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Hydration is important to athletic performance. Ensuring you get your fill of liquid fuel while running can pose a challenge, whether it’s a race or a training run. You won’t always run by water fountains, and aid stations can’t always be exactly where you need them to be. Plus, stopping can throw off whatever pace you were holding, especially in a race.

If you need to hydrate quickly and frequently at locations lacking in water access, you might want to invest in a handheld bottle. These bottles have been ergonomically shaped to the shape of your hand and contain spouts that release liquid with little effort on your part. The band used to connect the bottle to your hand often comes with a nifty storage pockets—perfect for keys or fuel gels.

Browse through our selection of handheld bottles for one that suits your lifestyle. All our bottles come from brands devoted to their craft like Amphipod, FuelBelt, Nathan and Zenergy Hydration.