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Hot Yoga Shop

Hot yoga has become one of the most popular forms of yoga and at YogaOutlet, we’ve got everything you’ll need to perfect your practice. From quick-drying tank tops, grippy yoga mats, and absorbent yoga towels, our Hot Yoga Shop has all the clothing and gear needed to get the most out of your hot yoga session.

Sweat it out with our moisture-wicking activewear items made specifically for Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga. Breathable fabrics and fitted shorts keep you as cool as possible while moisture-wicking fabrics bring the highest amount of comfort while you’re on your mat. Non-slip yoga mats with grip make sure when you’re sweating in the studio, your mat stays put, while yoga towels keep the surface of your mat dry. We also have absorbent hand towels to wipe away perspiration before it interferes with your asanas. Top off your hot yoga checklist with our collection of accessories and props.

Find the best yoga brands that fit your needs such as Onzie, Beyond Yoga, Alo, Vimmia, Manduka, and Jade Yoga, and so you can feel confident in the clothing or gear you choose.