010, Indosole was launched into the worldwide market as an official brand.

Today, Indosole is a registered B-Corp and employs Americans and Indonesians to produce sandals, shoes, and apparel using the most responsible manufacturing processes in the footwear industry.