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ABOUT IcyBreeze

It all started with a simple idea - why not keep people cool any place they take a cooler already filled with drinks? Product inventor and owner Dave Yonce says, “I was suffering on a camping adventure under the hot Oklahoma sun with a cooler full of cold drinks when (the idea) hit me.” The IcyBreeze is now available for sale and is the first and only portable air conditioner and cooler small enough to fit in your tent.

The IcyBreeze air conditioner and cooler offers hours of battery-powered cooling relief. With ice and a little bit of water this 38-quart cooler can blast cold dehumidified air from the inside out while keeping your drinks ice cold. “Many people are surprised at how well IcyBreeze cools, pumping out a 25-mph breeze at temperatures 35 degrees cooler than the ambient air temperature.” says Andrew Jenkins, CEO of IcyBreeze.

The air conditioner is powered by an internal rechargeable 12V battery so you can keep the cold air running up to 6 hours on the low setting with a single charge. This gives people a solution to the heat in any remote location like a family picnic, sporting event, on your boat, or camping. IcyBreeze comes in three color options.