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Women's Speedo LZR Racer X Technology

Provides the optimum balance between stretch & comfort. Light, powerful, & durable. Promotes optimal body position in water. LZR Racer CompreX uses one-way stretch technology. The suit stretches vertically, allowing swimmers freedom of movement during their stroke, but is resistant to horizontal stretching. This provides high compression and reduces drag by increasing the effciency of the muscles. Provides the optimum balance
between stretch & comfort.
Elizabeth Beisel
Closed Back Kneeskin


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1 year ago.
If I am a 26 in arena carbon series what size will I be in the Speedo lzr racer x closed back if my bust is 34” waist 27” hips 34
2 years ago.
My daughter is 13 and is a breast stroker. Is there a particular brand or style we should be looking at for her. She has the Speedo LZR that we bought her over a year ago when she made Zones. It still fits but she has worn it about 6-10 times and we don't know a lot about tech suits and which ones are better for which strokes. Any help would be appreciated.
2 years ago.
Hi Jaime! For tech suits, the top level expensive suits, like Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra, Speedo Lazer X, TYR Avictor, etc. are all quite good, and what matters more is how it fits the body. Also, different suits aren’t made specifically for certain strokes, generally if it is a good suit, it is good for all strokes.
2 years ago.
I have tried the speedo power plus techsuit and now I am looking into getting the LZR elite 2 techsuits I am a sprint freestyler and butterflyer would an open back or closed back be better for freestyle and butterfly??
2 years ago.
Hi Meghan,
The preference is to the swimmer which might be more comfortable. Though, the only difference is that closed back offers more compression than open back.
3 years ago.
I am a sprinter for freestyle, as well a 100 and 200 breastwork swimmer, and the 200 individual Medley. I'm debating to get a closed or opened back. Which one would you suggest
3 years ago.
Hello Marey,
This is really swimmer preference. The difference between open/closed back is the compression level. Closed back suits have more compression than open back, but you will still have the same range of motion.
4 years ago.
If I am a sprinter for freestyle should I get this suit or a suit from the carbon series by arena? Also If my normal practice suit size is a 28, what size should I get for the LZR Racer X?
Thank you, Angela
4 years ago.
Hi Angela,
This a high quality suit that will work really well for sprint freestyle. If you wear a size 28 in a Speedo practice suit, then you will most likely be a size 21 in this Speedo LZR Racer X. To double check, I suggest you take your measurements and compare to the size chart. In the Arena Carbon Series, The carbon pro is a good option but it is harder to find since many website have discontinued the suit.
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